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Last Updated:  Wednesday, 26 February, 2003, 13:20 GMT
States works on poverty strategy
Homeless man
The States is to work on reducing poverty
The States of Guernsey is working on proposals to tackle poverty in the island.

It follows the first major survey of islanders' financial situations.

The survey was carried out by a team from the Bristol University, led by Professor David Gordon.

The findings of the report showed more than 15% of islanders are living below what is considered to be the minimum acceptable standard.

The survey showed a high rate of poverty amongst single pensioners and children in lone parent families
Professor David Gordon
The report, published by the States Advisory and Finance Committee, has identified key areas which can be targeted in order to try to rid the island of poverty completely.

Professor David Gordon said: "The report is a series of anti-poverty actions that the States can select to come up with full anti-poverty strategy.

"Using the definition of poverty, which is living below a standard the majority of people think to be unacceptable, about 16% of households are living below that standard.

"The survey showed a high rate of poverty amongst single pensioners and children in lone parent families."

Resources use

Now, several committees will be working together to implement some of the suggestions contained in the report.

The President of Advisory and Finance, Deputy Laurie Morgan, said both the States and the community need to be involved.

He said: "We have to make the best use of the resources we have in terms of people, States departments and money.

"One of the things that Professor Gordon has identified is helping people to help themselves.

"Social inclusion is the name of the game - helping people to be able to do things just because they want to do it without worrying about money."



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