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Friday, 9 June, 2000, 17:04 GMT 18:04 UK banner
Tune in to fans' radio
England fans
England fans will get a wealth of information from the service
A groundbreaking fans' radio service has been set up to keep England supporters informed during Euro 2000.

The BBC Radio 5 Live information service will be available on independent FM frequencies in cities hosting England matches during the competition.

Fans will be able to get up-to-the-minute information about matches, travel, accommodation, weather and safety - as well as live match commentaries.

The service is being backed by the Football Association and the Football Supporters Association.

Fans radio frequencies
June 10-13, Eindhoven: 99.4 Mhz FM
June 14-21, Charleroi: 94.8 Mhz FM
96.0 Mhz FM in Amsterdam if England make quarters or semis

It has been made possible by collaboration with the Belgian and Dutch governments as well as the National Criminal Intelligence Service.

The Belgian public radio network RTBF have given 5 Live their frequency in Charleroi for the week that England are there.

Chris Smith, secretary of state for culture, media and sport, who negotiated for the service, said: "I'm really pleased we have managed to get a late result and that England fans in Charleroi for the two group games will be able to get reliable information from a trusted source.

"At France '98, one of the problems was that many supporters only had rumour and hearsay to go on.

Chris Smith
Sports secretary Chris Smith: fans' radio fan
"I'm grateful to my counterparts in the Netherlands and Belgium for making these radio frequencies available.

"It's another example of good co-operation between the Dutch, Belgian and British Governments which we hope will contribute to the staging of a successful tournament."

Presenters on Radio 5 Live's daily news programmes will be staffing the service.

Leaflets about it will be available to fans at airports and ferry terminals.

Michael Hill, head of presentation at radio 5 live, said: "This is the first time the BBC has done anything like this.

At France'98, many supporters only had rumour and hearsay to go on

Chris Smith
Secretary of State for Sport
"It is quite unprecednted for so many agencies to have got together to set up a radio service for a single event like Euro 2000. "If England get to say the semi-finals, the service will have crossed several cities and frequencies.

"And if there is any trouble at the competition, we will be able to tell fans where to avoid and we will also be able to warn them about false tickets."

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