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Last Updated: Thursday, 18 September, 2003, 12:20 GMT 13:20 UK
Lindh suspect's character 'revealed'
Swedish newspaper front pages
The story continues to consume the Swedish media
The man initially held, then released, over the murder of Swedish Foreign Minister Anna Lindh had a long criminal record and was thought to have mixed in high society, according to various reports in the Swedish media.

Named in newspapers as Per Olof Svensson, 35, he was detained on 16 September because of his likeness to a man filmed by CCTV cameras shortly before the murder.

His name was never officially confirmed by police.

But police failed to find evidence linking him to the stabbing of Ms Lindh in a Stockholm department store on 10 September.

The 35-year-old had been convicted for such crimes as terrorising immigrants and daubing swastikas on a restaurant, the newspaper Dagens Nyheter reported.

He was said to have displayed Nazi sympathies and shouted racial abuse as a teenager.

He had also been charged with hitting his mother over the head and for issuing death threats to police and security guards, Dagens Nyheter reported.

Thirteen Swedish courts had sentenced the man since 1987, and he was a known football hooligan, according to the newspaper.

'Well connected'

An increasingly complex picture of the man appeared in the Swedish media.

Psychiatrists described him as a latent aggressive with paranoid undertones who easily felt hurt, but also as a man with an arrogant attitude, Expressen reported.

But several sources said he was very pleasant and charming.

An acquaintance interviewed by Dagens Nyheter described him as an educated and intelligent man who appeared comfortable amongst Stockholm's jet set.

The man also appeared to be an acquaintance but not a friend of members of the Swedish Royal Family.

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