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Art worth 100,000 up for grabs


One lucky art lover picks the piece they want to take home

Art lovers have been queuing to get their hands on free artworks by some of the UK's leading and emerging contemporary artists.

More than 100,000 worth of art is being given away at the Free Art Fair, in London.

Some people have queued overnight to get their hands on work by artists like Gavin Turk and Stella Vine for nothing.

Free Art Fair founder Jasper Joffe said: "This gives anyone the chance to own a serious piece of art."

Valuable pieces

He said the idea was to provide an antidote to the hype that surrounded Damien Hirst's recent record-breaking sale at Sotheby's, which raised 111m.

Peter Harris, one of the exhibitors at the fair, which kicks off at 1800 GMT on Sunday, is offering a piece of paper said to have been touched by the multi-millionaire Hirst.

Stella Vine
Work by artists such as Stella Vine will be given away

Joffe told the BBC: "We have a mix of really well known artists and emerging artists and many of them have made specific pieces for the show.

"We want people to value them because they really like the pieces and not just because they are worth a lot of money, but some of the more valuable pieces will be worth 10-15,000.

"We are giving away a five-metre painting by James Jessop that has a market value of 15,000.

"We want people to think of art not just as what its worth or who buys it, but we want people to think that anyone can be an art collector and that they should really love the piece and want to live with it and not just see it as an investment."


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