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Last Updated: Monday, 15 September, 2003, 10:27 GMT 11:27 UK
Phone ban proposals welcomed
Mobile phone in car
Driver using a mobile phone could be fined up to 500
Plans for a ban on the use of mobile phones by Guernsey drivers are being welcomed by the deputy who first brought the issue before the States.

Deputy Peter Derham brought two requettes for the ban, the second of which resulted in the current proposals from the Home Affairs Committee.

His first requette in 1999 was not supported by the committee, which believed the issue could be covered by due care and attention laws and was rejected.

But now the proposed new legislation would see anyone using a mobile phone while their vehicle is moving fined up to 500.

Employers insist that [drivers] have to answer as soon as it rings
Deputy Peter Derham
Deputy Derham's successful requette in 2002 directed Home Affairs to report to the States what measures could be taken to control use of mobile phones by drivers, and was supported by the committee.

The ban will not include hands-free sets, which the committee says cause less distraction to the driver.

The proposed legislation also does not cover cyclists and horse riders.

Deputy Derham said he was concerned that someone would get killed if people were not banned from using mobile phones while driving.

In particular, he said some commercial drivers will welcome the changes.

He said: "The employers will have to take a more responsible attitude.

"I do know commercial drivers who are unhappy about using mobile phones, but employers insist that they're the form of contact and that they have to answer as soon as it rings."

The States is due to debate the Home Affairs Committee policy letter on the subject later this month.

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