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Last Updated: Monday, 28 July, 2003, 14:53 GMT 15:53 UK
Actress in coma after hotel 'attack'
Marie Trintignant
Trintignant was filming a series about French author Collette
A French actress is in a coma in Lithuania with severe head injuries after a suspected attack.

Marie Trintignant is in a critical condition with little hope of survival, her doctor told French radio.

Police are expected to question her French boyfriend, rock singer Bertrand Cantat of the band Noir Desir, in connection with the incident.

Doctors say 41-year-old Trintignant was taken to hospital on Sunday morning from the Vilnius Domina Plaza Hotel, and underwent surgery to ease pressure on her brain.

"At this point, I cannot promise anything," said Doctor Robertas Kvascevicius at Vilnius University Hospital.

"In such cases the chances for survival are minimal. The rate of mortality is 90 to 95%. There is little chance she will pull through it."

Cantat was also admitted to the hospital after drinking dangerous amounts of alcohol, said police spokeswoman Ruta Andriuskaite.

We will speak to the suspect and everything will be clear
Juozas Kandzezauskas
Police official
The hospital changed its mind about releasing him for questioning on Monday, saying he still required medical supervision. He is now expected to be questioned on Tuesday.

The Baltic News Service quoted a senior police official, Juozas Kandzezauskas, as saying he left open the possibility that Trintignant fell and hit her head after being pushed.

"Maybe it will be described as an accident," he was quoted as saying. "We should be in no rush. We will speak to the suspect and everything will be clear."

Trintignant was in Lithuania to film a TV movie directed by her mother, Nadine Trintignant, about the life of French author Collette.

She has starred in scores of French and several Hollywood films, often playing emotionally unstable women.

Her father is one of France's best-known actors, Jean-Louis Trintignant.

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