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Saturday, 1 July, 2000, 11:56 GMT 12:56 UK
Team of the tournament

BBC Sport Online pundits Mark Lawrenson and Dion Dublin threw down the challenge to pick a side to take on their team of the tournament - and you responded in your thousands.

A galaxy of talented players have been showing off their skills at Euro 2000 and we asked you to pick a dream team made up of the best 11.

Many of the positions became clear at an early stage, with several of you voting for English-based players.

Desailly and Stam quickly secured the central defensive partnership, despite late support for Nesta and Cannavaro, with Beckham in midfield and Henry up front.

The goalkeeping position was the most keenly contested, Toldo's penalty heroics against Holland edging him ahead of Van der Sar and Barthez.

The Dream Team you voted for
Francesco Toldo
Lilian Thuram
Paolo Maldini
Jaap Stam
Marcel Desailly
Edgar Davids
David Beckham
Luis Figo
Zinedine Zidane
Patrick Kluivert
Thierry Henry

A huge boost in support for Kluivert following his hat-trick against Yugoslavia ensured him a place up front alongside Henry.

It is a team that would prove a match for any side in the world, including those chosen by Dion and Mark.

Dion went with Barthez in goal, Desailly, Frank De Boer and Maldini in defence, with Vieira sitting just in front of them.

Mendieta, Zidane, Figo and Raul are in his midfield, with Milosevic and Henry providing the firepower up front.

Mark went for Edwin van der Sar in goal, with a back four of Thuram, Desailly, Stam and Maldini.

Real Madrid's Helguera plays the anchor role in midfield, wih Figo, Beckham, Drulovic and Zidane given license to create chances for sole striker Henry up front.

Votes cast - your full squad

  • Luis Figo - 256 votes
  • Zinedine Zidane - 254
  • Patrick Kluivert - 212
  • Edgar Davids - 196
  • Lilian Thuram - 196
  • Paolo Maldini - 190
  • Jaap Stam - 155
  • Thierry Henry - 145
  • Marcel Desailly - 144
  • David Beckham - 110
  • Francesco Toldo - 92
  • Edwin van der Sar - 89
  • Alessandro Nesta - 87
  • Frank de Boer - 83
  • Fabien Barthez - 81
  • Rui Costa - 65
  • Fabio Cannavaro - 45
  • Boudewijn Zenden - 43
  • Raul Gonzalez - 39
  • Gaizka Mendieta - 35
  • Nuno Gomes - 35
  • Pavel Nedved - 33

The best XI are ... 1)Toldo, 2) Maldini, 3)Thuram, 4) F. de Boer, 5) Stam, 6) Figo, 7) Davids, 8) Zidane, 9) Bergkamp, 10) Kluivert, 11) Henry ... how about that?
Azrey Fadyl, Malaysia

3-4-3 formation: Vitor Baia, Lilian Thuram, Alessandro Nesta, Paolo Maldini, Luis Figo, Edgar Davids, Zinedine Zidane, Manuel Rui Costa, Nuno Gomes, Patrick Kluivert, Thierry Henry.
J. K. Nielsen, Denmark

Toldo (Italy), Canavarro (Italy), Stam (Holland), Thuram (France), Maldini (Italy), Nedved (Czech Republic), Davids (Holland), Luis Figo (Portugal), Zidane (France), Henry (France), Milosevic (Yugoslavia)
Rosanna Stamp, Denmark

The best goalkeeper is Toldo. Barthez is decent, but sometimes he makes the most foolish mistakes, while Van der Saar lacks leadership qualities. I'ld go for the following:
1) Toldo, 2) Thuram, 3) Maldini, 4) Cannavaro, 5) Nesta, 6) Davids, 7) Figo, 8) Zidane, 9) Raul, 10) Kluivert, 11) Henry
Andi, Albania

Toldo, Maldini, Nesta, Thuram, Boer, Beckham, Zidane, Figo, Davids, Henry, Kluivert
Kojiro, Indonesia

van der Sar, Maldini, Stam, Thuram, Boer, Beckham, Zidane, Figo, Costa, Henry, Milosevic
Sasaki, Japan

1.Toldo, 2.Thuram, 3. Stam, 4. Desailly, 5. Maldini, 6. Vieira, 7. Figo, 8. Davids, 9. Kluivert, 10. Zidane, 11. Henry You cant do better than this.
Christian, Macedonia

My team would be as follows:- van der Sar, Jaap Stam, Marcel Desailly, Maldini, Beckham, Zidane, Luis Figo, Egdar Davids, Henry, Milosevic
Gavin Collins, South Wales

