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Wednesday, 7 August, 2002, 15:47 GMT 16:47 UK
Colourblind: Your views
Darius Danesh came third in Pop Idol
Danesh has co-written his debut single
Hot on the tails of Pop Idol winner Will Young and runner-up Gareth Gates, Darius Danesh has released his debut single, Colourblind.

The Scotsman, who came third in the popular TV talent show, has co-written the tune and plans to release an album with more of his own material later this year.

"The theme of the song is nothing revolutionary - love is fantastic, she's so beautiful it makes me blind, feeling blue without you etc.", wrote BBC News Online's Keily Oakes.

But what do you think?

Is Darius headed for super-stardom? Or will it be a one hit wonder?

BBC News Online users had their say.

If Rick Waller can remain on our screens more than a week, then Darius is headed for super stardom. All he needs to do is get rid of that cheese-stained smile and start acting like a human. Best step for Darius is to forget the cringingly bad love pop songs and start belting them out like Tom Jones.
James Aldrich, Wales

Darius has shown that he has more talent than Will Young and Gareth Gates put together with his debut single. It's a catchy pop song and he should go further than the other two karaoke rip-off merchants.
Rich, England

Go for it Darius; you're a legend for taking all that criticism on the chin and coming back better than ever. Simon who?
Barry, N Ireland

Rarely has Great Britain produced such a lyrical genius. Darius, your super-stardom is assured. I've already made a place for you in my collection, just between Black Lace and Dollar.
Simon, UK

At last, one of the Pop Idol finalists shows some real talent! After covers by Will and Gareth, it's great to see one of the programme's stars releasing a song they've written themselves. There's a lot of love for Darius in this room!
Matt Higgins, England

After watching all of the Pop Idol shows, Darius was by far the most talented, with a wonderful voice. Whether he becomes a long-term star is in the public's hands. He has the voice and the look, let's hope he goes a long way, he has determination, that's for sure.
Paul Kingman, UK

I used to like Darius during Pop Idol. Not for his voice, but because he came across as a genuine young man. Nowadays, I find him rather irritating, not only is he pretentious, he's too much into miming for my taste.
Sandie, UK

Good on Darius, he has genuine talent and is stunningly attractive despite hiding behind that awful hair for the best part of 2001! What a great song - the lyrics might not be "revolutionary", but at least he isn't jumping on the cover version bandwagon.
Lyndsey Baker, UK

I feel that we have to give credit to Darius as he co-wrote this fabulous tune which isn't mainstream "pop-pap" at all; it's a good tune, well put together to appeal to all audiences. Unlike the other Pop Idol contestants efforts which were specifically aimed at the teenie market. Also, respect to Darius for his decision to go it alone rather than do a cover version with Simon Cowell's record label. I definitely think he's set for a steady career in music, at least I hope so anyway!
Milli, UK

The song is much better than I expected and shows that Darius is clearly trying to separate himself from the plastic teen froth of Gareth and until Will decides what he's at, the future for Darius looks very promising.
Mark Croissant, Ireland

Yet another second rate pop song by an average artist. Darius is ok but like them all, just ok. The song is more pap. He'd get more credibility if he wrote/sang something with more guts. Fake tan, fake personality, yuk.
David, UK

More well-produced disposable pop trash...I remember when first singles had some edge about them - he came third because his voice doesn't have the depth and feeling of Will and Gareth's, so why try espouse him to be a pop idol when he clearly isn't? He should stick to cast member roles of stage musicals if he wants a career in showbiz. This is awful - another example of hype over substance!
Mark, UK

Don't think much of the song, maybe it will grow on me. But all due respect to Darius with trying an original song. If he keeps it real, I'm sure he'll go a long way.
Parms, UK

It's no better or worse than any other bland, soulless, manufactured, sausage factory rubbish. He'll be forgotten soon enough.
Pete Hazell, UK

Well done for not taking the "easy way" like the other two pop idol finalists. I wish him all the best. This song is certainly a good start.
Susan, UK

