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Antony Gormley unveils light grid installation

Gormley says the subject of his work has always been spatial awareness

Antony Gormley has unveiled his latest work of art - a labyrinth of luminous grids inside a darkened room.

Breathing Room III, which features aluminium tubing grids, is on sale for £600,000 at the White Cube gallery in central London.

His Test Sites exhibition also features a maze made up of blocks of cast iron.

The pieces are the 59-year-old Angel of the North creator's latest exploration of the relationship between architecture and the human body.

We are minds encased in human bodies and our bodies are encased in architecture
Antony Gormley

With Breathing Room III - which measures 5 by 9 by 17 metres - visitors become slowly used to the darkness around the work before bursts of light interrupt their meditation.

Speaking at the unveiling of the work, Gormley likened it to a hologram.

"It can be virtual or real but you are invited to enter the space of the work," he said.

He added: "We are minds encased in human bodies and our bodies are encased in architecture.

"The subject of my work has been spatial awareness from the beginning.

"That's what I'm trying to deal with, our embededness within the urban grid and how that affects our behaviour."

Police calls

Gormley, who bases his work on his own body, said he was "very, very excited" by his new show.

"It's the first time I have shown a body of work that has such a close and clear articulation, one with another," he added.

One of Gormley's recent installations, Event Horizon - which opened in New York in March - features 31 figures of the artist, cast in iron and glass fibre placed on city pathways, pavements, rooftops and ledges.

Figures placed on top of buildings led to calls to police from residents who feared they were real people about to jump.

His One And Other project, which ended on 14 October after 100 days, gave more than 2,000 people the chance to spend an hour on the fourth plinth in London's Trafalgar Square.

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