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Sunday, 14 May, 2000, 17:05 GMT 18:05 UK
Jon Champion
One of Match of the Day's regular commentators, Jon Champion also commentates on rugby league for BBC TV's Grandstand, and covers football for BBC Radio 5 Live.

He cut his footballing teeth as a commentator/reporter for BBC Radio Leeds before joining BBC Radio 2 network sport and, later, Radio 5 Live where he also has his own programme, Champion's Sport.

Champion worked as a radio presenter on the 1990 World Cup Finals and as a presenter and commentator in 1994. Euro 96 was his first major championship as a TV commentator, and he also worked on the 1998 World Cup Finals in France.

"Radio is almost a reflex thing," he says. "It's fast-moving and about getting the names out and the pitch geography of where the action is. Radio is very much a descriptive art.

"With television, there is no point in describing things that people can see for themselves. Television is much more an interpretative job and identification of the players is everything."

Champion lives in Oxfordshire with his wife and children.

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