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Hurt Locker dominates the Oscars

Oscar statue

By Andy McFarlane and Kev Geoghegan

All times are GMT (Los Angeles time is eight hours behind GMT).

0700 Well, there ends our live text coverage of the 82nd Academy Awards. The big story was undoubtedly Kathryn Bigelow becoming the first woman to be named best director, one of six gongs for The Hurt Locker. Now, as the stars prepare to party into the night, we're heading for our own after-show bash. Cocoa, a duvet and a darkened room will be the stars in attendance. Thanks for joining us. See you next year!

BBCEntsTeam tweets: Sandra Bullock told us she'll display her Oscar and her Razzie together - with the Razzie on a slightly lower shelf! Read BBCEntsTeam

0650 Apparently Carey Mulligan was under orders from her father to speak to BBC Breakfast's Susanna Reid. She duly obliges with a description of her night. "It was wild," she says. "You get to this point and you've been to so many of these things that there is no disappointment [if you don't win]. Just being there is so incredible."

0646 Chris Noth, that's Mr Big from Sex and the City to you and I, says he is a "huge fan of Inglourious Basterds" but was not too disappointed about the result. "[Tarantino] is such a great film maker but who's going to complain about The Hurt Locker," he says. His highlight?: "I was very moved by the John Hughes memorial."

0640 Rapper P.Diddy reflects on the gritty nature of many of the year's top films: "There's been a lot of heart-wrenching reality this year." One suspects the Vanity Fair party, where he is heading, may not be quite so harrowing.

Guy Pearce and Kathryn Bigelow
Guy Pearce gets neighbourly with Kathryn Bigelow
0628 Guy Pearce, who has a role in this year's big success story - The Hurt Locker, says he's "so excited for Kathryn" who he calls a "really lovely person". He adds: "I knew it was a great script. I would say it's one of the most honest and truthful portrayals [of the Iraq War]. It's not full of bravado and it's not over-the-top."

0625 Veteran actor Jon Voight tells the BBC Kathryn Bigelow "certainly deserved" to make history as the first woman best director. "It was very moving that she received the award and it's going to do a great deal for this very special film too," he says.

0610 Asked if he was disappointed that Colin Firth did not win best actor, A Single Man director Tom Ford tells the BBC: "I love Colin. He's a great actor and he deserved to win. but I love [Jeff] Bridges too and I think [Crazy Heart] was a great film."

0605 James Cameron looks on the bright side of Avatar's slightly disappointing showing. Asked how he feels about the most expensive movie ever made being beaten by the lowest-grossing best picture winner in history, he replies: "Well we made as much money as all the other nominees put together, by some factor... that's called business by the way!"

0554 It might not have been a great night for the Brits but we did have something to shout about. Along with best costume designer Sandy Powell, Dorset-based Ray Beckett was on stage twice. He and Paul NJ Ottosson picked up the awards for the Hurt Locker's sound mixing and sound editing.

BBCEntsTeam tweets: Kathryn Bigelow tells the press she'd like to be the first of many female directors to win, and hopes to inspire film-makers of both sexes. Read BBCEntsTeam

0536 Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin had a tough act to follow as hosts after last year's cool delivery from Hugh Jackman. But they got plenty of laughs and poked gentle fun at just about everyone in attendance - including themselves.

oaktowers tweets: Sandra Bullock won a Oscar for Best Actress and a Razzie for Worst Actress, a good weekend for her isn't it? Read oaktowers

0522 Was it me or were there no real fashion disasters this year? Robert Downey Jr's dickie bow was not to my taste but, hey, he's a star - he can pull off pretty much anything. Judge for yourself in our fashion picture gallery.

0516 Well, I feel a little breathless after all that. So, the Academy plumped for politics over popcorn by awarding The Hurt Locker the best picture Oscar over Avatar, which picked up a slightly disappointing total of three awards.

e-mail sent in by reader
mr-cammy wrote: Every time the graphic of an Oscar being won comes up I think Star Wars has gotten involved because it looks like C-3PO!

neilhimself tweets: Jeff Bridges' standing ovation reached the mezzanines. Sandra Bullock's was only on the ground floor. Interesting. I like her speech better. Read neilhimself

Kathryn Bigelow
The Hurt Locker earned Kathryn Bigelow a place in history
shayaanseraj tweets: Hurt Locker to make more than $17 million. Will definitely buy the blu ray tomorrow; first time viewing Read shayaanseraj

0503 And that's your lot! That was something of an abrupt end to the ceremony. But don't worry, there is plenty more fun to come as we get reaction from the stars. Please let us know what you think too. Surprised? Delighted? Disappointed?

