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Sunday, 11 June, 2000, 22:56 GMT 23:56 UK
Can Holland improve and win Euro 2000?

Many experts tipped Euro 2000 co-hosts Holland to win the tournament - but they turned in a less than convincing performance in scraping a 1-0 win over the Czech Republic.

The Czechs hit the woodwork twice and were only beaten by a disputed late penalty from Frank De Boer.

And following Sunday's matches, France took over at 3-1 as favourites to win Euro 2000.

So will Frank Rijkaard's side improve as the tournament progresses or are their early jitters indicative of more shaky displays to come?

Remember Holland have only won four of the 16 games they have played under Rijkaard and the coach himself admits there is still a lot of work to do with his squad.

So have Holland's chances been over-hyped, especially with France still to face in their group?

Or do you think that they will go from strength to strength after getting their worst performance out of the way early on?

Email us now to tell us your opinion.

Can Holland improve and win Euro 2000?

Holland has without any doubt the best selection of players in the world right now. As a team they are able to play dream football, football far superior than any other team is capable of playing, be it France, Brazil, England or Argentina ... but not with the current coach. We need Cruyff or Van Gaal.
Koos, Holland

I think they can but they have to improve their mentality in the field. They are now playing as if they already have the trophy.
Leonardo, Holland


Holland have a good chance of winning it. They proved it by thrashing the Danes 3-0
Abraham Eseku, U.S.A.

We can be positive about the performance of the Dutch in the opening match even though there's room for improvement. If I may quote Johan Cruyff, "if you're team scores one goal more than the other team you win the game". The Czechs failed to take the lead in the second half. So you can say they played a poor game offensively. Goals, that's the only thing that counts. Attractive football is nice, but winning is even better.
Jeroen Huisman, Netherlands

After seeing the game against the Danes I must conclude: They can improve and win the tournament. Rijkaard has focused the team to one goal and that's to get to the final.
Olivier Langendijk, The Netherlands

Holland's performance against the Czechs was extremely poor. The stylish and attractive football we saw in France wasn't there. Their defence will always be a little suspect as they play an attacking game. However, if they start passing as opposed to just long ball play, they'll win because no other team has the quality they have. They can only get better now. That's why Germany have been so successful. Holland were great in France but they didn't win.
Imran, England

Holland were very lucky to get the three points against Czech Republic but lady luck has ran out for them so they will have to rely on their football skill and they will be lucky to reach the semi-finals.
Rico, France

Holland are no where near as good as France, but they are still very talented

Kayleigh Kinney, England
Holland are no where near as good as France, but they are still very talented and home advantage could play a big part in this tournament. Their performance wasn't the best against the Czech Republic but they are one of the world's best teams so they did well to get a result!
Kayleigh Kinney, England

"Lucky" is the best word to describe the win over the Czech Republic, one could say it's "better to be lucky than to be good". We saw a match where the Czechs were hitting the post and the top bar but they were not going in. In the 1978 World Cup Final between Holland and Argentina the ball hit the post in the 90th minute. If that ball had gone in then Holland would be winners but instead after overtime they lost 3-1. In 1978 Holland's squad were talented but unlucky. In order to be champions you need to have luck.
Tam, USA

If they play as in the last World Cup nobody will stop them, but playing at home may affect them.

Honwana, Mozambique
Holland's performance against the Czech Republic was indeed very bad. However, starting bad doesn't mean we've lost the tournament. Looking back at the past twelve years, the Dutch can still be hopeful. In 1988, when we became European Champions, Holland lost 0-1 in the opening game against Russia. Clearly there's a lot of work to do for Rijkaard, but never underestimate the Dutch.
Arjen van der Horst, Holland

Remember that the Dutch played against a very strong team. They had a pressure because of their home crowd, too. Teams like the Dutch and French improve as the championship progresses. They hardly had any team spirit but they do have 3 points with key games still ahead. The ability to add up as the tournament proceeds will be the determining factor as to whether Dutch will achieve anything.
Sigitas Groblys, Lithuania

Just as we all suspected, the Dutch were totally over hyped. The media in the UK, particularly on television, have a tendency to "talk up" a lot of European sides. Holland could not break the Czechs down defensively, and were diabolical in trying to contain the marauding Czech side in the second half. On this evidence, they will go out very soon.
Kirk, Northern Ireland

I am convinced Holland can make it to the finals, notwithstanding their poor start. Opening matches for host countries are always a problem as the expectations of the home crowd is almost always too high as the team normally plays under intense pressure. They will surely improve their performances as the tournament progresses.
Abdulai Charm, Sierra Leone.