I quite like Darius's voice but it isn't a patch on Will Young's. The song is catchy and will probably do well in what is a rather barren patch. How else could Stupid Mistake stay at No.1?
Gill, UK

Darius is OK but he is not the only Pop Idol finalist to be co-writing his own songs It may have escaped a few peoples' notice that Will Young is also co-writing songs for his debut album, and has also recorded a song written specially for him by the great Burt Bacharach. You can hardly call that a cover. I also hasten to add that Will Young always sings live and does not mime as Darius and Gareth often do. I wish people would get their facts straight before they post their opinions. I also think that Darius needs to be more careful not to let fame go to his head as this seems to be the case at the moment.
Sheila, England

Darius? Nice face, cheesey grin, OK voice. He is no threat to Will Young though. That man has EVERYTHING in buckets! In a few years time Will Young will be the brightest star in the universe. Darius won't!
Elaine B, UK

Er, who's Darius? Not that guy from Pop Idol who brayed like a donkey on high or long notes?

Or that guy whose single Colourblind has a rather less than original B Side (It's Not Unusual?)

Sorry chaps, he doesn't quite cut the mustard for me!
Dottie , UK

Well for a start he co-wrote it, which compared to 99% of the trash out there, is a good sign, regardless of whether you like the song or not. I want to buy music by musicians, not producers... Although I'm not a fan of this kind of music, I'd give him a thumbs up for sticking at it and getting a better result (as far as my ears are concerned) than any of the other plucked-from-obscurity wannabees.
Ed Vista, UK

Kudos to Darius for standing up for his beliefs, it will pay dividends in the long run. There is far too much karaoke singing in the charts today, not to mention voices being mixed beyond recognition. Darius not only has a fabulous voice, but has a talent for writing too and that is what makes a true star. Darius, you are unique, please stay that way.
Debbie, UK

There is too much talk of Darius writing this song - he CO-wrote it and he has now taken to miming on a regular basis. Will Young has not released an original song because the "FIRM" BMG are undermining his talents - Will Young has written songs for his forthcoming album - which he will sing live as usual. Darius got lucky by not being signed to BMG and is able spread his wings unlike the other Pop Idol contestants.
Abbey, UK

Well done to Darius for fighting back after Simon Cowell's comments of "CORNINESS" and "DISTINCTLY AVERAGE" - at least he has his own material. And unlike Rik Waller he does not fill the entire screen! Will Young is in fact producing an album as we speak, but will his album rival Darius or vice-versa? I believe they will both wipe the floor with Gareth as he is a teen idol unlike Will and Darius who will last far longer due to older fans like me!!!!!
Stephanie, England

An excellent first effort: can't stand the likes of Will Young and Gareth Gates, so it's nice to see at least something good has come of Pop Idol. Darius' song is a catchy, well-crafted pop song that deserves to get to the top and stay there. Well done and good luck for the album, mate!
Andy & Anna Funnell, UK

Darius a talented writer/singer?! Don't make me laugh. My dog could write a better song and as for singing Sclub Junior are much better. He mimes anyway.
Ann, UK

Not a bad little ditty - Darius can even sing a little when he puts his mind to it. Shame he had to mime it when at Party in the Park recently - I thought that Pop Idol was supposed to pick out the entertainers who could produce the goods LIVE! Looks like there's only one of them producing the goods in that direction and it isn't Gareth or Darius!
Diane, England

I didn't like Darius during Pop Idol, and I still don't now. For me, he's still very corny. Will was the true winner of Pop Idol for a reason - he has remarkable talent. I think this will show in his album when it is released because it has songs on there written by Will, Cathy Dennis and the legend Burt Bacharach. William will be laughing in all of his critics faces.
Hannah Frost, England

I don't think Darius has anything outstanding about his voice, just an ordinary run of the mill type voice. His record Colourblind is catchy, but easily forgettable. Any singer who mimes constantly goes right down in my estimations. Sorry Darius, 2/10.
Lyndsey, UK

I am a big fan of Darius and I think he has a great future ahead of him. He has a lovely voice, is obviously a good songwriter and has good looks and charm by the bucketload. I think he will do very well for himself, and he richly deserves success.