0500 That is a total of six Oscars for The Hurt Locker. The team are all on stage and are very excited. Producer Nicolas Chartier, who was barred from the ceremony must be kicking himself for sending some ill-advised emails to Academy members. But he is thanked on stage, so every cloud. More thanks and tributes paid to armed forces.

0459 Kathryn Bigalow looks stunned. She had described winning best director as "the moment of a lifetime" but I don't think she expected to be on stage again seconds later. She says fellow nominees are "powerful filmmakers" and thanks Mark Boal for "risking his life for the words on the page".

Oscar statue
0458 Oh my word! Tom Hanks did not even read out the best picture nominees before announcing The Hurt Locker as the winner. What drama!

Oscar statue
0455 And history is made. Kathryn Bigelow has become the first woman ever to be named best director.

0450 Bullock says the film was about the "moms" who take care of children "no matter where they came from" and finally the tears come when she thanks her mum for making her practice, calling her a "trailblazer".

0448 Bullock won a Razzie last night for being the worst actress. What is going on? She jokes she's just "worn everybody down", before telling Gabourey: "I love you so much", praising the grace and elegance of Carey Mulligan and telling Meryl Streep she is "a great kisser".

Oscar statue
0447 Sean Penn announces the winner of best actress. And it's Sandra Bullock.

0444 Gabourey Sidibe is in tears as Oprah Winfrey pays tribute to her, calling her "a true American Cinderella".

Jeff Bridges
Jeff Bridges was an immensely popular winner
neilhimself tweets: They play soft rock during Oscar commercials. Apparently Roxanne does not have to put on the red light tonight, good news for all of us. Read neilhimself

0440 Michael Sheen is on stage - not many Brits getting that chance tonight. Now it's the introductions to the best actress award. Dame Helen Mirren and Carey Mulligan are in with a shout...

0438 Backstage, the BBC asked Sandy Powell how it felt to be the first British winner. She replied: "I hadn't thought of that like that. I'm thrilled to be a winner at all but British winner, yes." Then she adds: "Do you know what? Normally they don't mention the costume design. They just mention the actors. So let's see, I hope it will get reported." Happy to oblige, Sandy.

0435 He had been the clear favourite from the start. It is his first Oscar out of five nominations. He is a hugely popular winner and gets a standing ovation, calling it a "groovy profession". Bridges thanks his co-stars for their "heart and soul". His wife of 33 years looks as proud as you would expect. What a gent.

Oscar statue
0433 As widely predicted, the award for best actor goes to Jeff Bridges.

0433 Farrell mentioned he had once shared "not only a bed but a pillow" with best actor nominee Jeremy Renner. Blimey!

0432 Colin Farrell says Jeremy Renner "thoroughly deserves" his nomination. This year's Oscars are even more back-slappy than previous years, as strange as that sounds. What is with all the tributes from famous friends and co-workers? Sweet but really necessary? Just get on with it!

0427 Julieanne Moore speaks in glowing terms about Colin Firth and says she didn't get to spend long enough with him while filming A Single Man. The Morgan Freeman gets the treatment from Tim Robbins.

0426 Kim Basinger sings the praises of Jeff Bridges as she puts forward his case for best actor. Then it's the turn of George Clooney's Up In The Air co-star Vera Farmiga.

neilhimself tweets: Now people are wandering and schmoozing in ad breaks, so the loudspeaker orders are to clear the aisles and return to seats when it restarts Read neilhimself

Sandra Bullock
Sandra Bullock presented an award - but will she get to take one home?
0421 Well, we're getting down to the really big categories now. Last chance to make that cup of tea - or gin - whichever is your tipple of choice.

Oscar statue
0416 It goes to the Argentinean film The Secret In their Eyes. The makers thank the Academy for not classing the Na'vi tongue, from Avatar, as a foreign language.

0414 Pedro Almodovar and Quentin Tarantino are presenting foreign language film in front of a weird background made up of lampshades. Significance?

comment from blogger
Helen O'Hara on Empire blog: Is it wrong that we mentally inserted a "Wow" after his well-delivered teleprompted speech? Yes? OK, sorry Cool Breeze. We love ya anyway. Read Empire blog

theangeladee tweets: The Oscars super sterile this year. BORING! Read theangeladee

0408 Best film editing goes to The Hurt Locker, its fourth award of the night so far. It is turning into that much-predicted two-horse race with Avatar. Or will there be a shock in store?

e-mail sent in by reader
friendlyonewhocares writes: Surely films and the cinema are to entertain, so the Hurt Locker just reminds us of more pain and modern terror which is happening today, and most likely it is nothing like what really happens on the ground.