The 'Orange Lions' always seem to run into the same old mistakes. Each defender seems to make one major error per match. There are always some players easily provoked into seeing a red card. And last but not least, they seem unable to cope with the pressure of shoot outs. I don't think Frank Rijkaard is strong enough to build a strong team that can collectively prevent these mistakes.
Gies Bouwman, USA

The Dutch are a good team. As the tournament progresses they will improve. Great teams always save the best for the end and the Dutch will win Euro 2000.

Khurram, Canada

Holland are favourites to win the tournament, but their first performance left a lot to be desired. They should be given a chance to prove themselves, but they should play each match as if it was the Final. They have the talent and the skills, but need to lose their laid back attitude, play as a team and ignite some passion and drive into their game.
Narinder, England

The Dutch are grossly overrated. They went through the first game sleepwalking and neither they nor their manager seemed to have any idea of what to do. Most of the team are no more than decent players, and they lack that cutting edge. Forget home advantage, the Dutch won't win the whole tournament.
Richard Woolley, UK

It is obvious that the pressure was on the Dutch side, and they had a good start. Remember that the Czechs had not one chance in the first half, and if Holland had scored in the first half we would have seen a different game. Another point to notice is that this is the first loss for the Czechs in two years. We have to look at the next two games before we can judge the Dutch team.
J. Molenaar, Holland

Remember 1988 ? The Dutch team lost its first match against the USSR and we all know what happened after that. We were very fortunate to get three points and played badly but from now on things can only go better for the Dutch. If Rijkaard recognises that changes have to be made in the team then I think we can make it to the final.
Tjitze van Dijk, Netherlands

Holland had a very bad preparation for this tournament and it was crucial for them to survive the

Usually the team who plays the best football doesn't win the championship. Let's hope that is true this time as well.

Richard Mijnheer, Curacao, Netherland Antilles
tough opener against the Czechs and with one more win out of two games they will be through the group. They have without a doubt the most talented group of players and when in form can beat anyone in the world. They will get through their group and, when they find the right shape, with the whole orange army behind them they are still my favourites to win.
Bart Haverkorn, England

Holland appear, not for the first time, to fail to look like a 'team'. The side looks incohesive and the attitude of many superstars is questionable. When the going gets tough the Dutch lack fight and togetherness and a quality team will expose their weak defence.
Sean Taylor, Scotland

The Dutch are a very good side and this time we won't mess it up since this time round there is no internal division in the team. We won't stop ourselves this time and it's up to other teams to do it.
Hans de Jong, The Netherlands

Frank Rijkaard is not experienced enough to coach a national team.
Maarten Vandenbosch, Belgium

Holland lost the opener against Russia in '88 when they won the whole tournament. It's all about momentum, and the Dutch team has the potential to still catch fire.
Rudy Hulsman, Canada

Being a Dutchman living in England I think I can take a more objective view of the Dutch side. They have a lot of impressive players, but they lack a good defence. Jaap Stam was injured in the match against the Czech Republic, so it looks even worse for them. I don't think they will have too many problems getting through their group - Denmark should be an easy win - but after that they will probably have to play Spain, which could prove too much for them.
Jon Bruins, England

They are more likely to win it than ever!

Steve Buttercase, England
Let's get real! Start badly and still win? I hope England do that! This was Holland's first competitive game for a while and it showed. The Czechs were awesome but they lost - that is tournament football. Holland will have plenty to work on and now the pressure has eased. They are more likely to win it than ever!
Steve Buttercase, UK

After their performance in their first match I hugely doubt they will reach the semi-finals. They hardly existed in the second half and won only through pure luck. I do not think this is a way to win the championship. In their style of play I didn't see anything that showed they are able to win title. They are over-hyped, definitely.
Milan Zacek, Czech Republic

After watching the game against the Czech Republic there is no doubt that Holland are beatable. They are without doubt a group of extremely talented individuals, but are they a team? It will be interesting to see how they cope if they go behind.
Gary Manning, England

The cry baby attitude which has failed them so often in the past once again seems alive and well