However, I don't think that he will be bigger than Gareth, who has proved to be a phenomenal success and whose popularity just seems to be going from strength to strength. His new single Anyone of Us was not a cover, and I believe he too is starting to write his own material. Good luck to Darius, though, I'm sure he's destined for the No 1 Spot on Sunday with a lovely song that is a credit to him.
Matilda, Wales

I like Darius - his first single is good, and I am pleased that several of the PI runners-up are doing so well - but Will's voice just outclasses the rest.
Jenna, UK

I really like Darius' new song, Colourblind! I think he sings it really well, and deserves to top the charts with it! Come on peeps, let's get out there and buy it. He deserves the sucess since he has been through an awful lot of criticism through both Popstars and Pop Idol. He's a top bloke.

P.S. However, my favourite is definitely Will!!
Sarah, England

It is obvious that the people that write these reviews do not check their facts. Will Young has written most of his own new material for his new album,which is due out soon. The trouble with Darius is that he is utterly in love with himself, and mimes most of the time. You cannot compare his voice with that of Will Young who is superior in every way, and a star with great quality, who will still be pleasing millions for decades to come.

Darius Danesh has far too much to say for himself, and will not be around for long at all. Let him enjoy his short career and long live artistes of the calibre of the hugely talented and personable William Robert Young.
Anne, England

Darius has written this song. It's OK but not great. His voice is nothing to write home about. Will on the other hand has a tremendously unique voice. He has not had the opportunity to release any of the songs he has written yet because he is on such a tight leash with BMG but there are many of them on his album. If Darius had won Pop Idol he would have been in the same position as Will. Not able to release his own songs until they let him. Don't write Will off until he has had a chance to prove himself and he will.
Mandy Delaforce, England

I emailed STV news when they taped Darius whispering and told them off. I've been a fan since day one and I'm no young thing. For the first time in years, literally, I've bought a single. I'm perhaps biased cos I'm Glaswegian but I feel a lot of love when Darius is on!
Margaret Reid, Scotland

I like Darius's song and all credit to him for co-writing it. It is a catchy song and I'm sure will be No. 1. However a little fact a lot of you are overlooking, is that had Darius won Pop Idol (and I'm sure he wouldn't have turned down the contract with BMG had he won) he would have released Evergreen/Anything is Possible the same as Will had to (even though we all know it was written for Gareth!)

The merry-go-round the winner has experienced has allowed little time to release a self-penned original song. However, Darius on the other hand has had at least six months to prepare and direct his career. For those of us in the know, Will has been busy writing and co-writing for his forthcoming debut album. He has also had a couple of songs penned for him by the legend himself Mr Burt Bacharach! We are happy to wait patiently and ignore the "snide" remarks from within the music buisness, fans and artists themselves.

Jane, UK

I quite liked Darius during Pop Idol and I think his new song is "catchy" but he hasn't got a unique voice like Will Young which is the reason 4.6 million of us voted for Will. Like Sandie has already said Darius has become really pretentious and "cocky" in all his interviews since PI and isn't doing himself any favours. Just to put the record straight Milli, he didn't choose not to sign with BMG - I don't think they wanted him!
Gill, UK

I find the song cheesey and the singer arrogant and conceited. Yes Darius did write it himself but that doesn't mean it's any good. Contrary to certain remarks- Will is writing his own material and if Darius had a quarter of the talent, charisma, and kindness of Will he'd be very lucky.
Lisa, Scotland

Darius is far too arrogant and cheesy for his own good. There's something rather creepy about him. Give me Will with his incredible velvety voice and sex appeal any day!
Sally Capps, England

Darius recorded his version of Evergreen and Anything Is Possible at the same time Will Young and Gareth Gates did. He was more than happy to do so at the time and had he won he would have been more than happy to release both songs as his first single. Would we have heard all this talk about covers versus original songs then? I think not.

