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Kureishi unveils Black Album play

Hanif Kureishi
Author Kureishi won an Oscar nomination for My Beautiful Laundrette

A new play about the rise of radical Islam is about to open at the National Theatre in London.

Author Hanif Kureishi has based it on his critically-acclaimed second novel, The Black Album.

The book follows the journey of a young, British-born Pakistani man pulled between two different worlds: The liberal, western lifestyle lived by most of his fellow university students and the lure of religion offered by his devout Muslim roommate.

The play is set in 1989, with the title a reference to an unreleased but much-bootlegged Prince album from the period.

The year also marked the beginning of the fatwa against novelist Salman Rushdie for his book The Satanic Verses.

The BBC's Kirsty Lang went along to see the play in rehearsal, and spoke to Kureishi about why he had decided to resurrect a 14-year-old novel.


Hanif Kureishi guides us through rehearsals for The Black Album

The Black Album opens in the National Theatre on 14 July.

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