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Father of Michael Jackson to take legal action

Michael and Joe Jackson
Michael Jackson had been rehearsing for a series of London concerts

Michael Jackson's father has said he plans to bring a case against the late pop star's doctor for wrongful death.

Joe Jackson's lawyer, Brian Oxman, told Reuters news agency that the amount of prescription drugs given to the star amounted to second-degree murder.

"That is Russian roulette, that is loading six bullets into a gun with only six chambers," Mr Oxmand said.

Dr Conrad Murray has pleaded not guilty to involuntary manslaughter as part of a criminal investigation.

Joe Jackson's legal action is to be a civil case, which could run in parallel to the criminal trial.

The criminal action could result in a jail sentence whereas the civil lawsuit's main purpose is winning monetary damages against Dr Murray.

Skin-whitening creams

Mr Oxmand said Michael Jackson had been given Propofol every night for six weeks and said it was "reckless, and it amounts to second-degree murder".

The singer, best known for hits such as Thriller and Bad, died last year aged 50.

He had been rehearsing for a series of concerts scheduled to take place in London.

Earlier this month, California's attorney general Edmund Brown said Dr Murray should not practise while he faces charges over the performer's death.

Meanwhile, it has been revealed that large quantities of general anaesthetic and dozens of tubes of skin-whitening creams were found in Jackson's home during searches after his death.

The creams are commonly used to treat vitiligo, a skin disease Jackson suffered from that causes patches of skin to lose pigmentation.

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