Nick Dorrel, USA
I was yet again disappointed with the team spirit of Holland. The cry baby attitude which has failed them so often in the past once again seems alive and well in the likes of Kluivert and Bergkamp. Whining at the referee and sulking when the ball is not played to their toe does not bode well for their tournament chances. Sunday's game was won fairly (the referee was excellent) but won by the skin of their teeth, one can only feel sorry for the gallant Czechs.
Nick Dorrel, USA

I do not believe that Holland are good enough as a team to win Euro 2000. They appear to be lacking in spirit and direction. After watching them luckily beat a mentally superior Czech side I fear for them against the likes of France, Spain, Germany and England.
Gordo, Czech Republic

Teams who host or partly host a big tournament have and will always be hyped up to win the tournament, i.e. France, who weren't a strong side before 1998 showed the form to win. Holland may not even have to play well to win but the orange army that follows them will give them the edge they need
Stephen Hawgood, England

Holland certainly have a defensive flaw which was exposed to the max in the 5-5 draw with Belgium. Only Jaap Stam holds them together but he can't be everywhere at once.
Ayman Fazeli, England

Holland are as much at risk as any of the other leading teams

Marcus Darnell, UK
If predictions have to be made then it is hard to back against the title winning potential of the Dutch squad, with France the other leading favourites. However as always, tournaments are won and lost on 'single winner takes all' matches, if Holland are held to a draw, which there recent record indicates is more than likely, then penalties and extra time result in a lottery situation. Their defence could be an area of concern and when most matches are so tight that results will be achieved by one goal margins, Holland are as much at risk as any of the other leading teams. Were France the best team in the last World Cup over the whole tournament?
Marcus Darnell, UK

Holland are only favourites because they have home advantage and most of their players play at big clubs but underachieve. They don't have players such as Van Basten, Gullit and Cruyff. Also I think including Van Vossen in their squad instead of Hasselbaink is a huge mistake.
Philip Ryan, Belgium

Experience from the last three Euro tournaments, 1988 in Germany, 1992 in Sweden and 1996 in England clearly show that hosting the tournament and having so-called home advantage really makes no difference at all.
Robert Okai, Holland

Home advantage is a huge inspiration. However, although they are far from being a spent force, the obvious favourites surely must be Spain, with in my opinion France a close second. Holland didn't impress too much against Romania, but deserved to win.
Nadia Rooney, England

Home advantage is a huge inspiration

Nadia Rooney, England
They cannot deal with a home-crowd pressuring them. It will come down to the professionalism of the players on how well we'll do this time. Will they win Euro 2000? Not a chance. Good and entertaining football, but we never win anything, except that one time in Germany, which I still regard as a gift, as the Russians were nowhere to be seen. If we had met Germany in the final, we would have lost that one for sure.
Arno, Holland

As usual, Holland have great offensive power. The problem is their defence, which is quite vulnerable. For example, Frank de Boer and Jaap Stam are world class players, but are also capable of making that one error that proves to be fatal against sides that go for counter-attacks. If Holland can refrain from such mistakes, then they will be a tough side to beat.
G Brouns, Holland

As usual, Holland have great offensive power. The problem is their defence, which is quite vulnerable

G Brouns, Holland
Holland can be beaten. Anyone remember Euro '96? It's almost the same team for the Dutch, they will not lift the cup.
Richard Wieczorek, England

You need a map to go around Jaap Stam and with Edgar 'the pitbull' Davids, Dennis 'God' Bergkamp, the Dutch have the best players, have the home advantage and are a team. They are the biggest favourites.
BB, Holland

The Dutch team are definitely looking great, at least on paper. With Davids and Seedorf powering the midfield pistons and Bergkamp and Kluivert spearheading the attack, the Dutch are definitely a team to watch this coming summer. They are hungrier than ever and would love to capture a major title. However, they have a rather ugly reputation for being an underachiever in world soccer. One thing is for sure, Holland will definitely want to go out of the tournament on a high note, especially playing in front of their own fans.
Steve, Malaysia

The Dutch have home advantage and that will help them greatly but it can only do so much. Holland have world class players in Seedorf and Davids but apart from those two they are lacking ideas. Going into the tournament after drawing with Scotland will have done their confidence no favours. They will reach the semi-finals if they are lucky.
Cailean MacDomnhall, Alba

