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Last Updated:  Wednesday, 9 April, 2003, 06:11 GMT 07:11 UK
85% recycle waste
Rubbish dump
Most islanders surveyed knew about the tip and landfill sites
Pressure is growing on Guernsey to find alternative ways to dispose of its rubbish.

A survey of islanders released on Wednesday reveals 85% of those questioned recycle some of their household waste.

Guernsey's Board of Administration wanted to find out what residents thought should happen with their waste and described the results as "very encouraging".

Although it is unclear how many islanders were surveyed, most knew about the tip and landfill sites, which Guernsey has traditionally relied upon.

Kerbside collection

But the survey revealed that many were unfamiliar with the waste hierarchy and, as the Mont Cuet landfill site nears its capacity, there is general support for moving to other means of waste disposal.

But the island still has some work to do before it reaches the levels of recycling the Board is aiming for.

While 85% of those surveyed claim to use recycling facilities, statistics show that only 38% of the total volume of glass is recycled.

And while over 75% of respondents say more would separate their waste if it was collected separately, the States has already rejected kerbside collection because of its cost.

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