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Tuesday, 30 May, 2000, 14:03 GMT 15:03 UK
Are England looking good?

England's draw with Brazil at Wembley brought renewed optimism back to the camp - but do they seem in good shape for Euro 2000?

Michael Owen looked sharp again and his goal has ended all uncertainty over his place in the squad, though England may not have answered all the questions at Wembley.

Does their inability to beat the world's top sides indicate that they are still not genuine contenders to win Euro 2000... or does the Brazil game prove they can compete with the best on equal terms?

Will the result raise too many expectations or has Kevin Keegan now convinced you that he knows exactly what he's doing going into his first major finals as a manager?

This is your chance to get your views on England seen all around the world.

Are England ready for Euro 2000?


England needs a team with flair and passion. Looking at the 22 Keegan is likely to select, there is no doubt that England have a deficiency when it comes to technical ability. Like it or not, this is where tournaments are won and lost, never mind the passion. As an outsider I have to say that West Ham's Rio Ferdinand should have been given his chance a very long time ago, as he is the most technically gifted and fluent player in the squad, never mind the defence. Tony Adams cannot be relied upon to shore up the defence as he is no too old and slow and will almost certainly pick up an injury during the course of the tournament. That is why Keegan cannot afford to leave Ferdinand out.Iif England don't want him, then France will have him.
Nicolas Cockayne, France

I was at the match and in the first half I saw a team capable of winning Euro 2000 and then the World Cup. Just keep it up boys and beat Germany 3-0!
Joe Mulhall, England

Practice the penalty kicks and maybe!
Kevin, USA

Too much attention has been given to the Brazil goal. There was nobody marking the goalscorer with the defence giving away a free header. Plus Seaman would have had to dive across Owen who was on the line. Martyn is the only goalkeeper close to Seaman, and should be given his chance soon. But right or wrong Seaman has the experience at international level and should keep going until he does a "Shilton" - only then will it be time to retire from international duties.
Matt Scott, England

Dennis Wise must play in midfield, since he can provide the distribution and creativity that the skills England's forwards need while also protecting the back four. Seaman must go, what more does Nigel Martyn have to do?
Matthew Bennett, Cardiff, UK

Compared to Brazil's fluid passes, England looked uncomfortable except for Shearer's and Owen's occasional brilliance. England need to work real hard and fast to be able to claim themselves as favourites.
Priteela, Mauritius

England played very well in the first half with the midfield linking well with the attack. The ploy of using both Wise and Ince in the midfield (with Wise more of a left sided midfielder) worked. Cafu didn't have a free reign on his side. The one thing I liked in the first half was the link play between Scholes, Shearer, and Owen. It showed especially when Scholes backflicked the ball through to Shearer to have a crack, it entirely wrongfooted the Brazilian defence. The performance on the whole was acceptable, and really good for the first 45 minutes, but it needed to be at that tempo for the entire game. I can't see why we cannot play like this for Euro 2000, it was good simple touch football created with players moving into open spaces. England definitely have a chance if they play like they did against Brazil.
Malcolm, USA

We are kidding ourselfs if we believe we can go on to win Euro 2000 on the back of that 'performance!' against Brazil. Brazil were no where near their best on Saturday although we saw glimpses of that samba magic now and again. Those glorious flicks and crisp, concise passing. England did not have a clue or any ideas. They were ineffective in midfield, the defence was all over the place. Only Michael Owen and Alan Shearer showed pride to wear the 'Three Lions', although, barring Owen's goal, they were rather ineffective, there was no cutting edge.
Kev, England

For England to succeed Keegan should play the 4-4-2 system if only for Beckham's sake. His crosses could prove vital to England's success. He doesn't operate well as a wingback and he needs Neville behind him. You could also get the best out of McManaman on the left side of a 4-4-2. Macca could roam while Wise or Phillip Neville cover him. Compared to Holland, Spain, France and Italy, individualy, we are every bit as good as them. Ultimately though we will need luck on our side to win. COME ON BOYS!!!
Alex Perry, England

The absence of Parlour and Redknapp is very disappointing. They are both good players and neither played in the World Cup in France. Scholes, Owen, Beckham, Campbell and MacManaman are all great players who would probably be picked for any team in the world. If England play well, they can challenge any other team in Europe.
Matthew, England

England go to Euro 2000 with one of the strongest squads. If everyone stays fit and we play like we did for 45 minutes against Brazil we will do well. But at least seven teams have a realistic chance of winning it, we shouldn't expect anything and we need to support them like crazy!
Martin B, England

If we use a 4-4-2 with McManaman on the left-side drifting in I can see us getting to at least the semi's, but with a 5-3-2 I say Romania and Germany qualify from our group and we go home early.
Simon, UK

The England team has not undergone any major changes since the qualifying stage. Need we say more about winning the tournament?