Ben Stiller
Was Ben Stiller feeling blue without Sacha Baren Cohen?
Oscar statue
0403 Best documentary feature, presented by Matt Damon, goes to The Cove, about the systematic slaughter of dolphins in Japan. One of the filmmakers is Fisher Stevens - who once played an annoying boyfriend of Phoebe in Friends.

BBCEntsTeam tweets: How's this for puerile - the Huffington Post has written an entire article about Kathryn Bigelow getting a better seat than James Cameron. Read BBCEntsTeam

e-mail sent in by reader
Adam writes: Some films were robbed this year - even with the Best Picture award opened up to 10 films there still wasn't room for 'In The Loop', 'Where The Wild Things Are' and 'Moon'...

Oscar statue
0354 Avatar wins best visual effects, possibly the least surprising one of the night. Cameron is thanked again, clearly his people love him. Or they're terrified of him. Still waiting on the big one though, is best picture getting more likely?

Oscar statue
0352 The best original score Oscar goes to Michael Giacchino for Up. He said he started making movies with his dad's old camera. He tells any children listening: "If you want to be creative get out there and do it, its' not a waste of time." Still, he likes making people cry, as he told the BBC recently.

0346 Very dramatic dancing to mark the nominees for best original score. Where are Brucie and Len Goodman? Seven!!!

carpetbagger tweets: First hint of Mo'Nique the comedian in press room when she starts calling out reporters' numbers for questions, auctioneer-style Read carpetbagger's tweets

Tina Fey and Mark Boal
The Hurt Locker's Mark Boal beats Tarantino to best original screenplay
0337 It is the sad bit of the night when we get to see who the film world has lost over the last year. James Taylor is singing The Beatles' In My Life and playing live guitar.

Oscar statue
0334 Sandra Bullock presents Mauro Fiore with best cinematography for Avatar. Another behind-the-scenes victory for Cameron's epic. Can it take the big one of the night?

Colin Paterson
The BBC's Colin Paterson tweets: Just interviewed two heroes at once - Jerry Seinfeld and Jay Leno. Seinfeld: "I'll never host the Oscars as everyone hates you the next day" Read Colin Paterson

0330 Quentin Tarantino has done a little victory style fist-pumping after a montage of clips from Inglourious Basterds, does he know something we don't? They have been punctuating the show with clips of each of the 10 films nominated for best picture.

Armando Iannucci has nipped out to the loo to tell us how he feels about losing out on the Oscar for best Adapted Screenplay… "Ah well. It's still a hoot!" Read AIannucci

Oscar statue
0326 The Hurt Locker also wins best sound mixing, Ottosson comes back on again. Good night for him. He seems a little embarrassed but takes it in his stride.

Oscar statue
0325 Best sound editing goes to The Hurt Locker, the second award of the night for that film. Paul NJ Ottosson accepts, he has some crazy hair going on.

0323 Morgan Freeman is narrating a film on sound editing. He does have a great voice it has to be said...

RottenTomatoes takes issue with the introduction to the Horror Movie montage, tweeting: "They say it's been 37 years since a horror film showed up on the Oscar stage. Silence of the Lambs doesn't count?" Read RottenTomatoes

0320 They are showing a montage of great moments from horror films through the decades. I'm not sure why but I am a bit scared...

0317 Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin are sharing a bed in a comic tribute to horror movies. They kind of look like Morecambe and Wise.

Tim Masters
The BBC's Tim Masters tweets: Is Star Trek's make-up award the start of a good night for sci-fi? Read Tim Masters

0314 Phew! So the Brits are off the mark. I was beginning to get a little worried there. Sandy Powell had no such concerns. She just said she felt "greedy" for taking home a third statuette.

BBCEntsTeam tweets: The ceremony might be in full swing, but BBC Breakfast's Susanna Reid is already off to the red carpet at the Vanity Fair afterparty… Read BBCEntsTeam

GB flag
0309 Tom Ford and Sarah Jessica Parker are on to present best costume design. It goes to Brit Sandy Powell for The Young Victoria. It is her third Oscar of her career. She is wearing a little sparkly beret.

comment from blogger
Todd VanDerWeff writes on The Onion AV Club blog: A year ago, if you told someone Mo'Nique was going to win an Oscar, you would have been punched in the face. Read The Onion AV Club

Oscar statue
0306 Sigourney Weaver gives a name check to Shepperton studios in Middlesex, where she filmed Alien, as she introduces Oscar for best art direction. Winner is Avatar, no shock there then.

