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Thursday, 22 June, 2000, 20:50 GMT 21:50 UK banner
The best and worst so far
Savo Milosevic
Milosevic: a surprise leader in the Golden Boot race
Having staggered their way through 12 games in 12 days, BBC Sport Online's Pete Lansley and Nick Rowley round up the best... and worst of the tournament so far.

Best drinkers:
The Belgian fans, hands down. Witnessed ordering fresh beers at train station at 8am.

Best facial hair:
A toss-up between the Dutch guys with their orange sideburns and the bleached hair and goatee of Portugal and Everton's Abel Xavier.

Most influential player:
No surprises but Zinedine Zidane and Luis Figo did enough in two matches to inspire France and Portugal to impressive heights and into the quarter-finals.

Edwin Van Der Sar has been crucial for Holland while Edgar Davids is bang on his game for them.

Of the early departees, Pavel Nedved (Czech Republic), Erik Mykland (Norway) and David Beckham (England) valiantly dominated games without sufficient good fortune (or enough good teammates) to stay on.

Biggest liabilities:
Filip De Wilde, the Belgian goalkeeper, takes some beating. After treading on the ball to let Sweden back into the opening game, he did his best to lose the game against Turkey before nearly decapitating a man to get sent off.

Yugoslavian substitute Mateja Kezman, given three minutes to make an impression against Norway, made one within 60 seconds. He was sent off after going way over the top on Mykland.

And Phil Neville.

Abel Xavier
Xavier's hair-do certainly stands out
Happiest and most colourful supporters:
The Norwegians on beating Spain in Rotterdam, the French doing their Gloria Gaynor thing in the match against the Danes in Bruges and the English inside the ground making the Stade Du Pays literally rock to the Great Escape are all laudable contenders.

But nothing quite matches the bi-national rendition of the Marseillaise on the Amsterdam Metro and the sheer joy of Holland's wall of orange for their party with the French.

Best team in turmoil:
Germany. And there was us thinking it was a psychological ploy to pretend they were in chaos. But they were. It almost provides you with solace. The French split with their own media was excellent fun as well.

Best transport:
Belgian trains for the first week of the tournament. You could make a connection with a two-minute gap no problem. UEFA car from Liege ground to station for last train back to Bruges to avoid night amongst the slag-heaps. Police car at 3am in Nijmegen (next to German border) to preclude a complete night of wandering the cab-free streets after getting off at wrong stop.

Worst transport:
All trains for week two of tournament, especially in Holland on Monday when a farmer stopped his tractor on the line to have a breather and brought the country's entire rail network to a standstill.

Filip De Wilde
Bad gaffes from Belgian keeper De Wilde
Best song:
France¿s scarf-swirling Gloria.

Lords of the dance:
The Yugos dancing with their backs to the field of play - apparently to show their pleasure - in match against Norway. Giant floppy man after a goal has been scored (try it out next time you've had a Duvel - marvellous fun). England po-go-ing to the Great Escape. French and Dutch doing the conga to the Birdie Song.

Best team cushions:
Turkey, Eindhoven.

Craziest supporter:
Czech man Kokes.

Most expensive beer:
The stella in very Germanic red-table-clothed bar at the top of the Grote Markt in Brugge: £5 for a third of a litre.

Best team shirt:
Three-way tie between the esoteric simplicity of the Dutch, the Italian and the Belgian.

Most surprising Golden Boot candidate:
Savo Milosevic (four goals). FOUR GOALS!

Best pastry:
Never mind the football, the Belgians win the pastry war hands down. Go for the chocolate and almond coated pain du choclat and try not to dribble...

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