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Friday, 30 June, 2000, 11:51 GMT 12:51 UK
Your favourite Euro moment

What is your all-time favourite moment from previous European Championships?

Was it that volley from Van Basten, Gascoigne's wonder strike against Scotland or the day Ray Houghton sank England in 1988?

Previous European Championships are full of fond memories, but which moment stands out above all the rest for you?

Maybe you treasure the day Terry Venables' England side stunned Europe by hitting four past Holland at Wembley in Euro 96.

Perhaps, you were one of the 100,000 fortunate enough to witness the very first goal in a European Football Championship, scored by Anatoli Ilyin in 1958.

More recently, football connoisseurs will remember the French side featuring the likes of Platini, Tigana and Fernandez which tore through the heart of Europe's top sides on their way to winning Euro 1984.

But now it's over to you. Email now with your all-time favourite moment.

The best moments for me were the performances

The last two Spain goals against Yugoslavia from Euro2000.

Taha Abduke, Ethiopia
in '88 by Marco Van Basten. A perfect hat-trick against England, an avenging winner against Germany with time running out, and then, against Russia, the greatest goal ever scored in any major tournament final. The best centre forward since Puskas.
Glen Whitehurst, England

Beating Germany for the first time in 34 years. A great cross from Beckham and a great header by Shearer.
Nicola Lowe, England

No doubt about it: van Basten's goal to beat the Germans in 1988! Finally we paid them back for what happened in 1974.
Ivo de Zwaan, Holland

For sheer technique and skill, Van Basten's goal in the 88 final. For sheer entertainment, Holland's demolition against and by England in 88 and 96. For sheer disappointment, Southgate's miss in 96. For sheer courage, who else but good old Pearce in 96
Alex, Malaysia

John Jensen's outstanding strike against Germany in 1992. Although Denmark were strong then, Germany were probably favourites. There is always something special in a tournament like this, when the underdogs come out on top.
Phil Mostyn, England

I've a few favourite moments. Panenka's penalty in 1976. Platini's winner against Portugal in the 1984 semi-final.

Without a doubt, it has to be Ireland's victory over England in Euro '88. I was so proud of the lads.

Philip, Eire
Van Basten's volley in the 1988 final - the greatest goal in the history of the championships. England's third v Holland in 1996. Moller's yellow card in the 1996 semi-final, meaning he missed the final. Finally, Shearer's goal against the Germans in 2000 - we may be out but I'll never forget that moment.
Colin B, England

This year's header by Shearer to beat Germany 1-0. I've never been as proud to be English.
Shawn, Canada

1996 at Wembley - Bierhoff kicks the ball, the Czech goalkeeper scratches at it as it slowly falls into the goal. The first golden goal in a major tournament and Germany win a third European Championship.
Humberto Gumeta, Mexico

Being English, there are precious few good memories of the European Championships up until 1996, which provided many. I could name the 4-1 crushing of Holland or Gazza's amazing goal against Scotland. But for me, the ultimate must be Stuart Pearce's reaction on netting his penalty. If ever a picture spoke a thousand words.
Ed Bayley, USA

Panenka's goal in 1976 against Germany. It was for me the biggest shot in football's history.
Katerina Enniscorthy, USA

France v Portugal in the semi-final of 1984 must rank as one of the finest matches of all time.
Jez, UK

My favourite Euro moment was from the last championships. The match was Croatia v

When Wales qualified.

Stephen Davis, Wales
Denmark at Hillsborourgh and it was when Suker chipped Peter Schmeichel. I was there and Croatia took Denmark to pieces. It has to be the most entertaining match I have ever seen and both sets of fans were brilliant.
Andrew Garton, England

When Shearer headed England ahead in the semi-final against Germany at Euro 96.
Matt Gildersleeve, Australia

1976 was the year and Belgrade was the venue. Germany v. Czechoslovakia in the final.

England's third goal against Holland in Euro 96 - absolute magic.

Rhys Jaggar, England
Even after extra time the sides couldn't be separated and at 7-7 in the penalties up stepped Antonin Panenka with the chance to win the European Championships for the Czechs. The most audacious and delicate of penalties, chipping the ball down the middle of the goal. What a moment and the biggest shock in a European Championship Final ever.
Philip Nicholson, England

Marco Van Basten 's hat-trick against England in 1988. It's still the best, most complete performance I've seen by a centre forward in the European Championships.
Colin Dimmick, England

Holland's victory over Germany in Euro 88 Germany. It was a remarkable inverted 'replay' of the 1974 World Cup Final. First penalty to Germany, second to the Dutch and then a Marco Van Basten winning goal.
K H Tan, Singapore

Steffen Iversen's goal against Spain.
Merethe, Norway

Gazza's goal against Scotland was the best moment, for me it all just happened in slow motion, it was just a brilliant moment.
James Sanford, England

Without a doubt, the England team in 1996 making the Dutch team look like Sunday leaguers and then that fantastic goal against Scotland by Paul Gascoigne, after everyone said he was a spent force.
Dave, England

The final whistle in the England v Ireland game in Euro '88.
Ronan Molloy, Ireland

The best moment in any European Championship has got to be Stuart Pearce's penalty against Spain.