If he had been successful and won a place in Hear'Say he'd now be playing second fiddle to Mylene Klass's bust.

Will, whose voice is far superior to Darius's, is shortly to release his first solo album which contains songs he has co-written.

Will Young is moving on from Pop Idol, the man will eventually be a legend. Darius is nowhere in the same league as Will Young.
Marilyn. UK

Darius a superstar? Don't make me laugh. Big deal, he has written his own material. Will Young is writing and co-writing his own album. Will Young's voice is unique unlike Darius's which to be honest I could never clearly identify. We may have another pop star in Darius but Will Young is a superstar.
Linda , UK

I always admired Darius, but his latest transformation into credible artiste is getting on my nerves. I respect that he's doing his own thing and has co-written this track, but in every intereview he implies he is better than Will and Gareth because he writes his music and plays the guitar. It's a shame Darius says this when he knows they are writing material and Gareth was by far the best musician in the competition and the only one skilled enough to perform on the tour.

He isn't even avoiding covers, because he is releasing It's Not Unusual as the b-side to his single. The very song Simon Cowell wanted him to release and that he "refused" to do.

Darius would do well to rely on his own abilities rather than trying to go into competition with his more successful "friends".
Fiona, UK

To say that Darius is more talented than Will Young is simply preposterous! Yes, Darius has a good voice - it's not brilliant, he's not the best live singer and his range is not even in the same league! It should be remembered that Darius chose not to join BMG and therefore severed his ties with Pop Idol. Will's releases so far have been decided upon by the record company on the back of PI - wait and see what comes in the future. After seeing him perform with Burt Bacharach and have this great man applaud him, many people will eat their words!
Heather, England

Super stardom? He has to, he's so gorgeous and talented, who couldn't love him?
Holly Heath, England

I think Darius is absolutely brilliant. He's got loads of talent, which he showed in Colourblind. He wrote the song himself, and sung it wonderfully. He also plays the guitar, piano and saxophone. Chrysalis to Butterfly is a really good song too. I'm looking forward to seeing Darius at the top of the charts.
Hannah, England

Darius recently did an hour long spot on my local radio station, and came across as a genuinely nice guy. Of the three finalists on Pop Idol, I thought he was by far the best, if only because he seemed like an adult, rather than an anodyne teen idol. If I wanted to listen to males singing high notes I'd go to hear a boys' choir.

I wish him the best of luck - he may "only" have co-written his first single, but at least he's had the guts to release an original song, and not a remake that was done better by the original artist (Relight My Fire - how can you better the original?) - and so what if he mimes? I very much doubt he'll ever be performing live in my living room (unless I get really lucky!), and I'd rather hear his best performance of a song on CD than an out-of-tune rendition "live" on the TV that's so quiet that the backing track drowns him out.

Also, top marks to him for having the courage to bounce back after the disappointment of Popstars, take a good look at himself and make some improvements. I like long hair on blokes normally, but boy did Darius do himself a favour by getting rid of it and the goatee. Woof!
Emma, England

Colourblind is a catchy tune and will do well. It's not Darius at his best, but he's got plenty time to show us his best, and he will. Good luck, Darius. Number 1 is yours this week.
Kirsty, Scotland

Definitely superstardom ahead for Darius. He has the X-Factor everyone says is necessary.
SisterMother, Scotland

Darius has a beautiful voice with a very wide range, and the song suits him perfectly. There are actually two versions of the CD - the one with It's Not Unusual on is obviously for the PI fans who wanted that in their collection. The other CD has a beautiful song called Chrysalis to Butterfly which hopefully is what his album will be like, showing his voice to best advantage.