Playing at home can have its advantages in major tournaments and this will probably be the most telling factor if Holland are to succeed. I don't believe that their results over the past year and a half should be taken too seriously. I feel that there are other teams that are more than capable of winning the tournament; England, Spain, France and never discount the Germans!
Mark, England

The key to winning a tournament of this kind is depth. I expect Davids to pick up at least two yellows and so he will miss at least one match. This is where Holland's talent on the bench comes in. With so many talented players to choose from they have more than enough bullets in their gun. If the Dutch can get past Spain, I think they can win the whole thing.
Ariel Arnau, Puerto Rico

The pressure will be too much for the Dutch and they will fold

Jesper, Sweden

Holland have always been a tournament team. All too often they only barely qualify for a World or European Championship, only to then succeed well beyond expectation. Having said that and knowing that the expectation is there beforehand this time, I'll be surprised if they get beyond the first round. If they do get through, they will win the Championship.
Michael J. Drost, Netherlands

When in form the Dutch squad will beat anyone, but they rarely are. They have more than enough brilliant players but no commitment, with the exception of Davids. If all Dutch players had his mentality, the Dutch would have won all tournaments since 1988.
Goof, Belgium

The keyword is 'attitude'. The Dutch team has enough talented and experienced players to do the job but do they have the right fighting spirit?
Victoria Schaefer, The Netherlands

I'll be surprised if they get beyond the first round

Michael J. Drost, Netherlands

Beware, Bergkamp is in absolute top form. I've seen him play and train the last couple of weeks and he's as hungry as in his early Arsenal years.
Pete, Belgium

They could win anywhere with their skill but add the home advantage and it's a foregone conclusion.
Thembelani, Zimbabwe

In France '98, the Dutch squad played some great matches. Key players of the squad were full of talent but lacked experience. Now the Dutch young guns are much more competent than two years ago. Rijkaard will be the first guy who wins tournaments as both a coach and a player.
Sohn Young-jin, South Korea Republic

They could win anywhere with their skill but add the home advantage and it's a foregone conclusion

Thembelani, Zimbabwe

We all must acknowledge that Holland has the best, most skilled players at Euro 2000. The question is can they do it? Frank's number one problem is how to nurse those very big egos of the Dutch team and make a group of prima donnas believe that winning the European Championship is the best thing for them right now. The Dutch play exceptional soccer but they act like a group of mercenaries who are not concerned with what's good for the team but with what's good for themselves as individuals. If Frank can pull them together for just this period Holland will win comfortably!!
Barnabas Mlambo, Zimbabwe

I was recently in Amsterdam and saw the friendly between Holland and Romania. Although the Dutch won this game I did not see anything in their game that would scare others. In fact, after the Romanians got their goal the Dutch were never in the game. The only major advantage is that they are playing at home, but if teams can get at the Dutch there is always the case that they will capitulate. It was clearly demonstrated that the referees are going to take some stick for decisions they make and this is another worry that may favour the Dutch. I would not count them out but if they do not receive any dubious decisions I do not see them as a serious threat.
Kevin Lyons, United Kingdom

They will be a force to be reckoned with this summer

Simon Cleaver, UK
Under achievers, with high potential. Good strong talented individuals that haven't quite gelled yet. They will be a force to be reckoned with this summer especially if Dennis Bergkamp - the artist and Edgar Davids - the engine take off!!
Simon Cleaver, UK

I think that Holland have the mental strength as well as the depth in quality to go all the way.
Chulent Kiegel, England

The Dutch have too many world class players to be overrated. However, they do not warrant the attention they have been given. True, they are one of the three teams that will win Euro 2000, along with France and Spain, but are no better than either of these.
Simon, Ireland

The Dutch have too many world class players to be overrated

Simon, Ireland
I think the Dutch have the best team in the tournament. They have individual players but their real strength lies in their collective way of playing. Although they haven't played a lot of matches compared to the other teams, their new generation of quality players and their hunger for success in recent times will surely give them the trophy plus the added home advantage.
Ousman Jarjusey, Gambia

On paper Holland are a very strong side and with the advantage of playing at home you would expect them to do very well. Although with that much talent can they play as a team and can they handle the pressure of being the host nation?
Matthew Reynolds, England

On paper they are the best team in the tournament, but there is a lot of pressure on them