The England team in 1996 making the Dutch team look like Sunday leaguers

Dave, England
The pure British bulldog determination on his face still puts goose pimples on my arm and makes me very proud to be an England supporter. What a shame he is still injured, otherwise there would be no confusion who should play on the left for England.
Steven Taylor, England

The best goal has to be the Van Basten volley in the Euro 88 final. It was sheer brilliance. That was a great Dutch side, with great players.
Juliet Lock, England

Without a doubt it has to be England's first goal in the Euro 96 Championships. After all the hype and tension before it started I felt total relief when Shearer scored and the following two weeks were shear heaven.
Steve, USA/UK

Three moments -

Van Basten's winner vs Germany in 88. The goal in the final was better but what joy when he scored. 1974 was avenged

Antini, USA
Van Basten's winner vs Germany in 88. The goal in the final was better but what joy when he scored. 1974 was avenged. - Platini's goal vs Portugal in 84. It was Tigana who made it happen but what a game. - Moller's penalty in 96. Not that I am a big Germany fan but after seeing Spain get ripped off by England in the quarter finals (thank you Mr. Batta) it made me feel a lot better.
Antini, USA

Van Basten's goal was the greatest ever scored but nothing beats Barry Davies' commentary during extra-time in the Euro 96 semi between England and the Germans. I'm talking about his shouts of 'Oh...Gascoigne.....I don't believe it!!' when Gazza stretched for Shearer's pull back and missed an open goal by a millimetre.
Ayman Fazeli, England

Schmeichel's performance in the final of '92. Klinsmann tried about five different 'perfect' shots and every time Schmeichel was in the way. The culmination of this was when he grabbed the ball in his own box between two German attackers, flying and with only one hand!
Keith Edwards, England

Germany's win over England. All Scots I'm sure will agree wholeheartedly with that!

Craig, Scotland

Marco van Basten's unbelievable goal in the final against Russia. It was impossible to score this goal, yet he did it! The most beautiful goal ever scored in a European Championship.
Koos, Holland

Germany losing in 1976...on penalties!
F Hill, UK

It has to be England 4 Holland 1 from Euro 96. Magnificent.
Jamie Sheehan, UK

England's third goal against Holland in Euro '96. Watching Gascoigne burst into the area, Sheringham's dummy and Shearer appearing from nowhere to fire England into a 3-0 lead still makes my eyes twinkle.
Adam Bastable, England

Germany losing in 1976...on penalties!

F Hill, UK

It has to be the missed penalty, thus, Germany's win over England. All Scots I'm sure will agree wholeheartedly with that!
Craig, Scotland

When Alan Shearer blasted home his second and England's third goal against Holland. He received the ball from an unselfish Sheringham at the right side of the penalty spot. With no first touch he hit it with the outside of his right foot into the corner of the net. 'Shear' precision!
Matthew Malone, UK

When Stuart Pearce scored his penalty against Spain in the Euro '96 quarter-finals. That took a lot of courage after his World Cup 1990 miss against Germany.
Marc Goodridge, Canada

I was at Old Trafford when Suker dummied Kopke with an outrageous piece of skill which sent Kopke and the crowd the wrong way. I will savour that memory for many years. Suker's attempt from the halfway line against Denmark and his wonderful chip over Schmeichel in the same game are also worthy of mention.
Dean Moriarty, England

England's third goal against Holland in Euro '96 still makes my eyes twinkle

Adam Bastable, England

The whole of England vs Holland '96.
David Pester, England

The best moment is definitely when Gazza took on the Scots and slammed the ball home past Goram into the net. The celebration after it was one to remember.
James, England

Gunter Netzer, England vs West Germany - Wembley 1972. Don't worry, I am an avid England supporter!!
Hugh Davidse, UK

It has to be Stuart Pearce's penalty in '96. I can't think of a more passionate and proud player. I still get goosepimples when I think of it now!
Steve Clegg, England

My favourite moment is an ironic one: Holland beating England in '88. Having arrived to settle from the Philippines, it was the first time I saw an England international game. After that, I understood emotionally why one can be passionate about a football team. I've been a supporter of England ever since.
Chris Catilo, England

The whole of England vs Holland '96

David Pester, England

My moment like many others I suspect is the volley of Van Basten in 88? Gullit's ball in and an incredible finish from an impossible angle puts the goal with some of the greatest of all time.
Lee Hamilton, England

The 1984 semi-final between France and Portugal, and the 1996 semi-final between England and Germany.
Jeremy Smith, U.S.