New York Times journalist David Carr doesn't seem to be enjoying the show. He tweets: I've always wanted to watch the Oscars rather than work them. Now? Not so sure. Read carr2n

0259 Accepting the best supporting actress award, an emotional Mo'Nique said it was about "performance not politics". Thanked her Precious "family" and her husband. She also thanked Hattie McDaniel - the first black actress to win an Academy Award for Gone with the Wind in 1940.

Oscar statue
0259 And it was a safe bet, too. Mo'Nique is this year's best supporting actress.

0257 A montage of films involving the best supporting actress nominees is presented by Robin Williams. Mo'Nique was the hot favourite for her role in Precious.

0254 Queen Latifah presents Roger Corman and Lauren Bacall as two honorary award recipients. They get a standing ovation.

0254 A bad start for the Brits then. But will Colin Firth be thanking his fridge repair man again? He's up for best actor for his role in A Single Man. Carey Mulligan and Dame Helen Mirren are the UK's best actress hopes.

0252 Steve Martin pokes fun at Fletcher being lost for words, saying: "I wrote that speech for him".

Oscar statue
0250 The winner is Geoffrey Fletcher for Precious - first one of the night for the one of the films competing for best picture. It really has taken his breath away. He seems very emotional, first tears of the night?

0248 Rachel Mcadams and Jake Gyllenhaal to present adapted screenplay. The UK has a chance with In The Loop and An Education.

Jane Fonda is tweeting live from the Kodak Theater: The latest scintillating tidbit? "Kirk Douglas just came over and kissed me!" Read Janefonda

Christoph Waltz
House! Christoph Waltz enjoys his "uber-bingo"
USA Today columnist Whitney Matheson (aka popcandy) tweets: "Spending far more time debating what I should eat during the Oscars than wondering who will win." Read popcandy

Oscar statue
0241 Star Trek wins best make-up.

0239 Ben Stiller is on stage to present the best make-up award. He's decked out in Avatar blue skin and ears. This is the sketch he would have been doing with Sacha Baron Cohen, had the act not been pulled because of "creative differences".

Oscar statue
0234 They're coming thick and fast now. Music By Prudence wins best documentary short while The New Tenants wins best live action short film.

0233 So, Wallace & Gromit animator Nick Park fails in his bid to become the Sir Steve Redgrave of the movie world. Had he won with A Matter of Loaf and death, it would have been his fifth gong. We still love him, though.

Oscar statue
0232 The winner of best animated short is French film is Logorama.

0228 Carey Mulligan and Zoe Saldana helping each other on to the stage ahead of best animated short film. Tricky dresses and heels ladies?

comment from blogger
Josh writes on Paste Magazine: The only award John Hughes won (according to IMDB) was the 1991 Producer of the Year given at the ShoWest Convention. It's good to see him honored tonight. These were the movies of my teen years. Read Paste Magazine

0221 Judd Nelson looks like Ringo Starr, makes us realise how long ago Breakfast Club was made.

0220 A wonderfully touching tribute to director John Hughes. If you want to know more about the Ferris Bueller director, read our obituary from August last year.

0218 Molly Ringwald and Matthew Broderick pay tribute to John Hughes before a montage from his films. Ferris Bueller is still one of the funniest films ever.

0216 QT looks a little put out. Former war reporter Boal says he is "humbled" and calls Kathryn Bigelow "extraordinary". He dedicates his award to the troops serving abroad and his father who passed away a month ago.

Oscar statue
0215 Best original screenplay goes to Mark Boal for The Hurt Locker.

0211 Robert Downey Jr and Tina Fey to present best original screenplay joking about the difference between actors and writers, "Handsome gifted people and sickly little mole people". Is this auditioning as hosts for next year?

0213 "The Academy Awards: The biggest night in Hollywood since last night," jokes Alec Baldwin.

Entertainment Weekly tweets: [Matt] Damon and [Stanley] Tucci are back at the bar. When asked if they're going back into the theater, they both say, 'No!' Damon adds, 'We're done!' Read Entertainment Weekly

Tim Masters
The BBC's Tim Masters tweets: Glourious victory for Christoph Waltz, and well-deserved for that opening scene alone

Dame Helen Mirren
"Damn" Helen Mirren. Flying the flag for the Brits
0206 We are watching quite long clips from each of the nominated films. It could be a long night at this rate. Even if the acceptance speeches are limited to 45 seconds.

