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The language of heat
Swiss man with makeshift hat
Most European countries are experiencing one of the hottest summers for years.

When we asked News Online readers to describe the heat in their own language, the replies flooded in from all over the world.

Here are some of the best of them - in alphabetical order.

Afrikaans: Dis so warm dat die hond die kat jaag, maar beide loop! It's so warm that the dog is chasing the cat, but both are walking!
Jacques, South Africa

Albanian: Plasa! I'm bursting from heat!

Andalusian: Hace un calor de mil demonios! It is hot as a thousand devils; it is hot as hell.
Maria de las Mercedes, Spain

Arabic: Shaub ilyom Warm today isn't it (Usually said as temperature climbs into upper 30s and on towards 40C.)
Rachael Claye, Lebanon, Beirut

Armenian: Aynkan dak eh vor grnas havgit dabgel maytin vra Hot enough to fry an egg on the pavement
Araz Artinian, Armenia

Bengali: Ki Bheeshon Gorom! What terrible heat!
Arnab Mukherjee, India

Bulgarian: Adska zhega! It's as hot as hell!
Mila, Bulgaria

Catalan: Quina calor que fa! How hot it is! Estic mort de calor! A death of heat!
Ignasi Puig, Catalonia, Spain

Czech: Vedro jako ve vyhni! Heat like in the baking oven
Martina, Czech Republic

Mouchy padaj unavou - Flies are falling down tired
Pavel Dmejchal, Czech republic

Danish: Jeg sveder tran! I'm sweating fat!
Eva Rymann, Denmark

Dutch: De mussen vallen van de daken Sparrows are dropping from the rooftops
Daan, The Netherlands

I ga van m'n stokkie I'm falling off my perch
Chris Price, The Netherlands

Ik smelt bijna! I am nearly melting!
Morag Torrance, The Netherlands

Dutch dialect of Zeeuws-Vlaanderen: Om van oe sies te goan! It's enough to faint!
Rob Parren, The Netherlands

[Een hitte] om van neer te vallen [Heat] to make you fall over
Jan Ceuleers, Belgium

Finnish: On niin kuumaa, kuin saunassa! It's as hot as in a sauna!
Marianne Uhrendorf, Finland

Olo kuin sialla grillissa I'm feeling like a pig in a grill
Vesa, Finland

Flemish:`t Is om te bakken! It's baking hot!
Carlos Durà, Belgium

't Is veel te warm It's too damn hot
Sygmoral, Belgium

French: Il fait étouffant (French) It's stifling
Philippe, Belgium

Il fait pétant (French) It is farting!
David Nunn, Belgium

Georgian: Davitsvit! We're burning with heat!
Lia Tsitsuashvili, Georgia

German: Es ist bruellend heiss It's roaring hot!

Ich laufe aus (German) I am leaking
Thorsten Wolf, Germany

Affen hitze! Monkey's heat! Bavarian dialect: Da laufd da d´Soss oba! The sauce is running down (your body).
Ursula , Regensburg, Bavaria, Germany

Greek: Tha pethanoume san ta pondikia We'll die like rats

Kafsonas! Heatwave! Para poli zesti simera It's very hot today
Yiannis Costopoulos, Greece

Skaei o tzitzikas Even the grasshopper is boiling
Artemis, UK

Tha skasis apo zesti! You freak out with this heat!
Katerina Scxholz, Greece

Gujarati: Maru mathu garmi thi phaati rahyu chhe! My head is exploding with the heat
Badal, India

Gurani Indian (Paraguay): Haku It's so uncomfortable in this heat.
Darius Piwowarczyk, Paraguay

Hawaiian: Wela Hot/passionate!.
Gerald Kalisik, Hawaii, USA

Hebrew: Ham meod! It is very hot! Norah ham! It's terribly hot!
Cassia, Israel

Hindi: Agni Baras Rahi Hei It's raining fire
Kamyogi, India

Garmi ne jaan le rakhi hai The heat has sapped the life out of me
satyajit, india

Hong Kong Chinese: Zew gai bae la! Chicken leg is burning!
Joe, Hong Kong

Hungarian: Kutya meleg van! This is dog-heat!
Karoly Lorant, Hungary

Indonesian: Panasnya kayak di neraka! It's hot like hell
Dono, Indonesian in UK

Iranian: Atish dare mibare! It's raining fire!
Amin, Iran

Pokhtam az garma I have been cooked by the heat
Sousan, Iran

Tuye in garma sag sahabesh ro nemishnaseh! In this heat a dog don't know its owner!
Kianoush, Iran

Irish Gaelic: Ta se ag scoilteadh na gclocha. (The sun) is splitting the stones!
Dave Gibson, Ireland

Italian: Che afa fa What sultriness
Tito, Italia

Cesti una basca e' morri (Sardinian) I'm dying of heat Mi sciolgo (Italian) - I am melting
Fabiana Farro, Italy

Japanese: Atsui! Hot! Tokeru! Melting!
Kimi, Japanese in France

Kokusho! Intense heat!
Satoko Webb, Japan

Latvian: Elles karstums! Infernal heat Bula laiks Time of the ball lightning
Uga, Latvia

