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Monday, 3 July, 2000, 01:39 GMT 02:39 UK

Larsson Swedes let it slip
Having conceded just one goal in qualifying why did it all go so wrong for Sweden at Euro 2000?

Del Piero celebrates scoring Italy's winner Sweden bow out after Italy defeat
Sweden pack their bags for home after goals by Alessandro Del Piero and Luigi Di Biagio give Italy a 2-1 win.
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Sweden beaten Beaten Swedes bemoan misses
While Dino Zoff looks forward to a quarter-final on Saturday, Swedish co-coach Lars Lagerback heads home disappointed.

Italy v Sweden in pictures
Action from Eindhoven where Sweden were knocked out of Euro 2000

Italy v Sweden clockwatch
Sweden are out of Euro 2000 as they dominate against Italy but lose 2-1. The Italians move on with a 100 per cent record.

Fans frustrated by bore draw
Sweden and Turkey scrapped out a frustrating 0-0 stalemate which left Italy celebrating as they clinched a quarter final place.

Seven arrested after fans clash
Seven fans are arrested after trouble breaks out between Swedish and Turkish fans before their Group B clash in Eindhoven.

Swedes still hopeful
A goalless draw with Turkey has not ended Sweden's chances of making the quarter-finals, according to their joint-coach Lars Lagerback.

Sweden v Turkey clockwatch
A rundown of the major incidents between Sweden and Turkey in Eindhoven which ended in a goalless draw.

Marseille linked with Andersson
Sweden striker Kennet Andersson is linked with a move to Olympique Marseille.

More bad luck for Nilsson
Roland Nilsson returned to training from injury on Tuesday only to then twist an ankle and will miss Sweden's game with Turkey.

Clashes after Euro 2000 opener
Riot police in Brussels clash with rowdy football supporters after Belgium defeat Sweden in the opening game of Euro 2000.

Belgium kick off with fine win
Co-hosts Belgium enjoyed the perfect start to their Euro 2000 campaign with an impressive 2-1 victory over Sweden in Brussels.

Spectacular opening for Euro 2000
Euro 2000 kicks off amid an avalanche of balloons and colourful displays at the opening ceremony in Brussels.

Opening ceremony - in pictures
A colourful well-rehearsed opening ceremony kicks off Euro 2000 at the King Baudouin stadium in Brussels.

Goor's happy families
Belgium striker Bart Goor dedicates his goal to his newborn son as the co-hosts get off to a winning start.

Mon Jun 19
Italy (1) 2-1 (0) Sweden
Di Biagio 39
Del Piero 88
Larsson 77
Ref. M Pereira (Portugal) Att.
 Match Report
 Photo Gallery
Italy: 16. Massimo Ambrosini; 15. Mark Iuliano; 7. Angelo Di Livio; 14. Luigi Di Biagio; 12. Francesco Toldo; 2. Ciro Ferrara; 10. Alessandro Del Piero; 11. Gianluca Pessotto; 6. Paolo Negro; 3. Paolo Maldini; 19. Vincenzo Montella; Subs: 1. Christian Abbiati; 13. Alessandro Nesta; 21. Marco Delvecchio; 8. Antonio Conte; 22. Francesco Antonioli; 4. Demetrio Albertini; 18. Stefano Fiore; 17. Gianluca Zambrotta; 9. Filippo Inzaghi; 5. Fabio Cannavaro; 20. Francesco Totti;
Sweden: 8. Thomas Gustafsson; 9. Fredrik Ljungberg; 14. Olof Mellberg; 17. Johan Mjallby; 3. Patrik Andersson; 4. Joachim Bjorklund; 18. Yksel Osmanovski; 7. Hakan Mild; 20. Henrik Larsson; 1. Magnus Hedman; 13. Magnus Svensson; Subs: 2. Roland Nilsson; 12. Magnus Kihlstedt; 10. Jorgen Petterson; 19. Kennet Andersson; 22. Mattias Asper; 5. Teddy Lucic; 21. Marcus Allback; 15. Daniel Andersson; 16. Anders Andersson; 11. Niclas Alexandersson; 6. Gary Sundgren;
Thu Jun 15
Sweden (0) 0-0 (0) Turkey
Booked Booked
Mjallby 69
Kaya 5
Ref. D Jol (Holland) Att. 24500
 Match Report
 Photo Gallery
Sweden: 1. Magnus Hedman; 9. Fredrik Ljungberg; 19. Kennet Andersson; 20. Henrik Larsson; 7. Hakan Mild; 14. Olof Mellberg; 4. Joachim Bjorklund; 11. Niclas Alexandersson; 5. Teddy Lucic; 6. Gary Sundgren; 17. Johan Mjallby; Subs: 13. Magnus Svensson; 2. Roland Nilsson; 15. Daniel Andersson; 12. Magnus Kihlstedt; 22. Mattias Asper; 8. Thomas Gustafsson; 18. Yksel Osmanovski; 16. Anders Andersson; 21. Marcus Allback; 10. Jorgen Petterson;
Turkey: 15. Muzzy Izzet; 7. Okan Buruk; 20. Hakan Unsal; 3. Ogun Temizkanoglu; 4. Fatih Akyel; 1. Rustu Recber; 14. Suat Kaya; 9. Hakan Sukur; 22. Umit Davala; 5. Fehmi Alpay Ozalan; 6. Arif Erdem; Subs: 13. Osman Ozkoylu; 19. Abdullah Ercan; 18. Ayhan Akman; 8. Kerimoglu Tugay; 17. Oktay Derelioglu; 11. Tayfun Korkut; 16. Ergun Penbe; 12. Omer Catkic; 2. Tayfur Havutcu; 10. Sergen Yalcin; 21. Fevzi Tuncay;
Sat Jun 10
Belgium (1) 2-1 (0) Sweden
Goor 43
E Mpenza 46
Mjallby 53
P Andersson s/o 81
Booked Booked
Verheyen 65
Nilis 77
Van Kerckhoven 90
P Andersson 45
Ref. Markhus Merk (Germany) Att. 50000
 Match Report
 Photo Gallery
Belgium: 3. Joos Valgaeren; 8. Bart Goor; 10. Branko Strupar; 4. Lorenzo Staelens; 7. Marc Wilmots; 2. Eric Deflandre; 9. Emile Lokonda Mpenza; 17. Philippe Leonard; 6. Yves Vanderhaege; 11. Gert Verheyen; 1. Filip De Wilde; Subs: 20. Gilles De Bilde; 14. Johan Walem; 21. Mbo Mpenza; 19. Eric Van Meir; 22. Marc Hendrikx; 18. Nico Van Kerckhoven; 13. Frederic Herpoel; 16. Luc Nilis; 15. Jacky Peeters; 12. Geert De Vlieger; 5. Philippe Clement;
Sweden: 1. Magnus Hedman; 15. Daniel Andersson; 10. Jorgen Petterson; 11. Niclas Alexandersson; 3. Patrik Andersson; 19. Kennet Andersson; 14. Olof Mellberg; 4. Joachim Bjorklund; 2. Roland Nilsson; 17. Johan Mjallby; 9. Fredrik Ljungberg; Subs: 20. Henrik Larsson; 22. Mattias Asper; 18. Yksel Osmanovski; 8. Thomas Gustafsson; 6. Gary Sundgren; 21. Marcus Allback; 13. Magnus Svensson; 5. Teddy Lucic; 16. Anders Andersson; 7. Hakan Mild;
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