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Sunday, 21 May, 2000, 10:43 GMT 11:43 UK
Riot fans banned from Euro 2000
Violence in Denmark
Fans with a history of hooliganism will be turned away
Fifteen football fans arrested during violent clashes in Copenhagen have been banned from the European Championships this summer.

The Football Association welcomed the decision to banish those involved in street fighting before and after Arsenal's Uefa Cup defeat to Turkish side Galatasary last Wednesday.

People under suspicion of football violence should not be allowed to travel to Euro 2000

The FA's Adrian Bevington

But the governing body is pressing for further action, saying that the 15 arrested - and any other troublemakers indentified from footage of the incidents - should be barred from travelling to the Netherlands and Belgium.

Home Office minister Lord Bassam said he was confident that measures being taken within the UK would keep the 15 away from Euro 2000.

FA spokesman Adrian Bevington welcomed Lord Bassam's comments, but insisted that "stronger enforcement" was necessary.

"It is our belief the people under suspicion of football violence should not be allowed to travel to Euro 2000," he said.
Lord Bassam
Lord Bassam: Violent fans will not be tolerated

"That is an issue we will continue to take up with the Government and the police authorities in the coming weeks.

Fans with a history of violence and hooliganism will also be targeted.

"Following the events in Copenhagen and in the light of any incidents during Euro 2000, consideration will be given to the possibility of withdrawing the passports of known hooligans," said Lord Bassam.

"It is our expectation that the Dutch, Belgian, German and French authorities will immediately return any English fans to the UK whom they suspect of being likely to be involved in hooliganism.

"They will do this from the moment they arrive."

Hooligan hotline

Details of 504 fans already subject to domestic football banning orders will also be sent to the European authorities.

Five fans were seriously injured in the violence in the Danish capital before the match on Wednesday - which the Turkish side won on penalties after a 0-0 draw.

Police arrested 43 people, including 15 Britons, but no one was charged.

Anyone with information on hooligans is urged to ring the National Criminal Intelligence Service hooligan hotline on 0800 515 495.

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