Keith, Hong Kong

I think England have the class to make it into the quarter-finals where they should meet either Italy or Belgium. I cannot see these two posing much of a problem, so the semi-final will be make-or-break for England. If they can produce the goods against the stronger C and D group teams (Holland, France or Spain), then who knows? The recent friendly against Brazil certainly points at a capable England side, something I wouldn┐t have thought possible 12 months ago.
Dave Harwood, England

Kevin Keegan is NOT the man to bring us European glory. While he is a great man-motivator, I believe he is too tactically naive.
Phil, England

Having been at the Brazil game, I have renewed hope and optimism about England. We created lots of chances in the first-half, but the second-half turned into one of those lacklustre displays that England seem to turn in more often that not. However, the overall skill and work-rate was good and I believe we can carry it into Euro 2000.
Brendon Gilbert, UK

If England can find a left wing back then maybe they can do well, but if Keegan persists with the 4-4-2 system I don't think we have a chance. And the two Neville's are far from international class.
Ben Kelly, England

If England can keep their cool and focus then I fear for any team up against them. They have proved in the past that they can all pull together and get results when it matters. England all the way!!
Chris Bowles, England

England looked like the better side for large spells of the Brazil match, especially in the first half, but I was disappointed they didn't exert their authority long enough and appeared content to watch Brazil dictate terms in the second-half. I look forward to seeing the change that Macca and Fowler can bring against the Ukraine.
Evans Mukonka, Zambia

The English haven't won a major tournament for over 30 years and it would be wrong to assume they have the ability to do so at Euro 2000. Better to just enjoy the football and give Keegan credit for his attempts when the inevitable happens.
Paul, Thailand

The England team has not undergone any major changes since the qualifying stage. . .need we say more about winning the tournament?
Keith, Hong Kong

England can win it Euro 2000 - but only if Beckham stays fit and on the pitch. Without him, we are awful - predictable and would be lucky to beat most teams. For me the problem is that the defence is poor and too old. We all know that great teams are built up around great defences. We are far away from being a great team, but so are all the other contenders.
David Winson, England

England can win Euro 2000 - but only if Beckham stays fit and on the pitch

David Winson, England

I geniunely think we can do very well in Euro 2000, but perhaps actually winning it will be a little beyond us. Having said that, I believe we will finish top of our group because we are the best side in it. If our quality players like Owen, Beckham, Shearer and Campbell play to their best ability then we can match any one.
Jonathan Brighton, England

Preparation for Euro 2000 looked to be well on track after England's encouraging first half display against the mighty Brazilians. England played positive/attacking football and really should have won, judging by their first half performance. Sadly Beckham playing infield in the second half took him out of the game completely. And Surely Phillips and Fowler needed a bit longer than five minutes to impress Kevin Keegan. Let's hope they feature against the Ukraine!
Kirsty Clark, England

It was a good first half performance, but Keegan should give players a run-in, a specific role and stick to a specific formation. He knew that the left side was always going to be a problem and he should have made measures for it earlier by giving that position to someone permanently. Teams like Germany seem more settled and players know their role in the team.
Matt Loverock, UK

I am afraid England can't be considered to be among the favourites. They didn't perform well during the qualifications for Euro 2000, and frankly, only die- hard England fans will claim they played well yesterday. I consider them to be outsiders at best.
Eskild Bunes Olsen, Norway

Overall it was a good performance, with Owen the star man. We do stand a good chance of winning Euro 2000, but the balance in midfield could be our undoing. We need someone like Seth Johnson to play on the left, he should be given a chance at international level.
Martyn, England

I do not believe that England have just drawn against the best team in the world. We only have three world class players: Sol Campbell, Michael Owen and (sometimes) David Beckham. How many have Holland got? In a tournament players have good games and bad games. It's too much to rely on these three players alone.
Steven Mason, Thailand

England need to have a decent balance in midfield if they are to stand any chance of winning Euro 2000. They cannot afford to give McManaman a free role, because that would mean that England would have to play five in midfield and Beckham as a wing back where he is least effective. As long as Macca plays on the eft with Wise and Scholes in the middle and Beckham out wide on the right, then we may win.
Dave Small, England

Only Owen shows the skills England need

Kjell, Norway
Only Owen shows the skills England need. Keegan should change the goalkeeper. Seaman is too old!
Kjell, Norway

England have no problems DRAWING with top-class opposition, but do not possess the cutting edge to WIN these games. This is why so many of England's tournaments end in penalties. England will not win a major tournament until they find a player who is truly a match winner.
Emily, UK

Yes - together with Spain and Holland, England are the favourites
Emiel Broekman, Holland

England need to have a decent balance in midfield if they are to stand any chance

Dave Small, England
It was a good performance against the world number 1. But maybe if everyone got behind the team instead of critisising them, then they might perform better.
Rob, UK

England can win Euro 2000. There's no doubting their potential but Keegan needs to see that Seaman isn't performing as well. In the Carling Opta scoring scheme he was rated as the worst goalkeeper in the Premiership, he needs to choose the consistency of Nigel Martyn as his number one between the sticks to make sure England can win the championship.
Kieran Unsworth, England

If England perform like they did in the first half, except for the final minute, they will have a good chance of winning Euro 2000.
Alex Smit, Holland

If England perform like they did in the first half they will have a good chance of winning

Alex Smit, Holland
England ARE one of the best teams in the world, there's no doubt about it! We CAN compete with the best in the world and we have the skill and grit to win Euro 2000. Stop knocking them and get behind them! Watch Owen destroy Germany in the group stage!
Jon Stones, England

England did well against Brazil but I don't see tham as contenders for Euro 2000 unless they can take their chances more efficiently and avoid giving away bad goals.
Mike Dunn, UK

I'd have to say they looked better than I expected, especially Michael Owen. I was a liitle surprised when Ince went off that it was Beckham who moved in and not Wise. Although Wise did a decent job on the left, it is a shame that England's general lack of any genuine left-side player, means that the most improved midfielder of the last two years is played out of position... and yes, I am a Chelsea fan.
Trev, UK

A promising performance (particularly the first half). I don't think that the left side will be a problem as long as Keegan can find a way to keep Beckham right on the touchline. Ince, Wise and Scholes together was good - I think McManaman should only be used if creativity is drastically needed.
Glyn Ley, England

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