Sam Simpson, England
Holland certainly have the individual skills needed, but football is really about getting the blend right, the mix of individuals and the collective. Then there is the will, the bottle and a bit of luck. Holland often lack one of these, usually luck! For football's sake I hope they make it, as no team has played more pure and entertaining football over the past 26 years. But ... whoever wins, let it be through quality and creativity, and not through stubborn defence and chance.
Martin D, England

The Dutch have always played a beautiful soccer game. In terms of winning one though, you cannot rely on them. But I'm hoping this time with Rijkaard around they win the tournament.
Sina Balalami, USA

It is hard not to over-hype a team with so many world-class performers. On paper they are the best team in the tournament, but there is a lot of pressure on them, and they are infamous for not perhaps being the most united group of players. However, home advantage counts for a lot, and I cannot see them getting beaten.
Sam Simpson, England

Holland should be hungry for victory after losing in penalties to an outclassed Brazilian side in France 98

Val, Canada
Holland should be hungry for victory after losing in penalties to an outclassed Brazilian side in France 98. If that's not enough, they have the likes of Neeskens and Rijkaard to remind them of what it feels like after having played for similarly talented Dutch national teams and not completely reaching their potential.
Val, Canada

Yes, they have definitely been over hyped. The team hasn't been able to make any impression what so ever for over a year and a half. Rijkaard is a nice guy, but he hasn't got the tactical skills as a coach to perform well at this level. How could you leave Hasselbaink out, the only opportunistic goalscorer Holland currently has? Also the defence is a mess. Stam is grossly over-rated, De Boer is slow and we do not have a left wing back. I don't even think we will qualify for the second round.
Roger Janssen, Holland

I think that Holland are over-rated. Overmars is much slower now, Bergkamp is old and has had a bad season in England. Seedorf and Davids are the only stars in the team. I cannot see them getting past the semi-finals.
Pauls Calitis, Latvia

Rijkaard is a nice guy, but he hasn't got the tactical skills as a coach to perform well at this level

Roger Janssen, Holland
The Dutch are going to struggle if they are capable of letting in five goals against Belgium. That result was part of a terrible run of form that is set to continue. It's foolish to hype a team that fails to fulfil its potential.
Hugh Gough, England

Holland are the true masters of entertaining football. Having players such as Bergkamp, Overmars and Davids, to mention a few, gives the team experience and class. Having supported Holland all my life I am slightly scared that the hype may just be too much. Remember Holland v. Denmark in 1992?
Daljit Chahal, Canada

The Dutch are definitely the team to beat. With Davids running the midfield who can stop them? Up front they look a bit suspect, with Bergkamp now playing on the strength of his reputation and not much else. Other than that, they should win Euro 2000
Brian Mushonga,

I am slightly scared that the hype may just be too much - remember Holland v. Denmark in 1992?

Daljit Chahal, Canada
Holland are arguably one of the best teams in the world. The problem is that there are other teams that can beat them. England did it in '96, Brazil in '98! It all depends on who is playing the better football on the day. I'm still betting on them winning Euro 2000 but there are other teams in the Championships that are very capable of beating the Dutch
Stewart, England

Holland always give a good performance and this time around they are on home turf, it worked well for France in the World Cup, and I think Holland are due a win.
Carole Orpe, USA

Holland are one of only three nations that appear to be good enough to win Euro 2000, the other two being France and Spain. However, they are obvious favourites because of the sheer versatility and class of their entire squad. The Dutch have no weak links, and after his performance on Sunday, even Van Vossen's inclusion over Hasselbaink would appear to be justified. The only problem they appear to have is just who would make up their first eleven from a top-class squad of 22.
Alex Box, Britain

You only have to look at the Dutch team and conclude that all the players come from the top teams in Europe; Manchester United, Barcelona, Juventus, Inter, Arsenal, Rangers and last but not least Feyenoord in Rotterdam. Say no more and come to Holland to celebrate with us on July 2 when we regain the European title.
Quintus van den Bos, Netherlands

The only problem they appear to have is just who would make up their first eleven from a top-class squad of 22

Alex Box, Britain
The Dutch have a talented squad which shows, as they can afford to leave out players like Hasselbaink. but one thing with the Dutch is sometimes they try to play too much football. It's pretty to watch, but with the pace of Overmars, Bergkamp, Kluivert and others you wonder if they should adopt a more direct approach. I think they will go far but I can't see them going all the way.
Aaron Paxford, England

