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Sunday, 5 May, 2002, 21:21 GMT 22:21 UK
Jacques Chirac's victory speech
Jacques Chirac
Chirac: French democratic ideal has been revived
Following is the full text of the speech delivered by Jacques Chirac after being re-elected president.

My fellow countrymen from mainland France, from the overseas territories and departments, from abroad.

I hail the French, committed to solidarity and liberty, open to Europe and to the world

We have lived through a time of grave concern for the nation, but tonight, in a massive surge, France has reaffirmed its attachment to the values of the republic.

I hail France, true to itself, true to its lofty ideals, true to its universal and humanist mission.

I hail France which, as always at difficult times, knows how to rally around what is essential.

I hail the French, committed to solidarity and liberty, open to Europe and to the world, looking resolutely to the future.

I heard and I understood your call to ensure the republic lives on, the nation rallies around, to make sure politics change.


The action which must now take place will have to meet these aspirations fully and find its stimulus in an obligation to listen to and to serve each French citizen.

I want to see the values of liberty, equality, fraternity regain their full place in everyone's life

This evening, I would also like to express my emotion and the feelings I have regarding my responsibilities.

Your choice today is a founding choice, a choice which renews our republican pact.

This choice commits me as well as any senior official in charge in our country. Everyone understand, looking at our history, the importance of this exceptional moment.

You have taken a conscious decision by going beyond traditional dividing lines and, for some of you, by going even beyond your personal or political preferences.

I want to respond to the trust you have just placed in me by embarking in the action with resolve.

Government mission

President of all the French, I want to respond with a view to rally everyone, I want to place the republic at the service of each and everyone, I want to see the values of liberty, equality, fraternity regain their full place in everyone's life.

Equality means refusing any discrimination, the same rights, duties for all.

Liberty is to feel safe, to combat violence, to refuse impunity. Rolling back insecurity is the state's first priority for times to come.

Liberty also means acknowledging work and value, cutting taxes and social outlays.

Equality mean refusing any discrimination, the same rights, duties for all.

Fraternity means protecting our pensions, helping families play their role fully, making sure that no one ever feels being left behind or aside.

France, strengthened by its social cohesion, its economic energy will convey in Europe and throughout the world an aspiration for peace, freedoms and solidarity.

In coming days, I will appoint a government with a mission, a government whose sole task will be to meet your concerns and find solutions to problems which have been neglected for too long.

Law and order

Its first task will be to re-establish the state's standing to meet the need for law and order, and to place France back on the road to growth and employment again.

This evening, each and everyone of us... has contributed to forge France's destiny

It is through a strong and resolute action, through the nation's solidarity, through the validity of the results we achieve that we will be capable of fighting intolerance, of rolling back extremist tendencies, of guaranteeing the dynamism of our democracy.

This obligation applies to each and everyone of us. It will require everyone of us to be watchful and committed in coming years.

My fellow countrymen, I will exercise the mandate which you entrusted to me in a spirit of openness and consensus, mindful of the unity of the republic, the cohesion of the nation and respect for state authority.

The days we have just lived have revived the national bond, the vitality of the French democratic ideal. They exposed another concept of politics and citizenship.

This evening, each and everyone of us, aware of his responsibilities and through a free choice, has contributed to forge France's destiny.

There is in this a hope which only asks to grow, a hope which I want to serve.

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The BBC's John Anderson
"There was delirious celebration at Chirac's headquarters in Paris"
President Jacques Chirac
"We have just lived through a time of grave uncertainty for the nation"
Jean-Marie Le Pen, National Front leader
"The result I have obtained is remarkable, it places us as the main political force"
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