0202 Best original song goes to Ryan Bingham and T-bone Burnett for The Weary Kind (theme from Crazy Heart).

0200 Amanda Seyfried and Miley Cyrus are on to present best original song, Cyrus has fluffed her lines and said she was "nervous".

Oscar statue
0159 And best animated feature is? Up, of course. It's in the running for best film too.

0158 Cameron Diaz and Steve Carell are presenting best animated feature. After joking about how good looking they both were, they said Carell was standing in for Jude Law. A film is showing all the nominated characters talking about what an honour it is to be in the running. Thumbs up for creativity.

Tim Masters
The BBC's Tim Masters tweets: a wobbly moment in the press room when the sound feed failed, and then relief when it came up in time for the "Damn" Helen Mirren gag

pjebsen tweets: The 'double host' banter between Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin works pretty well Read pjebsen

0149 The Austrian, who won for his role in Inglourious Basterds, joked that winning and meeting her was "double bingo".

Oscar statue
0148 Christoph Waltz wins best supporting actor

Neil Patrick Harris
Neil Patrick Harris - outshone by his own jacket
0143 Penelope Cruz is on stage to present the first award - for best supporting actor.

neilhimself (author Neil Gaiman) tweets: I am up on the mezzanine level. There are lots of ladies with scary-sweet plastic surgery faces and elderly husbands up here. Read neilhimself

0139 The pair raise a laugh by donning 3D glasses to look at Avatar director James Cameron.

0137 The stars could be taking a few digs tonight. Martin says: "There's that damn Helen Mirren". Before Baldwin points out it's "Dame" Helen.

0135 Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin have descended from the roof like a Hollywood version of Cannon and Ball. Its hard to figure out which one if going to be the straight man. Martin joked about most-nominated actress Meryl Streep losing so many times.

e-mail sent in by reader
Bluesberry writes: "Between Avatar and Hurt Locker, my choice would be Avatar. Of course, there's always the possibility that these two could split votes, leaving Inglourious Basterds to win." Add your comments using the link on the right-hand side.

0133 Harris calls tonight's hosts, Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin "the biggest pair since Dolly Parton".

0132 Neil Patrick Harris - aka Doogie Howser MD - has started the show singing, wearing a very sparkly dinner jacket. He can carry a tune. Mostly.

0130 We're underway! And this year we're beginning with all the best actor and actress nominees lined up on stage. Some looking slightly awkward, it has to be said.

0120 After a heady night for the Brits last year, with Slumdog Millionaire taking home eight statuettes and Kate Winslet finally bagging one at the fifth attempt, there could be slim pickings this time around.

ebertchicago, (film critic Roger Ebert) tweets: Jeremy Renner's mom: "He'll always be my baby boy!" Aw, mom... Read ebertchicago

Robert Downey Jr
Robert Downey Jr is showing off his dickie. But what about the trainers?
0110 Sandra Bullock is already thinking of food and says she is looking forward to a burger and French fries, "maybe a milkshake" as well. Living the dream.

0107 George Clooney on the Academy's decision to put 10 films in the best picture category this year: "I don't think it's good for filmmaking. I think it's probably very good for the show. It's sort of like making the basket bigger in the basketball court so more points get scored."

comment from blogger
Helen O'Hara writing on Empire's live blog: The Dude Abides. Jeff Bridges is owning the carpet, and talking about Crazy Heart and downplaying his certainty chance of winning. "I've always felt very well acknowledged by the whole Hollywood community and all the fans". Have you written a speech? "I don't know, man". Read Empire

neilhimself (author Neil Gaiman) tweets: Have just discovered my facial recognition skills break down if people are in tuxedos. We are milling around waiting to go to seats. Read neilhimself

0058 Lavish parties and cocktails are the order of the evening in LA. But what are you doing to celebrate Oscar night? An all-nighter followed by a "duvet day" from work, is it?

NYDNgossip tweets James Cameron seems to now be taking over the fashion world. Avatar blue has taken over the red carpet Read NYDNgossip tweets

Tim Masters
The BBC's Tim Masters tweets: As I'm colour blind I shan't be commenting on any Avatar-blue dresses - in case they are bright pink

0050 Keanu Reeves and his Speed co-star, best actress nominee Sandra Bullock, have been laughing and joking on the red carpet. Catching up on old times or planning another bus trip together?