The Dutch team has skilful players and home advantage, but that alone is not a passport to success. I think Spain have all the qualities needed to win the tourney.
G.S.M , Canada

It is good to acknowledge that so many people have confidence about the Dutch team, especially when you, just like me, are on the other side of the world. Yet, in every big tournament, I always try to hold my breath, as I know that during these kind of events, the Dutch team is always faced with internal problems. That was the case during the World Cup in '74, '78 and '90, and most of the people should be able to recall the David's affair during Euro 96. This time, it seems that Rijkaard has everything under control. But Dutch players are unpredictable and loud. You just never know.
Kwok Sing Sit, Holland, currently living in Taiwan

I think potentially the Dutch have the best team in the championships. However, their lack of competitive matches recently puts them at a real disadvantage in what is by far the toughest of the four groups. If they can emerge from this group and avoid Spain, then they have a real chance of winning. My gut feeling though, is that they will perish at the first hurdle and disappoint yet again. I think that 3 of the best 6 teams are in this group and they could go tumbling very quickly indeed. Czech Republic ranked number 2 in the world, and France, as reigning World champions, will upset the party.
Yabu Lurie, England

During these kind of events, the Dutch team is always faced with internal problems

Kwok Sing Sit, Taiwan
Well, they certainly have the best team since the '74 and '88 sides. To win it they must be a bit more aggressive than usual, with the whole team as committed as Edgar Davids. The players are focused and have the experience of France '98. I foresee a final between Spain and Netherlands, if the fixture allows it.
Richard Cavenecia, USA

Holland are going to have a hard time getting into the quarter finals. They have a hard time in the warm up matches and the defence is suspect. If they do qualify form the group stage, they will win it.
Bart Voswinkel, Canada

Indeed Holland are a good side but there team relies mostly on the individual skills of players like Davids. They will do well but won't win the competition. I class Davids as slightly overrated following the amazing skills shown in a particular sports advert.
Stephen, England

If the Dutch really want to win the tournament, they probably will. Holland is the only team I've seen which is capable of coming back from difficult situations. Their players have great skills and lots of experience at the highest level. Yet the team is vulnerable, as Belgium (amongst others) proved in two friendlies. We scored seven goals against them in two matches. Holland has got the ability, and now they will prove the bookmakers right. They will have more trouble in the first round than afterwards.
Joachim, Belgium

The team is vulnerable, as Belgium (amongst others) proved in two friendlies

Joachim, Belgium
I do believe that Holland can win the tournament. I don't believe that this squad has anymore quality or potential than the ones of '90, '92, '94, '96 or '98. Those were all teams that could have won something, on the basis of their class and style. As has been mentioned time and again, also in Sportstalk, the problem of Holland is the attitude. In 1990 we had a clash between some influential players and the coach. In 1996 we had the clash between groups within the squad. And so on. Those examples show that Holland was not focused on the respective tournament, but on other details. This time, as in 1998, when Brazil were lucky to win, Holland is focused on winning it. Primarily for two reasons. First of all, they've realised they have spoiled it too often for themselves. Secondly, players like Bergkamp and the De Boers have really focused the group on success, because this one will be the last chance for them!
Sander Huisman, The Netherlands

Holland always play well under pressure. The last 15 matches were friendlies, so it is difficult to judge on those performances. But if you look at the last six months, they have had some good results, in fact better results than most other teams with wins over Germany, Romania and Poland. I think the expectations are justified.
J. Molenaar, Holland

With wins over Germany, Romania and Poland, the expectations are justified

J.Molenaar, Holland

I think undoubtedly that Holland are the favourites. But if Kevin Keegan chooses his perfect eleven, they will be a tough side to beat
Mark Wallis, England

On paper the selected team should reach the final and win the cup, but I am a bit apprehensive of the goal scoring ability of Patrick Kluivert. Also if the coach can use an all out attacking midfield, there should be positive results.
Kwame Ben-Carew, Sierra Leone.

Holland have the skill, without a doubt , yet I'm not sure they have got that killer instinct they need to fend off such strong opposition. However, they are playing at home, so if the crowd get behind them and things start to gel properly then who knows what will happen.
Liam, Holland

If the crowd get behind them, who knows what will happen?

