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Saturday, 1 July, 2000, 10:07 GMT 11:07 UK
The greatest ever game?
Greatest ever game?
Euro 2000 has been a feast for football fans. We've seen great goals, great players and great games - and Wednesday's 4-3 thriller between Spain and Yugoslavia was arguably the best of the lot. So we want to know, was this the greatest European Championship game ever?

There's been a lot of competition in this tournament alone. Portugal's remarkable 3-2 comeback from 2-0 down to beat England set the tone.

Then the Yugoslav's were at it, allowing Slovenia to take a three-goal lead before having a man sent off and staging an incredible rally to bring the scores level at 3-3.

And Holland's 3-2 win over France was a purist's dream, with every player on the pitch displaying incredible technique.

But perhaps you feel that previous tournaments have thrown up better games.

Euro 96 saw England involved in classics against Holland and Germany while the Czech Republic needed a last minute equaliser to snatch a 3-3 draw with Russia on their way to the final.

France's 3-2 win over Portugal in the semi-final in 1984 is legendary, with France scoring twice in extra-time to prevent a penalty shoot-out.

But perhaps you have other ideas.

What is the European Championship's greatest ever game?

I was at the Yugoslavia - Spain game in Bruges, and I am convinced that I will never see a better game ever. I remained standing in awe for about ten minutes after the final whistle - I couldn't believe what I had just witnessed. Most definitely the best £55 I've ever spent.
Nial Coulter, Northern Ireland

Whoever missed it, missed out big time!

Becky, United Kingdom
The game between Yugoslavia and Spain was absolutely fantastic! Whoever missed it, missed out big time!
Becky, United Kingdom

Any game involving the Yugoslav team shortens your life by a year ... which team consistently played better with ten men.
Gagi, Serbia

I have watched only the last three Euro championships. Within that limited scope, the Spain-Yugoslavia game was by far the best single match. However, taken as a pair, the Portuguese defeat of England and their thrashing of Germany was the most inspiring football I've seen.
Ted Benttinen, USA

Top Three Euro games of all time:-
1. France v Portugal 1984
2. Spain v Yugoslavia 2000
3. Czechoslovakia v West Germany 1976
Seamus, Ireland

I think Spain v France Euro 2000 was superb. A true lesson to all football lovers in how to maintain possession, pass and move. For sheer skill how about Raul's nut meg and Dugarry's heel flick down the line. Superb!
Alex, England

The passion, the ambition, the determination, the joy and the success. Spain v Yugoslavia was the best match ever. There was drama, suspense, thrills, individual brilliance and team industry, from start to end. What a shame it wasn't the final itself.
Adum Raul Zubero, England

Was Spain-Yugoslavia the greatest Euro championship game ever? Execution-wise, no - unless one doesn't count sound marking, positioning, and goalkeeping as virtues. In terms of pure excitement however, I dare anyone to find a more thrilling encounter. After over 90 minutes of end-to-end, slam-bang action that left the spectators, not to mention the players, limp, and for Spain to then pull those two goals out of the hat in the dying seconds, for excitement it will be hard to top.
Bruce Marshall, USA

France - Portugal '84. Not only was there a dramatic finale, but the intervening passages of play were

France - Portugal '84. There are still hour-long highlights of this match from time to time and I thank the footballing Gods that there are

David, France
wonderful, the goals spectacular and the saves made by the goalkeepers (which were numerous) were stunning also. There are still hour-long highlights of this match from time to time and I thank the footballing Gods that there are, because that game was probably the best international game I can remember seeing (rivalled only by USSR 3 - Belgium 4 in the 1986 world cup).
David, France

If one was to be strictly neutral, surely Spain v Yugoslavia is one of the greatest games ever played in a European Championship tournament. But it's getting more difficult every day. Have you watched the quarter finals last Sunday? Spain v France, such drama. If I speak as a Dutchman, it must be the semi-final Germany-Holland in 1988. Emotion, good football and a late winner by the greatest centre forward ever, Marco van Basten.
Joop Bosman, Netherlands

The greatest Euro championships game ever was the meeting between England and Scotland in 1996. It had end to end action, a missed penalty, and the goal by Gazza is the best ever.
Steve, England