I personally think he is going to be far far bigger than Will or Gareth, who both have very little personality, unfortunately. Darius has the looks and the personality, as well as the voice and being half-Iranian by the way, he hardly needs to resort to fake tan, whoever said that!
Jane, England

Colourblind is a great song for everyone to listen to. It's catchy and a joy to hear.
Lesley, Scotland

An excellent summer pop song that sticks in your head and makes you want to sing along. On one of the CDs is a terrific track written by Darius called Chrysalis to Butterfly which bodes well for the forthcoming album. It's Not Unusual is on the other CD and it sounds great too. Darius is here to stay. He is only 21 and his potential has not been realised yet.
Mae, Scotland

Darius is a star and WILL be number one this weekend!!
Sarah McGroarty, Scotland

Colourblind is an amazing effort. It is a tender song, without the annoying pop sound that gets stuck in your head and on your nerves.

The public needs to get past the Darius of Popstars, and the heavily regimented Pop Idol, this is not the same man.

Darius has come such a long way already, and yet is still only at the beginning of his journey.
Louise Robinson, England

Colourblind is the best single of the summer. Darius has a fantastic voice and a style and charisma that has been lacking in the charts for a long time. He will be the real idol, his songwriting and heavenly voice will ensure that Colourblind is only the start of a very long career. Love him!
Sally Goodwin, England

I think Colourblind is a great song and I am a big fan of Darius, love him to bits.
Elaine Clewlow, England

Although it says that Darius "co-wrote" the song, he had actually written the whole song himself and another writer made a few minor adjustments before it was recorded. Many people are saying that Darius prefers to mime - this is a total lie. The only times when he has not performed live is when the venue can't provide proper equipment. I am sure Darius will go on for much longer than Will Young, just like Liberty X have managed to do a lot better than Hear'say. All the best to you Darius, you are an amazingly determined man!
Jenny, Scotland

Colourblind by Darius is a great uplifting song. Although it might not be an upbeat track, its words are uplifting. Some amount of thought has gone into this track to show the real Darius, not the "Britney" Darius from Popstars. The track itself has a catchy tune as well as catchy words, meaning everyone is going around singing it! It's going to do well and the right support is there for Scotlands Pop Idol Darius! We're proud.
Jak Kirkland, Glasgow, Scotland

Absolutely no talent, bland, bland, bland......
Ian, UK

In my humble opinion, Darius Danesh aptly sums up the status-quo of present day pop music. It's bad. It's really bad. His self-written "concept song" Colourblind, is no different to any of the other mediocre, middle of the road, regressive pap songs around. It's simply not edgy enough. Darius (sadly) is in exactly the same league as Will and Gareth. When are you going to do us a cover Darius?
Oliver, England

A masterpiece! A lovely voice, a good looking guy and a great single - what more do you want? I think there is a lot more to come from Darius. If we just keep the faith in him and back him all the way he will be a major export for Scotland, the Scottish Robbie perhaps?
Tommy Aldridge, Scotland

Well done for actually writing his own tune, but at the end of the day it's still bubble-gum pop for 12-year-old girls.
Shane, NZ

True Darius fans have waited impatiently for his first single, it was well worth the wait. I am totally Daneshed! He will still be at the top in five years time, can you honestly expect the same with Will and Gareth? They are too manufactured to survive for very long.
Rachel, England

Well done Darius, Colourblind is brilliant, but has everyone heard Chrysalis to Butterfly? Fantastic, I will certainly buy Darius's album. He certainly has the whole package!!
Allison, England

I think Colourblind is a great song and am sure that Darius will get his longed for No.1.
Eleanor, Scotland

He will be around as long as he gets the publicity and support from the record company and his management. The new song is not great but it will sell because the public have got used to him.
Shill, England

I've been trying to sing along to this one, not easily memorable. I've seen him so many times on so many shows saying the same old thing.....what's his next record, Tedium in A minor?
Mike, London, UK

Darius has come a long way after having such a tough time on Pop Stars. He has proved he can sing, and he has the courage to go out on his own. Colourblind is a good song, but more to the point, isn't he so sexy?!!!
Suzy, Scotland