1.Barthez (France) 2.Maldini (Italy) 3.Desailly (France) 4.Stam (Holland) 5.Thuram (France) 6.Davids (Holland) 7. Figo (Portugal) 8. Zidane (France) 9. Nedved (Czech) 10. Henry (France) 11. Kluivert (Holland)
Ben Lockyer & Steve Edwards, England

I can't understand why so many people have voted for Beckham when all he did was deliver two quality crosses in three games. Anyway:- 1. Toldo 2. Thuram 3. Maldini 4. F De Boer 5. Karic 6. Zidane 7. Figo 8. Munteanu 9. Zenden 10. Kluivert 11. Henry
Steven Reynolds, Scotland

My team is: 1. Barthez 2.Thuram 3. Stam. 4. Campbell 5. Maldini 6. Beckham 7. Figo 8. Davids 9. Zidane 10.Kluivert 11. Raul
Daniel Law, UK

1.van der Sar 2.Chivu 3.Nesta Boer 5.Salgado 6.Nedved 7.Totti 8.Figo 9.Zidane 10.Kluivert 11.Raul
Michiel Cusell, Netherlands

1. van Der Sar 2. Thuram 3. Lizarazu 4. Couto 5. Popescu 6. Davids 7. Figo 8. Zidane 9. Henry 10.Kluivert 11.Mutu
Jamie Dalton, England

1.Barthez, 2.Maldini, 3.F.De Boer, 4.Campbell, 5.Stam, 6.Beckham, 7.Figo, 8.Davids, 9.Bergkamp, 10.Kluivert, 11.Overmars
Zainal Adnan, Malaysia

I would have van der Sar in goal, left-back Maldini, right-back Thuram, central defenders Nesta and Stam, holding player Guardiola, left midfield Davids, right midfield Figo, Zidane floating and Henry and Totti up front.
Alex, England

My team, based only on their performances in the tournament so far.
1. Toldo 2. Thuram 3. Maldini 4. Nesta 5. Cannavaro 6. Davids 7. Figo 8. Zenden 9. Henry 10. Zidane 11. Kluivert
Adam Howarth, England

My team of the tournament:
1. Peter Schmeichel (Denmark) 2. Paolo Maldini (Italy) 3. Jaap Stam (Holland) 4. Marcel Desailly (France) 5. David Beckham (England) 6. Rui Costa (Portugal) 7. Luis Figo (Portugal) 8. Zinedine Zidane (France) 9. Paul Scholes (England) 10. Patrick Kluivert (Holland) 11. Alan Shearer (England)
Miles Frampton, England

A lot of people have picked van der Sar, but he has never been fully fit. Imagine a midfield of Rui Costa and Edgar Davids in the centre with Figo and Zidane swapping wings...or having a free role as the full backs are so strong. Milosevic is there not for his talent, but for his goal scoring record.
1. Fabien Barthez (France) , 2. Lilian Thuram (France), 3. Paolo Maldini (Italy), 4. Nesta (Italy), 4. Stam (Holland), 6. Figo (Portugal), 7.Davids (Netherlands), 8. Rui Costa (Portugal), 9. Zidane (France), 10.Savo Milosevic (Yugoslavia), 11. Patrick Kluivert (Holland)
Gerard Laffan, Ireland

My Euro 2000 select team would be a 4-1-3-2 formation. I would have Toldo in goal, then Thuram, F. de Boer, Desailly and Maldini. My holding player in front of the back four would be Guardiola. In the middle of the park I would have Zidane, with Figo playing on the left and Zenden given the freedom of the right wing. Up front I would play Kluivert and Henry, for sheer pace and finishing ability.
JJ Hudspith, England

I've got an attacking side with a strong defence that will outclass any other team, we're talking at least ten nil if I played both Dublin's and Lawrenson's team. They play in a 3-5-2 formation...
Toldo, Ronald de Boer, Desailly, Maldini, Zidane, Davids, Figo, Beckham, Mendieta, Kluivert, Henry
Alex Steel, England

European football is of the highest quality; full of thrills, pace, power and superb skills. This team would play 4-4-2 ... What a line-up.
Toldo, Thuram, Maldini, Stam, Desailly, Figo, Zidane, Scholes, Davids, Totti, Kluivert
Ekow Munko, Ghana

1. Toldo, 2. Cannavaro, 3. Lizarazu, 4. Stam, 5. Bragstad , 6. Mykland, 7. Beckham, 8. Figo, 9. Henry, 10. Kluivert, 11. Alfonso
Ivar, United Kingdom

