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Vojislav Seselj in his own words

Vojislav Seselj
Seselj: Hardline rabble-rouser

Serbian ultra-nationalist Vojislav Seselj, whose trial at the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) has begun, is renowned for his radical and sometimes outrageous rhetoric.

He denies charges including the murder, torture and persecution of Croats, Muslims and other non-Serbs in the 1990s.


"I already have this winning feeling inside me." (2003)

"Do not give [them] any Serb after me, don't give them Radovan Karadzic, don't give them Ratko Mladic." (2003)

We're not fascists, we're just chauvinists who hate Croats
Vojislav Seselj

"I don't know when I'll be back but I won't be wasting time in The Hague; I will unmask the anti-Serb plot that is going on there." (2003)

"With their stupid charges against me they have come up against the greatest living legal Serb mind. I shall blast them to pieces." (2003)

"I am going to spite them, to tell them that the Serbian people will never give up the liberation of Serb Dubrovnik, Serb Dalmatia, Serb Lika, Serb Banija, Serb Kordun, Serb Slavonija, Serb Baranja, Serb Bosnia, Serb Hercegovina, Serb Kosovo and Serb Metohija." (2003)

"They do not have evidence that I participated, incited, concealed or urged war crimes." (February 2003)

Vojislav Seselj at The Hauge (2003)
Mr Seselj surrendered to the ICTY in February 2003

"You falsely presented this man with a bird's nest on the top of his head as my defence lawyer. He will never be my defence lawyer. You brought actors here to act as my defence lawyers but they will never be my defence lawyers. They are your spies." (September 2006)

"Be kind enough and give an order to [the court security guards] to take me out." (September 2006)

"I cannot stand either [defence lawyer David] Hooper or [defence lawyer Andreas] O'Shea. My defence is impossible for as long as they are in the courtroom." (November 2006)

"I am being tried for atrocious war crimes that I allegedly committed through hate speech as I preached my nationalist ideology that I am proud of." (November 2007)

"I have no other involvement in these crimes expect for what I said or wrote." (November 2007)


"The only Albanians who should live here are the ones who think of Serbia as their fatherland." (May 1999)


"The Serbian traitor Slobodan Milosevic is seeking the destruction of the political and military leadership of the Republic of Serbian Krajina and the Republic of Srpska." (August 1995)

Between Hitler and Clinton, there is no principal difference
Vojislav Seselj
"He slipped on a banana skin, several times." (On a lawyer defending Croats who was beaten up by his bodyguards after a TV debate, September 1997)

"We shall realize the boundaries of Greater Serbia when we assume power at the federal level. As Serbia is now, as a federal unit, it does not have the competence to initiate this. But as a political party, we shall never give up this goal." (October 1997)

"We're not fascists. We're just chauvinists who hate Croats." (October 1997)


"The Western powers have no proof against Serbia and they are just trying to find an excuse, a horrifying image that will mobilize opinion and justify the bombardment of our country." (October 1998)

"We might not be able to shoot down each one of their planes, but their soldiers will be our enemies everywhere in the world and they will be exposed to our attacks wherever they are within our range." (October 1998)

"Each (Nato) soldier is an enemy of the Serb people and should be destroyed." (March 1999)

"Between Hitler and Clinton, there is no principal difference." (April 1999)

"I do not speak English." (Shouting at a US journalist who addressed him in English at a news conference, May 1999)


"The gloves are off. Don't think that we're going to let you kill us off like rabbits, and that we'll be coddling and caring for you like potted plants. Anyone who works for the Americans must suffer the consequences." (February 2000)

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