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Last Updated: Monday, 25 August, 2003, 14:41 GMT 15:41 UK
Depardieu son in gun arrest
Guillaume Depardieu
Depardieu has been placed under formal investigation
The son of French actor Gerard Depardieu has been arrested after allegedly threatening a man with a gun.

Police sources said a dispute broke out after a passer-by allegedly made fun of Guillaume Depardieu's clothes.

A shot was reportedly fired during the dispute, which took place outside a bar in the Normandy resort town of Deauville.

It's only thanks to the intervention of a witness who quickly threw his arm up that the shot went into the air
Prosecutor Philippe Peyroux
Mr Depardieu, also an actor, has been formally placed under investigation and must return to court on 9 September, said state prosecutor Philippe Peyroux.

"It's only thanks to the intervention of a witness who quickly threw his arm up (to push the gun aside) that the shot went into the air," Mr Peyroux was quoted as saying by French news agency AFP.

The allegations against Mr Depardieu include possessing an illegal weapon, armed violence and threats.

He was released on bail on Monday after being held in custody since Friday night, when the dispute took place.

Gerard Depardieu, father of arrested man
Gerard Depardieu's Normandy home was searched
Guillaume Depardieu, 32, is a frequent weekend visitor to Normandy, where his father has a home in Trouville.

Media reports said Guillaume Depardieu was arrested at the Trouville address, and the gun was recovered there.

His life has already attracted considerable media attention.

He had his right leg amputated in June after a long-running battle with pain and infection after a 1996 motorcycle accident.

Last week he appeared on the cover of popular French magazine Paris Match.

His best-known films include Tous Les Matins du Monde, in which he appeared with his father.

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