If Darius, Will and Gareth feel compelled to release this drivel, they can at least write it themselves rather than ruining classic songs. Colourblind will soon be rightly forgotten, meanwhile I'll keep hearing Will's atrocious version every time I listen to Light My Fire. Some things are sacred.
Diane, Scotland

Colourblind is a very catchy, likeable pop song, but my personal favourite is Chrysalis to Butterfly on the limited edition single. Make sure you get that one if you liked Darius in Popstars! The other single has a live version of It's Not Unusual for those who liked the cover versions he did on Pop Idol. I bought them both!
Angela, Manchester

Another one of those cheesy pointless songs. A 10-year-old could have come up with better lyrics. I wonder whether Mr. Danesh would have had a hit with the same song if he was not famous already.
Artemis, UK

I went to see Darius at HMV with my daughter and we enjoyed ourselves. We think Colourblind is a catchy song, it makes me dance.
Tina Keane, London

Colourblind is a brilliant song. Well done to Darius for getting his number one single and platinum-selling album 16 years earlier than he predicted. For those people out there who don't like either Darius or Colourblind, turn of the Radio or TV when it comes on and keep your nasty comments to yourself.
Michelle, Scotland

Darius, well done, I think you are absolutely fantastic, good for you for standing up and doing your own thing musically, I wish you all the very best musically and personally.
Hayley, UK

Good on you, I believed in you right from the beginning. I am looking for success with my singing and am auditioning for Popstars tomorrow, I would prefer to sing my own material, but it does not seem that I'll be able to do that since there is so much competition. I know my voice is good, but I'm no Cindy Crawford. Anyway I'll be looking out for that platinum album.
Llinos Owen, Essex

Darius deserves his moment of glory in the charts if only for his tenacity. I personally like the song (and Chrysalis too) and am not jealous of him as other respondents appear to be. Good luck to Darius.

Will however is my clear favourite and I look forward to his album with anticipation. He does need to release a "proper" song soon though if he is to be taken seriously.
Chris, England

I quite liked Colourblind to begin with, quite catchy I thought. Then, one morning I happened to catch Darius miming on Open House with Gloria Hunniford and I'm afraid any respect for his "credibility" vanished without trace. Still, rather listen to him than Gareth!
Scott, UK

Darius is brilliant, he has the x-factor that everyone is talking about. Colourblind deserves to be number one. Well done Darius. You are the best.
Carol, England

Darius' debut single is a catchy, upbeat summer song, but with Chrysalis to Butterfly, the b side on the limited edition CD he also shows what a sensitive writer he is. His voice is gorgeous, and he has tons of personality and intelligence. I think Colourblind will be a well-deserved number one. He's worked hard for it.
Tricia, UK

Darius had the guts and courage of his convictions not to take the easy option and go with BMG. He waited until the right deal came along, and has produced a great first single, which seems destined to be no.1. Well done big man.
Jenny, England

I really do like the song, and it was a brave decision for him to hold out until he got a record company who would let him use his own material. He might not be able to sing as well as Will Young but he still has a great voice, his sings are far better and the fact he is drop dead gorgeous won't exactly hold him back in his career either!
Lorna Templeton, Scotland

Colourblind is a lovely summery, uplifting song, and certainly no worse than anything on offer from more experienced pop writers (in my opinion its a lot better than many), it is a pleasant change from endless garage, and gangster choons. I can't see the relevance of harping on about Will Young, apart from the fact Will fans harp on about anything that takes their beloved Will out of the limelight for a moment. Darius is nothing to do with PI now and their careers are not in competition. Darius has a lovely voice and the video is superb. May he go from strength to strength.
Denese, UK

A great catchy song, Darius richly deserves success and I'm confident this track will set him on his way. He has a great voice and personality to go with it and should've won Pop Idol.
Darren Taylor, N.Ireland

Well done Darius, I think the record is excellent. I think he is an excellent all-round entertainer, the way he can relate to the audience is a joy to watch.
Miriam Burnett, Basingstoke

Darius Danesh
Hear a clip from Colourblind
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