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The BBC's MOTD@Euro 2000
Your questions answered on 24 June
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The BBC's MOTD@Euro 2000
Your questions answered from June 28
 real 28k

Thursday, 22 June, 2000, 06:43 GMT 07:43 UK
Ask the experts

Throughout the tournament BBC Sport Online is offering you the chance to quiz the experts at Euro2000.

Click here for the latest answers.

MOTD@Euro2000 is the highlights programme on BBC One presented by Ray Stubbs.

The team of experts includes established BBC names such as Alan Hansen and Trevor Brooking, as well as special guests such as David O'Leary, Dion Dublin, Martin O'Neill and Johan Cruyff.

You can pose your question here - even during the programme - and then see if the experts give you an answer.

So, for lively post-match debate, send us your questions and comments.

E-mails from the programme on Wednesday 28 June were answered by Mick McCarthy and Garth Crooks.

Q: How do the panel rate this French side compared to the great teams of the past such as Brazil in 1970?
David, Gloucester

Garth: I was fascinated by this. Brazil 1970; Jairzinho, Pele, Gerson, Rivelino, and Tostao. Where do you put Zidane in all of that? Out of the French side today, you'd probably have Desailly or Thuram - because Brazil didn't have very good full-backs or centre-halves.

Ray: Crooksy, you don't put them in, because they're French and this side is Brazilian.

Garth: That's unfair, very unfair.

Ray: What about this French team Mick?

Mick: Fabulous team, aren't they? They are a smashing side.

Ray: But can we start to talk about them in that sort of language?

Mick: To compare them with that? I don't know, Brazil were something else. But I think you can only be a team in this tournament, and they're as good as anybody in this tournament. When you compare people, we've discussed this before, you can be a team of your time or a player of your time.

Ray: You can only be a man of your time can't you. That's all you can do.

Q: Isn't it time Zidane was placed alongside the likes of Pele, Eusebio, or Best as one of the greatest ever players?
Colin, Stevenage

Garth: I think that at the moment he probably is thought of those terms by a good number of people.

Mick: I would say so. But look at the start of the show - we had another number 10 who had the French shirt on: Platini. You could argue for him in that class too. I think if you're mentioning Zidane you've got to mention Platini as well. You can go on and on. But he is, as we said, a player of his time, a man of his time. He is a magnificent player in this tournament. A pleasure to watch.

Garth: For me it goes Pele, Maradona, Cruyff and then it's the rest. But he is a great player, no doubt about that.

Q: Has watching the Dutch and the Portuguese given Mick some sleepless nights as Ireland have to play them both in the World Cup qualifiers?
Colm, Cork

Mick: Yes and no, because I managed to have enough beers to help me sleep while I've been worrying about it. But they've been fantastic. They've given me a lot of pleasure watching them actually. But also they've given me a few headaches as well.

E-mails from the programme on Saturday 24 June were answered by Dion Dublin and Mark Lawrenson.

Robert Skyner e-mailed in to suggest his BBC Select XI:

1. John Motson (goalkeeeper)
2. David O'Leary (right back)
3. Stuart Pearce (left back)
4. Alan Hansen (centre defence)
5. Mark Lawrenson (centre defence)
6. Johan Cruyff (centre midfield)
7. Barry Davies (right midfield)
8. Martin O'Neill (centre midfield)
9. Gary Lineker (centre forward)
10. Dion Dublin (centre forward)
11. Ray Stubbs (left midfield)

Robert Skyner justifies his selection by claiming that in true parks' fashion the least talented player goes in goal. He decided that had to be Motty, as with all the time he spends reading record books he can't be very good at keepy uppies.

Ray: Well, I'm delighted to get in that team, but notice that Mark Bright and Garth Crooks are not in the side Lawro.

Mark: Well, you know why you're in the team don't you? Wide left, by the way. The other thing with that team is can you imagine Cruyff passing to Lineker? I don't think so .

Ray: Can you imagine Johan Cruyff and Barry Davies alongside each other, and Barry telling Johan; "Just give it to me early. I'm telling you give it to me early."

Dion: [mimicking Davies] "What you doing? Why did you do that?"

Ray: You happy to be in that team?

Dion: I'm more than happy to be in that team.

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