Liam, Holland

Personally, I think that the Dutch are justified in hyping up their team for tournament success, possibly even over-hyping their chances. A bit of positive attitude never did a team any harm. You've just got to look at the quality of the players and the clubs they play for to realise that on paper alone, with the exception of maybe the Spanish team, they have the best chance. Add this to the long standing tradition of technical excellence and home advantage and you can't see another team winning it. 3-1 looks like good odds to me! If we all get behind England, you never know, we might meet them in the final!
Jason Nolan, UK

What worries me is the Dutch capacity for over confidence, but I am reminded that they were involved in the two best games at France '98; the breathtakingly executed Bergkamp goal against Argentina and the exciting shoot-out against Brazil, where more composed finishing from Kluivert would have made a Dutch v. French final. The potential is huge. This squad is composed of more world class players than the Cruyff-inspired or Gullit-Rijkaard-Van Basten inspired players, I just hope we see that potential fulfilled.
Mark Murphy, Ireland

What worries me is the Dutch capacity for over confidence

Mark Murphy, Ireland

I am Dutch and I know that the Dutch team cannot win under pressure. Look at their history. They don't have the killer instinct. Only Davids has it, but risks one or two red cards in the tournament. In defence they are weak. Sam is too heavy and Frank de Boer is too slow old. So it all depends on Kluivert, Davids, Overmars and Bergkamp, but Dennis definitely doesn't have the killer instinct. So Spain and France are the favourites. Holland are too arrogant.
Guus van Holland , Netherlands

Holland will be tough to beat on their home turf. Especially with Edgar Davids running around like a mad pit bull.
Joshua Levine, US

I do not think the chances of the Dutch are mere hype. This team has a bunch of experienced players who are still young and hungry for success. The only other team that can compare to the Dutch is France which makes me predict a Holland-France final which should see Holland crowned European Champions. In defence, Frank de Boer and Jaap Stam have a commanding presence. Davids, Seedorf and Overmars constitute a very rich midfield and Kluivert has been knocking in goals game in game out. And let's not forget that they boast one of the best goalies in the world: Edwin van der Saar. If such an all-round team does not scare the living daylights out of their opponents at Euro 2000, I wonder what will. So, it's going to be Dutch all the way.
Abu, Canada

If such an all-round team does not scare the living daylights out of their opponents at Euro 2000, I wonder what will

Abu, Canada

Holland have skilful and classy players, but that does not always win tournaments. However, look at the past records - both World Cup and Euro Nations Championships: the home teams usually do very well. So with this history and the quality of the squad, people must realise that Holland are the hot favourites to win the Championship!
Ludo K, England

Quite possible. You see, our problem is always the same. We play the most beautiful football in the world bar the Brazilians, but we have one major flaw: once we're ahead, we become complacent and lean back, waiting for things to happen. Which, inevitably, they do. Mostly, to our great dismay and "flabbergastedness". If anything would, then this is going to do us in once more. But, barring that, I do feel we have the strongest quad we have had in years, and yes, I would cry for joy if we won.
Michiel F.E. van Reenen, The Netherlands

We have one major flaw: once we're ahead, we become complacent and lean back, waiting for things to happen

Michiel F.E. van Reenen, The Netherlands
I saw the warm-up game Holland v. Poland yesterday, and I must say they do look good, but they have lots of areas of weakness to exploit, as the Belgians have proved in two recent encounters. The message should be don't give them the chance and "Aanvalluh" (attack!) them first.
Guy Avance, Holland

They're good enough to win it, but that's not saying they will. They'll certainly get through the first round in first place though, France got lucky in '98 and aren't as formidable as people think.
Olly Chadwick, England

I think Holland is the best country that ever played football, and they deserved to win the world cup in France and even Euro 96, but Holland will not win this year. The problem this time is the coach, Frank Rijkaard is going to take Holland out of Euro 2000. If someone like Johan Neeskens was the coach, it would have been different story, but as usual Holland, with the best collection of players and quality of soccer, are not going to win and everybody who loves attractive smart football is going to cry again because Holland will have lost t and let another team who doesn't deserve it to win these kind of tournament.
Bashar Fararj, Sweden

The problem this time is the coach, Frank Rijkaard is going to take Holland out of Euro 2000

Bashar Fararj, Sweden
Well I'm a Dutch guy myself and I think Holland is going to make it. They work very hard in training and the atmosphere good. Rijkaard is a good coach, he knows what to do. And of course we've got the players.
Dirk Postma, Holland

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