Luxembourgish: Waat eng Hezt! What a heat!
Veronique Faber, Luxembourg

Macedonian: Uf, kolku e zheshko nadvor! Ooh, how hot it is outside!
Goran Naumovski, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

Malay: Macam duduk dalam oven It's like sitting in the oven
Norlia, Malaysia

Maltese: Xi shana taqli l-grieden! It's hot enough to fry rats!
Marthese Gatt, Malta

Qed imut bis-shana! I'm dying from the heat!
Pete Menhennet, Malta

Mandarin Chinese: Re si ren le! The heat is killing me!
Coleen Ang, Singapore

Tai re le! It's too hot.
Cynthia Yuan, China

Moravian: To slunko mna upece! The sun has broiled me!
Josef, Czech Republic

Nepalese: Hey Bhagawan! Kasto garmi! Oh my God, It's too hot!
Anir, Nepal

Ma ta garmile pakisake!! I am being baked!
Sajjan Koirala, Nepal

Norwegian: Herregud, det er sinnsykt varmt Oh my God, it`s insanely hot.
Thor Atle Bækken, Norway

Polish: Zarowa It's burning

Portuguese: Que forno! - What a oven! Está um calor de morte/morrer! It's a deadly heat!
Paulo Castro-Garrido, Portugal/UK

Romanian: Se topeste asfaltul. The asphalt is melting. Scot limba de caldura. It's so hot my tongue is hanging out.
Lucia Cucu, Romania

Russian: Zharko kak v dukhovke It's as hot as in an oven! Umirayu ot zhary! - I'm dying from the heat!
Victoria, Russia

Zharko kak v adu Hot like in hell
Sasha, Russia

Dukhota takaya, tolko venikov ne khvatayet! It's so stuffy, the only thing that's missing is the birch twigs!

(A reference to the practice of beating oneself with birch in the Russian steam bath.)

Sami (Skolt Sami): Am brùsa intla katùba! Reindeers are sweating their fat
Hannu Keras, Norway

Serbian: Kakva vrucina! What a hot weather! Isprzih se! I am getting fried!
Jelena, Serbia

Somali: Qoraxu aad bay u kulushahay The sun is extremely hot
Shukri, Somalia

Spanish: !Cómo canta la chicharra! (Spanish) Such a chirping harvest bug! (when the harvest bug chirps loudly, it's very hot)
Alberto, Salamanca, Spain (ex-UK)

¡Estoy sudando como un pollo! I am sweating like a chicken!
Andrew C, England (Spanish wife)

Swahili: Sio joto ni balaa! It isn't hot, it is a curse.
Richard J Ngowi, Tanzania

Kuna joto! It's hot!
Caroline, Kenya

Joto jingi! It is very hot!
Nash Charania, Kenya

Thai: Ron Jang! So hot!
Anocha Jivanuwong, Thailand

Turkish: Aman yarabim hamam gibi! Oh my God! It is like a Turkish bath.
Bahar, Turkey

Ukrainian: Speka yak v pekli It is hot like in hell
Dmytro Yakovets, Ukraine

Urdu: Qiamat hai! It's like doomsday Aag baras rahi hai! It's raining fire

Jahannum! Hell Garam hai, aam mazedar hongey! It's sizzling hot but we can bear it for mangoes
Ehson Syed, Canada/Pakistan

Garmi se bheja pighal gaya hai" My brain has melted from the heat
Irfan Rafiq, Pakistan

Vietnamese: Nong nhu thieu nhu dot Hot like the sun
TamHuy, Vietnam

Welsh: Mae'n uffernol o boeth yma! It is hellishly hot here!
Rik & Aled Hughes, Wales

Mae'n berwi! It's boiling!
Dafydd Nelson, Wales

Wolof, Senegal: Defa Tanga de! It's very hot!
Candace Mickens, USA

...and English from around the world

You could boil a kettle on your head
John Kinsella, Ireland

Hot enough for ya?
Peter Hewett, Canada

I'm sweating like a prostitute in church.
James McManus, USA

It's not the heat, it's the humidity!
Jeanne Tousignant, USA

It's hot enough to melt hell
Lisa, Wales

I feel at home!! (Indian in Munich)
Krishna, Germany

It's Zulu hot
Dylan, NYC, USA

Earthquake weather!
Caroline Froehlich, Los Angeles

It's so dry the trees are following the dogs around
Robert Starlin, Texas, USA

I'm moving to Canada
Julie, USA

Ot init?
Kip, UK

Sticky as a box of frogs
Mike Darwin, Australia

You could fry eggs on the sidewalk
Robert, Canada

It's getting us used to that 'next place'
Pat Styles, Australia

We ain't scared of going to hell 'cause it's so dammed hot here
Nigel Cousins, ex-pat USA

I'm sweating like a pigdog!
Jessica Kozdron, Canada

Yikes, it's as hot as the hobs of hell!
Graham Inglis, Australia

Scots dialect: Ahm pure mankey wi' the heat oot there
Mary Carroll, Scotland

The BBC's Rob Parsons
"Europe is burning from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean"



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