Spain v Yugoslavia was even better than the 1999 Champions League Final

Thomas, Hong Kong
Portugal 3-0 Germany. It was a team of reserves giving Germany a thrashing. It symbolised the passing of the old and traditional and the emergence and dawn of a new team...Portugal
Alex, Malaysia

Time will tell whether Spain v Yugoslavia will stand up as the greatest match in Euro history - it is certainly close to France v Portugal (1984) and Germany's defeat of Yugoslavia in 1976 in terms of relentless drama and marvellous technique.
Jez Simmonds, UK

When you hear about "the beautiful game", this was it. Fabulous goals, ten men against eleven, a penalty and last second winner.
Duncan Carson, United Kingdom

Spain v Yugoslavia was even better than the 1999 Champions League Final. There was action right from the start and the Spanish comeback was incredible.
Thomas Jackson, Hong Kong

Yugoslavia v Spain was certainly not the greatest game the European Championships have ever seen. It had plenty of goals, and a memorable finish, but the play was, for long periods, ordinary, and the game was seriously marred by fouling and niggling.
Andrew Wilson, England

Spain v Yugoslavia has to be up there. The drama was amazing and the Yugoslavians have to be congratulated for making the game what it was.
Aditya Mohan, US

Euro 88, Holland's win over Germany, that is the greatest match ever

Amin, Kampala, Uganda
The greatest Euro Championship game was the early round match between Spain and Germany in 1984 when Spain scored the only goal in the dying minutes.
Subhash Sen, USA

I think it was definitely the best game of Euro2000, and one of the best I have ever seen. It was a game that makes soccer fans.
Oscar Plans, Zimbabwe

Is someone out there thinking about the 1988 clash between the Dutch and the Germans. The game was just great. It had some of the finest footballers as well as van Basten's goal which settled the match.
Githehu Kinu, Kenya

The 1976 final between Czechoslovakia and West Germany was memorable for many reasons. A thrilling game with the unfancied Czechs taking a two goal lead before a last gasp equaliser from the Germans. It was also the first major match to be settled on penalties settled by an exquisite chip that beat German keeper Sepp Maier.
Rob, England

The greatest game ever in a European Championship; now that's a bit tricky, but certainly the Spain v Yugoslavia must be ranked up with the best.
Adeeb H Quader, Bangladesh

Ireland v England in 1988. It was the first game Ireland ever played in European Championships and they won 1-0. It may not have had many goals but a lot of incident. It will long live in many Irish minds.
Brendan, Ireland

It depends how you classify a "great game". If you define it as one full of emotion and drama then it would be impossible to look beyond your own country's classics, and I believe as an Englishman, it would be very difficult to beat the semi between England and Germany in 96, even though we lost. The final result didn't prevent the 120 minutes that went before it being just about the most incredibly intense football match I've ever watched.
Ross Williams, England

To me a good game is one in which both teams contribute and since I haven't seen the much acclaimed France-Portugal from 1984, the Euro 2000 group match between Holland-France will have to be it.
Dhiya, UK

After the very sterile, defensive play which characterised the 1992 and 1996 competitions,

Euro 2000 has been a joy to behold with Spain v Yugoslavia the jewel in the crown.

Chris Finlayson, England
Euro 2000 has been an absolute joy to behold, with the Spain v Yugoslavia match being the jewel in the crown. Now that some of the tournament's less exciting teams, like England and Germany, are gone, there's a great hope that the fun can continue.
Chris Finlayson, England

The greatest game ever has to be France v Portugal in '84. John Motson's reaction when Platini scored in the last minute to make it 3-2 will be etched in the memory of every football fan!
Ahmed, Pakistan

The greatest game ever in the European Championships? Come on that's easy, England v Germany last Saturday. About time too.
Matt Francis, England

In my opinion, the best European Championship game ever the 1988 semi-final between Holland and Germany. It had everything including a last minute winner by one of the greatest strikers ever - Marco van Basten. It had excitement, hate, love, good football and 15,000 screaming Dutch fans.
Marcel, Holland

England¿s 4-1 destruction of Holland in Euro '96 will always take some beating. Was it only four years ago? Ah....those golden days of Venables!
Trev, UK

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