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Anders Frisk
talks about his preparation
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Anders Frisk
talks about his team
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Anders Frisk
talks about referee standards
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Friday, 30 June, 2000, 11:50 GMT 12:50 UK
Frisk in charge of final showdown
Anders Frisk
Frisk hopes the final will not be a cautionary tale
Swedish official Anders Frisk will make the decisions that will decide who wins Euro 2000 in Sunday¿s final in Rotterdam and be back assessing insurance claims by Tuesday morning.

Frisk celebrated being awarded the right to referee the biggest football game of the year by going to the cinema on Monday night.

As he is preparing to keep the fight out of Holland/ Italy v France/ Portugal, perhaps it was appropriate he went to see Gladiator.

The Gothenborg-born official has become renowned for his amiable approach to refereeing.

In England¿s game with Portugal three weeks ago, he even had a running joke with Paul Ince.

And the game between Holland and France went off very smoothly also.

Last season he was also in charge of the Champions League game when Chelsea lost 5-1 in Barcelona.

He says he does not analyse the players he is likely to be refereeing, preferring to judge everything on the night on merit.

Physical preparation is becoming more integral to his approach however.

¿The standard of refereeing is improving and I also think the acceptance levels from the players towards the referees is improving,¿ he said.

¿This is very important these days because international referees receive a lot of games, with the Champions League, so you know the players.

"You come across them many times in club competitions, for qualifiers for the Euro and for the World Cup.

"Of course, if you get to learn about the players, it is a little easier.¿

Frisk, 37, got his Fifa badge in 1991 but, having refereed Russia v the Czech Republic at Anfield in Euro 96, missed out on the 1998 World Cup.

¿I don¿t think about pressure,¿ he said, as he looked forward to a Rotterdam final in which he will be assisted by a Dane and another Swede.

¿You focus on the game and what is really important to you as a referee. You try to enjoy it and be very mentally prepared.¿

Frisk¿s man-management skills have been highlighted as one of his major strengths.

¿The strength is often to be involved in a game that is different, that you can change your personality as a referee according to what type of game it is.

¿It is very important to get into the game, to ¿feel¿ the game. I¿m certainly looking forward to it.¿

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