0048 According to gossip website Defamer, one of tonight's nominated actors has gone missing: "He's not returning his publicist, agent or manager's calls," it says. The site raises fears he may not show up at the ceremony. They're naming no names, though.

0042 Robert Downey Jr and his wife have colour co-ordinated. He's wearing a turquoise-blue bowtie and Susan Downey has turquoise bits on her dress. Sadly, he has let the side down by teaming his evening suit with trainers. Where's Tom Ford when you need him?

Amanda Seyfried
Bubble wrap? Are you going to tell her or shall I?
comment from blogger
Nearsighted comments on the Defamer website: Rachel McAdams, stop looking miserable. You're at the goddamn Oscars. I have to teach 70 freshmen tomorrow. Wanna trade? Read more Defamer

0036 James Cameron has been praising 'Team Avatar'. He says he and ex-wife and fellow nominee Kathryn Bigelow will "probably" work together again and he would be "tremendously proud" were she to win. He added: "I wrote a speech, I'm ready but if we don't win, that's cool too". Team Avatar is, apparently, ready to PARTAAAY!!.

comment from blogger
Fug Girls at New York magazine writes: MILEY RAY CYRUS, STAND UP STRAIGHT. She's in a satin bustier dress and everyone in the room with us just groaned. E! helps us wash away the taste by showing Ryan talking to Jake Gyllenhaal. He is giving a message to Maggie about how much he loves her, but we are thrown by Antonio Banderas' MIGHTY BEARD. We heard it's for a role, but still -- it's like a skunk sat on his chin. Read more Fug Girls

0032 No questions who this year's favourites are: It's Avatar versus The Hurt Locker for best film, according to all the pundits. Kathryn Bigelow is tipped by many to beat ex-husband James Cameron to best director. But could Quentin Tarantino's Inglourious Basterds upset the applecart in both categories?

The BBCEntsTeam tweets: Dame Helen Mirren and Samuel L Jackson have arrived (not together - but what a pairing they'd make in a movie) Read BBCEntsTeam tweets

aChildOfSundays tweets: Why does Amanda Seyfried's gown look so much like bubble wrap? Read aChildOfSundays

0022 So, who is the smart money on, then? For those of you who missed Mark Kermode's tips - and a very funny story about how he once failed to win £70,000, despite betting on five winners out of five - here are his top four picks: Avatar (film), Kathryn Bigelow (director), Jeff Bridges (actor), Sandra Bullock (actress)

Steve Carell, with wife Nancy
Is Steve Carell, here with wife Nancy, just too nice for Hollywood?
0015 Best director nominee Lee Daniel has said of his competition, "I hate them all, I'm here to win," but we think he was joking. The Precious director also jested that he would "stab" them on stage. There's nothing funny about knife crime, Lee.

0008 Maintaining a reputation as one of Hollywood's nice guys, Steve Carell says he has "high hopes" for Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin on presenting duties. He's so nice that he can't even pick a favourite for tonight. "Everyone is a winner," he says. Can someone be "too nice"? Hmmmm....

0005 Up In The Air nominee Anna Kendrick, at her first Oscars, says she is "is concentrating on trying not to rip her dress or anything".

boydhilton, Heat magazine, tweets: "Sandy" Bullock is ruling this red carpet with her hair and everything Read boydhilton

0000 Up In The Air director Jason Reitman has just given his seal of approval to Kathryn Bigelow for best director. He said: "Give it to Kathryn, just give it to her, it's not even up for discussion".

comment from blogger
Fug Girls at New York magazine writes: It may not surprise you to hear that Tom Ford is wearing a very well-tailored suit. It may, however, surprise you to hear that Elizabeth Banks looks rather bland in a gray Versace frock that seems a bit tight. She also refers to the Scientific Oscars as, "the Nerd Oscars." I hope the nerds don't take that too personally. Read more Fug Girls

The BBCEntsTeam tweets: The Inglourious Basterds have arrived, along with Quinton Aaron (who plays Michael Oher alongside Sandra Bullock in The Blind Side) Read BBCEntsTeam tweets

2349 Sam Worthington, the Australian actor who plays marine Jake Sully in best film contender Avatar has been chatting to press on the red carpet. Sadly, it looks like he couldn't find a razor in his bag but he redeemed himself by calling a reporter 'mate' in a very Aussie way.

2345 Hello and welcome to our live text coverage of the 82nd Academy Awards. We will be bringing you up-to-the minute coverage of the film world's biggest night of the year - from who is hogging the limelight on the red carpet to hot gossip from the after-show parties. Join us for on-the-spot updates on all the news from the BBC's correspondents.

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