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Monaco's princess weds acrobat
Adans Lopez Peres and Princess Stephanie
Adans is 10 years younger than his bride
Princess Stephanie of Monaco has married her circus acrobat boyfriend in a private ceremony in Switzerland.

Neither family attended the wedding in a village near Geneva last Friday, said a royal palace spokesperson.

This the second marriage for the 38-year-old mother of three, who has made headlines with her wild lifestyle.

She is nearly 10 years older than her Portuguese husband, Adans Lopez Peres, a juggler and handstand expert.


A royal palace spokesperson confirmed last Friday's wedding and told Britain's Daily Telegraph newspaper: "It happened in a village near Geneva. It was a private ceremony. Neither family was present."

He denied Prince Rainier had reluctantly accepted the marriage, amid reports she was pregnant. "He wants his children to be happy," said the spokesperson.

Princess Stephanie was recently photographed in bikini top and shorts after joining Mr Lopez Peres in his camper van on tour with the renowned Swiss Circus Knie.

She has a reputation as the enfant terrible of the tiny Mediterranean principality's ruling family.


The youngest of three children by Prince Rainer and the former Hollywood actress Grace Kelly, she became a favourite with tabloid newspapers for her string of high-profile affairs.

She was reportedly linked to Manchester United goalkeeper Fabien Barthez as well as Hollywood actors Rob Lowe and Jean-Claude Van Damme.

Adans (top) performs with his brother Ivan
Acrobat Lopez Peres performs with his brother
Her first marriage to former bodyguard Daniel Ducruet, ended when he was filmed romping with a Belgian stripper by a swimming pool.

She has two children, 10-year-old Louis and nine-year-old Pauline, by Mr Ducruet and a third, five-year-old Camille, whose father she has never named.

Princess Stephanie has been dogged by controversy ever since she was 17, when her mother died in a car crash.

She attempted to end persistent rumours she was at the wheel of the car at the time, by saying last year: "I did not kill my mother."

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