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Lottery fever: Have you got it?

Have you been hit by the lottery fever? Here are your comments.

Italian lottery
"The chances are slim but what's wrong with trying to change your life?"
Quite a lot of sceptics are saying that with statistics it can be proven that the chances of someone winning is less than getting hit by a meteorite. Well, in the whole history of mankind, how many people have died from being hit by a meteorite? None. How many people have won the lottery? Thousands and one even won last night! So, sceptics and mathematicians, open your eyes and look at the real world! Go spend your one pound and just think to yourself, what if?
B.Yazici, UK

Someone has to win, it might as well be me.
Kevin, UK
People do say that a lottery is a tax on people who don't understand statistics. But the people who say that also don't understand statistics. Yes, in the UK, the chance of winning is one in 13,968,912. How ever, statistics is all about the question you ask. So my chance of winning the UK lottery is the same as anyone else's. Usually there is a winner, so my chance of winning is no different from anyone else's. I.e. someone has to win, it might as well be me.
Kevin, UK

My father bought the same number, month after month, for about 20 years. An employee my father was very fond of used to go for the ticket every month. One day the number hit the jackpot, but the guy had forgotten to pick up the ticket. My father took it very calmly and so did my mother. I was a little girl at the time, but never forgot about it: the few times I have bought a ticket, I managed not to even look at the number.
Bertha S. Deffenbaugh, USA

It won't make them happy, y'know...
Phil Banks, Wales

The odds of winning were 622,614,630 to 1 or if you had entered and bought a ticket once a week it would have taken 12 million years. Pity that the goody goodies want to get in on the act and spoil it
Terry Jones, UK

All you people whining about lotteries and "social inequalities", please... Buying a lottery ticket is OBVIOUSLY a gamble and no one's forcing you to do that in any way, so its neither a tax nor is it a way for governments to loot anyone. Spend a few euros/dollars/liras if you can afford to on a ticket and dream on.
Mohan Kompella, USA

I have always considered myself lucky
Satyajit, USA
I have always considered myself lucky... managed to nab the autographed drum cover at a Deep Purple Concert thrown into the crowds, also grabbed another signed t-shirt flung into a rock concert, won 3 prizes at my college alumni raffle, won an expensive PDA in a raffle at my graduate school. Spurred on by this false hope, had been buying $1 lottery tickets now for a year till a month ago realised the math is just not in my favour.
Satyajit, USA

I do not like this lottery fever either. I have come out with a terrible rash, and would advise those that have caught it, to seek medical attention immediately.
Alex Williams, Russia

Consider the money wasted by some on alcohol, cigarettes, and drugs. Then why not spend some money on gambling to win a lot of money, just the seconds of dreaming what to do with the cash make it is worth it while alone. Good luck to all!
John, Scotland

Hey, I teach statistics and the probability is awfully small, but I would try it. My brain is telling me NO, but my heart does not agree with that.
Mike, USA

OK, so the chances are slim but what is wrong with having a go at changing your life? Why some of your readers are so dull as to moan about social inequalities due to lottery is beyond me. Buy a ticket, try your luck and remember the little people when you are rolling in cash
Simon Jolley, England

The lottery is a voluntary tax for the mathematically challenged
James, US
The lottery is a voluntary tax for the mathematically challenged. There are enough of us who play that governments could start their own nationwide lottery and lower tax rates on the smart rich people.
James, USA

In Romania, the only chance to become rich is to hit the lottery jackpot. So, I understand those who are trying their luck in Italy's lottery. If I were there, I would not miss such an opportunity!
Bogdan Gabaroi, Romania

I think there is every reason to participate in this game of luck. Who does not want to be a millionaire? I am currently in Italy, and I will try my luck. Buying a few tickets will not hurt.
Joachim Arrey, Ossing, Cameroon

I just hope they spend the profits on better causes than we in the UK do !
Lez Crowther, UK

I hate to play lotteries
Joseph Micallef, Malta
I hate to play lotteries. If I need money I just do some work for it.
Joseph Micallef, Malta

Why doesn't our government buy a few tickets, if we win it can pay for the London tube network to be air conditioned.
Paul, England

I don't believe in lottery fever or gambling and I bet that I never will !
Pete Millership, England

I think it's great, it gives people hope and a chance to hit the jackpot! I will be flying to Italy this afternoon to buy a few thousand tickets myself!
Deepak Kale, UK

I wonder what the chances of getting a last minute flight are?!
Bryony, UK

I will buy some tickets next week, when I stay with friends in Italy
Michael, UK
I will buy some tickets next week, when I stay with friends in Italy. It's just for fun, and hey... if I win a couple of millions I might not come back at all.
Michael, UK

Gambling widens social inequalities and is not a productive economic activity
Dave, Great Britain

When will people realise that the lottery is a tax waged on people who don't understand statistics and probability theory?
Russell, Scotland

It's a good job that Italy went over to the Euro, as if the winner had won the prize in Lira it would have taken a cheque about a mile long.
Pete Burton, Uk

The lottery is for fools.
Johann Ospeist, France

There is nothing wrong trying ones' luck, even though the probability of hitting the jackpot would be so slim.
Alankar M. Rai, Nepal

It's worth playing for a few euros these days
Alessandro, Italy
It's worth playing for a few euros these days. Although the chances to winning the jackpot are very lame, getting 5 number or even 4 will do the job!!!
Alessandro, Italy

I am living in Italy, I have not been hit by the lottery fever because this is the first I heard about it! I am going to buy a few tickets now, bye!
John Bellew, Italy

I really want to purchase it?
Zahid, Pakistan

I do not like lottery fever.
Rudra Prasad Chudal, Nepal

I have now given up the addiction and thank God for that
Faig, Azerbaijan
I bought the lottery three times and the first time I got back the cost of the ticket. Since then I have lost twice. I have now given up the addiction and thank God for that.
Faig, Azerbaijan

It's a shame that you can't buy tickets over the internet.
Martyn Tueton, UK

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