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Ray Stubbs asks your questions
Mark Lawrenson under pressure
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Ray Stubbs puts your questions to the expert
Trevor Brooking in the hotseat
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Ray Stubbs asks your questions on 27 May
Mark Lawrenson on the spot
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Saturday, 1 July, 2000, 14:05 GMT 15:05 UK
Get Ray to ask your question
Ray Stubbs
Ray will get your questions answered
Hello and welcome to our Football Focus page - a regular feature of this Euro 2000 website.

Throughout the tournament both Football Focus and Match of the Day have been broadcasted live from Amsterdam.

We've been sharing all the excitement of Euro 2000 and bringing you the best previews, analysis and features.

Mark Lawrenson
Mark Lawrenson
This week my Football Focus studio guest was top pundit and former Liverpool defender Mark Lawrenson who has answered some of your e-mails live on air.

With the final between France and Italy on Sunday, this has been the last chance chance for you to get those questions answered.

Thank you for all the e-mails that have been sent in over the tournament - I hope the answers have been useful.

You can listen to those burning questions being answered from this week's programme and past programmes right here.


E-mails from this week's programme:

Q:Why are some teams so bad when it comes to penalty shoot-outs? Holland's record is even worse than England's. If these are players with such good technique, how can they keep on missing penalties?
Alastair, Wimbledon

A: We were all starting to feel sorry for England thinking it was only the English that missed all the penalties. Whatever you say if the goalkeeper saves it he's always second favourite. When you step up to take a penalty it's a mixture obviously of ability but also nerve, and I'd like to know out of the players that miss how many of them actually change their mind. When you go up to take one only you know if you are absolutely confident of scoring.

Q: Alex Ferguson looks like he's made another first rate French signing. I think Barthez has been comfortably the best keeper at the finals. But do the panel think Ferguson will attempt to curtail his eccentricities?
Chris, Truro

A: No, I don't think he will. I think it's pass and part of Barthez. He just reminds me of Grobbelaar. Grobbelaar used to run past me and Hansen on a regular basis doing all sorts of eccentric things. If you know he's going to do it then you can adjust to it. You'd rather have him catching crosses and staying on his line - so I don't think so.

E-mails from the programme on 3 June - answered by Trevor Brooking:

Q: Why does Kevin Keegan persist in picking David Seaman in goal when Nigel Martyn has had a better season?
Gary Steadman

A: I think you go with David Seaman because he's number one. Keegan has told him that and he believes that. Nigel Martyn has done nothing wrong but I think once you've decided on your number one you stick with him, so I think Seaman will start.

Q: If Owen was our secret weapon for France 98, who is it this time?
Mark Meadows

A: Your late fliers are the likes of Steve Gerrard. I thought he did very well. I don't think he'll make the opening game, but he'll definitely play some part.

I think Barmby and Barry, on the left-hand-side, and someone like Heskey may come on. His strength and his power and pace are good, but he's got to make sure he converts the chances.

Q: Make no mistake, the Germans are still going to be a huge threat to England and the rest of Euro 2000 and we write them off at our peril! They reached two WC finals in the 1980s with average teams. But I still think England will beat them in the first round!
Jamie Stevenson

A: I think they are average. I think this time round they are not the force they were. Strangely enough everyone is focusing on the England-Germany match and I don't think those will be the two sides that come through - I think one will, and hopefully it's England. I think Portugal and Romania are tough sides and they shouldn't be under estimated. So, Germany I don't fancy - no.

Q: I think France will win Euro 2000. If they can avoid injuries, their first 11 remain a formidable force.
Lee Foxhall

A: I've gone with them myself because it's a tough group and Czech Republic and Holland - it's a tough group. If they've won the World Cup in 98 without a striker - I didn't think they had any quality striker. Henry played on the right of midfield and now he's been superb for Arsenal through the middle. So I think Henry and Anelka gives them an additional cutting edge.

E-mails from the programme on 27 May - answered by Mark Lawrenson:

Q: Why is Heskey in the squad when he has had a relatively poor season, scoring only 11 goals in 47 games? Heskey seems to be a favourite of Kevin but why when he's been outgunned by the likes of Armstrong, Cottee, Dublin and Bridges?
Robert Waller

A: He's in the team because he gives you another option in terms of strength, pace and power. You can throw him on for half an hour and he will knock people over. England don't have another player like Heskey. So it's all about getting the options right.

Q: Richard Wright is a good goalkeeper, the best we have got. Shouldn't he be given a chance?
Richard Bishop

A: Yes. He's very young, very inexperienced, but he's going to be very good. It's just too early. I'm sure he'll go, I'm sure he'll be the third goalkeeper. You've got to go for experience with tournament football.

Q: Mark, do you think Steven Gerrard should be given the central midfield position?
Adam Fitzpatrick

A: Inexperience again. It's slightly different because the fact of the number of games he's played in the Premier League. He's been very good this season. I think Ince will start, but I wouldn't be surprised to see Gerrard start in one of the games.

Q: What is the purpose of the small D at the edge of the 18-yard-box?
C S Wells

A: Everyone knows this. It's so that you're 10 yards away when a penalty is taken.

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