For me it had to be 78000 English men at Wembley singing 3 lions in expectancy to a great England performance against Spain in Euro 96. Also the look of relief on Pearce's face when scoring that penalty
Myles Hampson, England

When Gary McAllister missed the penalty against England because this was the first tournament I can remember watching properly and when Seaman saved it I thought England were going to be lucky. We could have gone on to win it if it wasn't for that Southgate penalty.
Kieran Unsworth, England

John Jensen's clinching goal in the 1992 final to beat Germany

Elliot Larner, England
My favourite moment of the European championships is Gazza's wonder goal against Scotland. This was the greatest bit of skill I've seen and it made the whole country get behind England. Plus, it was against Scotland!
Paul Howse, England

My earliest memory would have to be John Jensen's clinching goal in the 1992 final to beat Germany.
Elliot Larner, England

The best moment was van Basten's volley against USSR in 1988. It was a goal of supreme confidence, technique and skill. The funniest was the Dutch consolation goal against England in 1996. It meant the Scots did go home too soon.
Jamie, England

It has to be beating the English - again - in the penalty shoot-out at Wembley. The look on Gareth Southgate's face was worth a million schnitzels!
Toms Urdze, Germany

It has to be when my favourite player Gazza knocked the ball over Colin Hendry's head, ran around him, and then volleyed the ball into the corner of the net and the celebrations were unforgettable.
John Cooney, USA

I will never forget the surprise teams like the Czech Republic in 1996 and Denmark in 1992

Edward, Tanzania
Best game : France vs Portugal 1984.
Best goals : van Basten's of course but Suker's two in 96 ( the chip over a panicking Schmeichel trying to get back into goal and the goal against Germany when he dragged the ball round the keeper ) weren't bad.
Best penalty : The Czech penalty in 76 to beat Germany must be the best and coolest of all time.
Simon, London, UK

It has got to be Van Basten's wonderful volley in the 1988 final and also he single-handedly sent England home in the 3-1 win.
Sandro Hotelling, Singapore

I will never forget the surprise teams like the Czech Republic in 1996 and Denmark in 1992.
Edward, Tanzania

The France team of 1984 were tremendous to watch in every game. They always played football the easy way with such terrific players as Platini, Giresse, Tigana, Fernandez, Amorouso. Also the Andy Moller penalty kick in Euro 96. That was a real pressure spot kick and a hugely enjoyable experience for millions of Scottish viewers around the world.
Kevin, Scotland

My favourite moment was in the 1984 semi-final between Spain and Denmark. I was only four, but I remember screaming in joy when Arconada saved the final Danish spotkick. That was the first major tournament I watched, and I was all for Spain.
Andrew Obuoforibo, Nigerian in USA

The outstanding memory of the European Championships was in 1996 when England destroyed a talented Dutch side. It was a great performance and summed up the joyous summer.

Marco Van Basten's volley in 1988 was out of this world

Steve Wilcox, England
Sheringham and Shearer were as magnificent as the atmosphere in the country at the time. The English afternoon was completed by a late Dutch goal which eliminated the Scots.
Dan, England

It has to be Ray Houghton's header against England in Stuttgart. Ronnie Whelan's wonder volley wasn't too far behind.
Declan McLaughlin, Ireland

Stuart Pearce's penalty against Spain in Euro 96 defined the term 'courage and guts'. That kick meant so much for him after six years of living in agony with his Italia 90 miss. And to think that he scored another against Germany later.... sheer class!
Sze Ming, Malaysia

Platini's winner against Portugal in the semi-final in 1984.
Spencer Whiting, UK

The Euro 96 match between England and Germany, when Southgate missed the penalty in the semi-final.
Ahmed Ali, England

Sorry, I just can't choose between two: van Basten's wonder volley in 1988 and Panenka's penalty against Germany in 1976.
Alex, USA

Paul Gasciogne's goal against Scotland. It was the first time I witnessed his awesome footwork realising "Now that's what the fuss was all about..."
Harold, Hong Kong, SAR

Andy Moller's winning penalty at Wembley in the Euro 96 semi-final and his subsequent "jagger swagger". Bliss.
Michael Cross, Wales

Not just one moment but two. The 1984 semi-final between Portugal and France - arguably the greatest game in the history of the tournament and van Basten's volley in the 1988 championships - a truly magnificent goal.
Paul Lewis, England

From a personal point of view it had to be Ray Houghton's header against England in 1988.
John Laverty, Ireland

Euro 96 was very special for all English fans. I think for the first time in recent years we believed we were going to win something. For me the win against Holland was very special

Giles Hindle, Mexico
Gascoigne against Scotland when he flicked the ball over Hendry and scored a beautiful goal accompanied by a fantastic dentist chair celebration.
Tahameziane, England

England's 4-1 victory over Holland in 1996. One of the finest performances from any England side.
Trev, UK

It may not have set the world alight at the time, but from a personal point of view it has to be Stuart Pearce overcoming his Italia 90 penalty miss to crash one home for England in 1996. His courage in taking it, and the sheer emotion of his reaction - mirrored in homes across England - summed up everything I have always admired about the player, and loved about the game itself.
Matt Fensome, England

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