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What do you know about the Pope?
Pope John Paul II
Pope John Paul II is celebrating the 25th anniversary of his election as head of the Roman Catholic Church, but have you been paying attention for the last quarter of a century?

Test your knowledge.

How many popes have there been before John Paul II?
A: 262
B: 119
C: 321
What was the Pope’s childhood nickname?
A: Karlik
B: Woczy
C: Lolek
How many languages does the Pope speak fluently?
A: Twelve
B: Six
C: Eight
What did the Pope teach at university?
A: Philosophy and Ethics
B: Theology
C: French and German
Which of these is true of Pope John Paul II?
A: He was on the Polish Olympic skiing team
B: He never wears socks
C: He wears contact lenses
What airline does the Pope use?
A: Alitalia
B: Vatican Air
C: Lot Polish Airlines
What is the name of the Pope’s book on sex?
A: Sex and the Holy City
B: Loving for a lifetime
C: Love and Responsibility
What make of car is the Popemobile?
A: Fiat
B: Mercedes-Benz
C: Volvo
Which of these did the Pope never do?
A: Write a play that was used as the basis for a film starring Burt Lancaster
B: Appear as a cartoon in Marvel comics
C: Sing a duet with Sir Cliff Richard
What happens to the Pope immediately after he is elected?
A: He is left alone in the Sistine Chapel to pray
B: He changes into the white papal robes
C: He is taken on to the Vatican balcony to greet the public
What happens to the Pope’s seal ring when he dies?
A: It is removed and broken
B: It is removed to be given to the next Pope
C: Nothing, it stays on his hand

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