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Jack Charlton
"We had to do something - but nothing was done"
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Sunday, 25 June, 2000, 08:57 GMT 09:57 UK
Charlton joins Keegan critics
Jack Charlton
Charlton says Keegan should have made changes
Jack Charlton has joined the chorus of critics claiming that Kevin Keegan's tactical failings cost England dear at Euro 2000.

The 1966 World Cup-winner, who enjoyed great success as Republic of Ireland manager, said: "It's very difficult to just point the finger and say its Kevin's fault."

But asked on Radio 5 Live's Sportweek whether Keegan was tactically naive, he said: "Yes, I would say so, compared to other managers we've had.

"It all hinged on the first game against Portugal, when we were 2-0 up and getting run to death through the midfield. We had to do something about it but nothing was done.

"I thought maybe England would drop someone into midfield to tighten things up because it's very difficult for a back four when the opposing midfield has total control of the ball."


Charlton said that the players had to take their share of the blame. "There are people on the field who should know what role they have to fill when you go 2-0 up."

But he added: "In that first game, Kevin didn't make changes at the right time, and we lost because of it.

In that first game, Kevin didn't make changes at the right time and we lost because of it

Jack Charlton
"He is a good motivator, a nice guy, everybody likes him and he did a good job at Newcastle, but he'd been out of football for four or five years before that.

"I don't know how much international football Kevin saw before he took the England job - not a great deal I wouldn't have thought.

"But the international game is different to the league game, and when he was at Newcastle and then at Fulham, international football wasn't part of his business.

"So it's understandable that he's got a bit to learn, but I'm sure he will and I bet he's learnt a lot from this European championship."


Charlton said he supported calls for an experienced former international coach or manager such as Bobby Robson being brought in to assist Keegan, "but not to interfere".

Bobby Robson
Robson: experienced
"Kevin has to be the manager and make the decisions, but it's nice to have someone with experience in support."

He added that the trouble involving England fans at Euro 2000 had almost certainly put paid to English hopes of hosting the 2006 World Cup Finals.

"I feel sorry for our kid (his brother Bobby Charlton) and Geoff Hurst who have travelled thousands of miles around the world trying to get the votes, but I can't see us getting it now."

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