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Keegan on MOTD
Keegan urges fans to behave
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Tuesday, 20 June, 2000, 07:08 GMT 08:08 UK
Keegan pleads for calm
Keegan is urging fans to enjoy football, not violence
Keegan is urging fans to enjoy football, not violence
England manager Kevin Keegan has made an impassioned plea for fans not to ruin his side's chances of progressing in Euro 2000.

Keegan, talking to Garth Crooks on BBC's MOTD programmed, begged fans to behave themselves in Charleroi on Tuesday.

"I don't want any violence. I want football, not violence," he said.

"That's what every decent football fan wants, every decent human being wants and we'll get there as long as we keep believing and don't give in to them.

"If we start thinking that, then we haven't got a chance," said Keegan.

We mustn't ever allow them to win

Kevin Keegan on England's hooligans

Keegan told Crooks that the only way to defeat the hooligan element was for everyone to stick together to stop them.

"I think we have got to keep chipping away at it. We mustn't ever allow them to win.

"Everytime something happens it has to be addressed - we can't just pretend it's not happening.

"We've been very very well received in Belgium in particular where we've spent most of our time and in Holland when we played in Eindhoven. We couldn't have had better hosts - they've been unbelievable.


"I feel very responsible, as someone should in my position, that we've got to try and put these things right.

"But we mustn't give up we mustn't sort of say 'Well what are we going to do? They're winning'. They musn't win.

"They've got to be the losers and if we all work together they will be and then football can go on and be an even better game than it is now.

"At the moment football's on the verge, if we can solve this problem, of having a massive effect, not just on people's lives directly but indirectly.

"We can do so much more. The finances are in place, the new deals are all fantastic, so if the people put that money in the right areas we can do a lot of good.

"But we've got to start at the root of this problem."

No control

"If we are going to be put out of this tournament by Uefa, I don't think the players can do anything about that.

"But we can do something about making sure that we are not put out of this tournament by Romania and if we pass that test, then there's Italy, and whoever comes after that.

"That's really where our focus has got to be and that's where it is."

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