My team is:- 1.Francesco Toldo, 2.Lilian Thuram, 3.Vincent Candela, 4.Fabio Cannavaro, 5.Sol Campbell, 6.Josep Guardiola, 7.David Beckham, 8.Luis Figo, 9.Patrick Kluivert, 10.Thierry Henry, 11.Edgar Davids.
Paul Bradby, England

1.Barthez, 2.Thuram, 3.Chivu, 4.F. de Boer, 5.Figo, 6.Raul, 7.Beckham, 8.Zidane, 9.S Milosevic, 10.Owen, 11.Henry.
Zimani Kondwani, Malawi

Here is my team of the tournament from the first stage:
1. Barthez, 2. Thuram, 3. Desailly, 4. Maldini, 5. Stam, 6. Figo, 7. Beckham, 8. Davids, 9. Zenden, 10. Raul, 11. Henry.
Emma, UK

A team of winners - 1. Barthez (France), 2. Desailly (France), 3. Nesta (Italy), 4. Maldini (Italy), 5. F. de Boer (Holland), 6. Figo (Portugal), 7. Zidane (France), 8. Beckham (England), 9. Mendieta (Spain), 10. Zahovic (Slovenia), 11.Overmars (Holland).
Aby, USA

My team is - 1. Fabien Barthez (France) , 2. Lilian Thuram (France), 3. Paulo Maldini (Italy), 4. Frank de Boer (Holland), 5. Gaizka Mendietta (Spain), 6. Demetrio Albertini (Italy), 7. Zinedine Zidane (France), 8. Rui Costa (Portugal), 9. Luis Figo (Portugal), 10.Savo Milosevic (Yugoslavia), 11. Patrick Kluivert (Holland) .
Shashank, India

How about this for a team - 1.Barthez, 2.Thuram, 3.Maldini, 4.Desailly, 5.F. de Boer, 6.Rui Costa, 7.Figo, 8.Zidane, 9.Henry, 10.Kluivert, 11.Overmars
Sunday Suya, Tanzania

1.van der Saar (Netherlands), 2.Thuram (France), 3. Maldini (Italy), 4.Nesta (Italy), 5.Desailly (France), 6.Davids (Netherlands), 7.Figo (Portugal), 8.Mendieta (Spain), 9.Raul (Spain), 10.Zidane (France), 11.Overmars (Netherlands).
Douglas Lubega, USA

This is the best team of the tournament:
1.Barthez, 2.Thuram, 3.Maldini, 4.Stam, 5.Djorkaeff, 6.Davids, 7.Zahovic, 8.Zidane, 9.Sukur, 10.Henry, 11.Vieira
Soumendranath Ray, India

1. Edwin van der Sar, 2. Lilian Thuram, 3. Paolo Maldini, 4. Frank de Boer, 5. Jaap Stam, 6. Edgar Davids, 7. David Beckham, 8. Zinedine Zidane, 9. Patrick Kluivert, 10. Thierry Henry, 11. Luis Figo.
Barry Boesveld, Netherlands

1. E. van der Saar (Holland), 2. F. Cannavaro (Italy), 3. A. Nesta (Italy), 4. L. Thuram (France), 5. F. de Boer (Holland), 6. D. Albertini (Italy), 7. P. Cocu (Holland), 8. Z. Zahovic (Slovenia), 9. D. Bergkamp (Holland), 10. Z. Zidane (France), 11. T. Henry (France)
Mohammad Faisal Zaman, USA

There are so many excellent players who could be chosen for this team. My choice though is as follows - 1. van der Sar, 2. Salgado, 3. Nesta, 4. F. de Boer, 5. Cannavaro (Maldini is over the top), 6. Mendieta, 7. Davids, 8. Zidane, 9. Figo, 10. Henry, 11. Kluivert.
We will see more of Henry in the next two matches.
Las, Holland

1. Toldo (Italy), 2. Thuram (France), 3. Maldini (Italy), 4. Nesta (Italy) 5. Cannavaro (Italy), 6. Guardiola (Spain), 7. Figo (Portugal), 8. Nedved (Czech Rep.), 9. Zidane (France), 10. Kluivert (Holland), 11. Henry (France)
The automatons of the iron Italian defence combined with those of the Barcelona midfield and attack (Guardiola-Figo-Kluivert) and the pace of Nedved and Henry with a little superhuman French sauce of Thuram and Zidane. Who wants to challenge this team?
Joachim, Belgium

My suggestion for the best team is:- van der Sar, Thuram, Nesta, Desailly, F. de Boer, Vieira, Davids, Zidane, Figo, Kluivert, Milosevic.
Jean-Yves Charriau, France

