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Last Updated: Friday, 5 September, 2003, 14:56 GMT 15:56 UK
Committees submit to billet
States of Guernsey
Several committees have proposals for the States
Government committees in Guernsey have been revealing what they wish to debate in the States in the September billet.

Subjects include pensions, rubbish disposal, an island drugs strategy, racism, health, mobile phone use and a possible site for a casino.

The most expensive issue will be the Board of Administration asking the States to approve plans for a waste to energy plant costing 72m, which could be up and running by 2006 at Longue Hougue.

Deputy Roger Berry is warning Guernsey could start to run out of options once the Mont Cuet landfill site is full. The new plant could process up to 70,000 tonnes of refuse a year and provide 10% of the island's electricity.

Racial hatred

The Tourist Board is recommending the States grants St Pierre Park Hotel a licence for a casino as part of a 25m redevelopment which could be completed within three years.

Incitement to racial hatred and discrimination could become offences in Guernsey if legislation from the Advisory and Finance Committee is approved.

Under the proposed legislation, anyone who stirred up racial hatred with words or written material, by showing a play or recording, or broadcasting or possessing racially-inflammatory material could be prosecuted.

In terms of anti-discrimination proposals, the Board of Industry has given its support and both Sark and Alderney would like the proposals introduced across the Bailiwick.

Casino plans
St Pierre Park Hotel's casino plans could cost 25m
The Social Security Authority is recommending an increase to pensions.

Single pensioners would be 9 a week better off and married pensioner couples would see an increase of 9.50 a week. The new rates could apply from 1 January.

States members are being invited to tour Alderney's Mignot Memorial Hospital. The Board of Health wants politicians to see why more funding is needed for the building.

The Board wants to replace the Aurigny wing and redevelop other parts of the site at a cost of 3.5m.

It is also drawing up development plans for its own site in a 5.2m programme.

Changes proposed include the relocation of the environmental health department and the transfer of mental health services to the Princess Elizabeth Hospital. The PEH site will also see a new three-storey clinical block and 81 new units of staff accommodation.

Mobile phone user in car
Drivers could be fined 500 for using a mobile phone
The Guernsey Drug Strategy Group is asking the States to approve its plans for the next three years.

It will focus on five major pillars to reduce drug abuse in the island: reducing demand, reducing supply, young people and families, treatment and data collection, and monitoring and training.

The new initiatives mean the group will require more than double its current funding per year, increasing the amount of money needed to about 500,000 a year.

And drivers in Guernsey will be banned from using mobile phones if a policy letter from the Home Affairs Committee is approved.

The committee is asking members to approve a fine of up to 500 if drivers use phones whilst their vehicles are moving unless a hands-free set is used.

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