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Posh and Becks' Macbeth makeover


A musical moment for MacBecks and Poshoria

By Mark Simpson
BBC News Ireland correspondent

Of all the places in Europe you might expect a stage show about David and Victoria Beckham to open, Dublin would be one of the last.

Yet it seems the Irish are just as fascinated by the Posh and Becks story as the English, Spanish, Italians and even the Americans.

Opening tonight at Dublin's Olympia Theatre is a production which plays on David Beckham's "Shakespearean qualities" of fashion, comedy and footballing tragedy.

Filled with missed penalties, flying boots and dodgy haircuts, it's called MacBecks and is based loosely - very loosely - on the Scottish play.

Theatrical cocktail

With lines like "Is this a stiletto I see before me?", it is unlikely to attract Shakespearean purists.

But it was only a matter of time before the story of the Beckhams was turned into a stage play.

Poshoria and The Spice Witches
Poshoria is accompanied by the "Spice Witches" in the production

Their relationship has been one of the great celebrity romances of our time, and there is no shortage of material in a theatrical cocktail of sex, soccer and singing.

One of the writers, Malachy McKenna, says the Irish have closely followed the tabloid lives of the Beckhams.

"Everybody does. If you go out into Dublin and buy 50 magazines, they are going to be in 40 of them. They are a global phenomenon."

It is not quite Romeo and Juliet, but the writer says the Beckhams should be applauded for staying together in the face of adversity.

"They are a testament to the love story. They get media attention every day and they're still together. That's the thing we should remember."

Guilty secret

So is this play really a positive portrayal of David Beckham and his wife?

The Dublin actor who plays the former Manchester United star insists it is.

Paul Reid says the aim of the production is not to bury Beckham, but to praise him.

"People think he's really dumb but he's not at all. He couldn't be with that much money and that much success. He comes out really well," insists Reid.

The actor has a guilty secret - he is a Liverpool fan, but is adamant that it does not affect his performance.

He does seem to deliver David's dim-witted lines with some relish, embracing Posh and tells her "the world is our ostrich".

In real life, 33-year-old Beckham is having the last laugh as he keeps proving the critics wrong.

Kelly Gough as Poshoria and Paul Reid as MacBecks
People think he's really dumb but he's not at all. He couldn't be with that much money and that much success
Paul Reid, who plays MacBecks

His recent move to AC Milan is going better than expected, and his dream of becoming England's most capped player and playing in next year's World Cup in South Africa is still alive.

At the same time, he will remain fertile territory for comedians, columnists and tabloid editors.

Others involved in his life from Sir Alex Ferguson to Wayne Rooney, Sven Goran Eriksson to his former personal assistant Rebecca Loos have also attracted attention.

Not surprisingly, all of them feature as characters in MacBecks.

The Beckhams have been invited to Dublin to see the show. They have yet to reply.

Theatre-goers attending the opening performance are being issued with the warning: "This show contains scenes of spice, sport, sex, celebrity and some mild soccer."

Ticket sales are going well in Dublin, but the real test of the play will be whether it earns an international transfer.

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