My team will be as follows:- 1. van der Sar (N'land), 2. Conte (Italy), 3. Stam (N'land), 4. Maldini (Italy), 5. Desailly (France), 6. Munteanu (Romania), 7. Zidane (France), 8. Cocu (N'land), 9. Davids (N'land), 10. Mendieta (Spain), 11. Kluivert (N'land).
Jesse Borghmans, Northern Ireland, UK

A 3-6-1 formation:- 1. Toldo, 2. Maldini, 3. Desailly, 4. Cocu, 5. Rui Costa, 6. Davids, 7. Conte, 8. Chivu, 9. Nedved, 10. Zidane, 11. Henry
Dhiya, UK

1: Peter Schmeichel (Denmark), 2: Markus Babbel (Germany), 3: Paolo Maldini (Italy), 4: Marcel Desailly (France), 5: Jaap Stam (Holland), 6: Emmanuel Petit (France), 7: Luis Figo (Portugal), 8: David Beckham (England), 9: Patrick Kluivert (Holland), 10: Zinedine Zidane (France), 11: Savo Milosevic (Yugoslavia)
Patrick Carter, St. Brelade, Jersey, Channel Islands

Being impartial this is the best team.
1.Fabien Barthez, 2.Lilian Thuram, 3.Paolo Maldini, 4.Alessandro Nesta, 5.Jaap Stam, 6.Ivan Helguera, 7.Zinedene Zidane, 8.Gaizka Mendieta, 9.Luis Figo, 10.Patrick Kluivert, 11.Nuno Gomes.
Ross, Ireland

Here's my team - 1. Barthez, 2. Thuram, 3. Maldini, 4. Desailly, 5. Nesta, 6. Vieira, 7. Figo, 8. Davids, 9. Hakan Sükür, 10. Zidane, 11. Henry
Sébastien Choqueriaux, France

My starting line up is - 1. Barthez, 2. Maldini, 3. Desailly, 4. Boer, 5. Davids, 6. Beckham, 7. Figo, 8. Rui Costa, 9. Nedved, 10. Henry, 11. Kluivert
Mohammed Nor Zainal, Shah Alam,Malaysia

1. Toldo, 2. Thuram, 3. Maldini, 4. F.De Boer, 5. Chivu, 6. Davids, 7. Figo, 8. Zahovic, 9. Kluivert, 10. Rui Costa, 11. Zenden
James Canavan, England

My team of the tournament is as follows:
1. Edwin Van der Sar (Holland), 2. Michel Salgado (Spain), 3. Paolo Maldini (Italy), 4. Martin Keown (England), 5. Jaap Stam (Holland), 6. Edgar Davids (Holland), 7. Luis Figo (Portugal), 8. Zinedine Zidane (France), 9. Thierry Henry (France), 10. Patrick Kluivert (Holland), 11. Adrian Mutu (Romania)
James, Leeds

Now I know why England is out of the finals so soon. Even the experts still haven't understood how football is played these days. Edgar 'pitbull' Davids in midfield and the rest you can fill in yourself.
Bart, Sweden

My team of the tournament from the first stage is as follows: 1. van der Sar (Holland), 2. Stam (Holland), 3. Maldini (Italy), 4. Desailly (France), 5. Campbell (England), 6. Zenden (Holland), 7. Zidane (France), 8. Beckham (England). 9. Overmas (Holland) 10. Henry (France), 11. del Piero ( Italy)
Loqman Hakim Ghazali, Malaysia

1 Edwin Van Der Saar, 2 Lilian Thuram, 3 Paolo Maldini, 4 Jaap Stam, 5 Frank De Boer, 6 Luis Figo, 7 David Beckham, 8 Zinedine Zidane, 9 Raul,10 Savo Milosevic, 11 Thierry Henry
Christopher Harris, England

What about this for a team ?
1. Barthez, 2.Thuram, 3. Desailly, 4. Stam, 5. Maldini, 6. Davids, 7. Beckham, 8. Zidane, 9. Figo, 10. Raul, 11. Henry.
Richard, UK

My team of the tournament from the first stage is as follows:
1. Fabien Barthez (France), 2. Lilian Thuram (France), 3. Paulo Maldini (Italy), 4. Frank De Boer (Holland), 5. Marcel Desailly (France), 6. Rui Costa (Portugal), 7. Luis Figo (Portugal), 8. Zlatko Zahovic (Slovenia), 9.Thierry Henry (France), 10. Zinedine Zidane (France), 11. Ljubinko Drulovic (Yugoslavia).
Padraig Coyle

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