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Alexander McQueen has died: Your memories

Alexander McQueen
Mr McQueen was named British designer of the year four times

The fashion designer Alexander McQueen has died, his company has said.

His office confirmed to the BBC that Mr McQueen, 40, was found dead at his London home on Thursday morning.

BBC News website readers have been sending in their memories of the designer.


Being a fashion graduate in 1995, McQueen was creating and shocking the world with his amazing designs, inspiring every fashion designer to push themselves that bit further. Using a large chunk of my grant (yep we got them in those days) to buy bumster trousers that were so unique and new I don't think I ever dare wear them, I still have them today. Rest in peace Lee, they'll never be anyone like you.
Robbie, Steatham

I was commissioned by Isabella Blow to take pictures of Alexander McQueen as he became famous for English Vogue. Later I changed career and sold him his then studio in Clerkenwell EC1. A charming talented man who I'm sure will be missed by thousands.
Nick Ferrand, Perugia

He was such an amazing designer - his feathered creations were the inspiration for my wedding dress. I'm in shock and saddened by this news.
Saskia Clarke, Brighton

I am deeply sad to hear of Lee's death. I worked with Lee at the beginning of his career 20 years ago and later at Gucci Group. He was a fantastic designer, a real designer, one who created from his heart where real talent lies. Now the angels can meet him and we can look forward to colourful dreams. Rest in peace.
Jessica Shepherd, Florence, Italy

So sad I will miss you Alexander...where will I get my pantalons from now? x
Lee Walton, Camden

An absolute icon and genius of British fashion. A huge void will be felt in the fashion world as well as of course by his friends and family. His visions were beautiful and he recently wowed everyone with his latest collection. His absence will be felt strongly during London Fashion Week.
Sacha, London

This news is very strange to me, as I have just spent months studying Lee McQueen and his work for my media A-Level coursework. His death has come the day before I am due to hand it all in and I just cannot believe that such an iconic and great man is so suddenly gone. He re-arranged British fashion for the world to admire and inspired so many people not just in his own industry but anyone who had to chance to learn from his unique legacy.
Esme Tailor, Bedfordshire

Alexander McQueen was the greatest designer in history. I am an aspiring designer and have admired him for years. I met him nearly ten years ago at fashion week and he was amazing to me, my hero throughout my career in fashion. Today is a black day in fashion.
Gareth Love, Cardiff

A tragic loss! Alexander was a legend and he absolutely made a statement in the fashion industry.
Simona, London

What a tragedy, having followed the incredible journey he took following the launch of the infamous "buttock" revealing trousers, through to the commercial successes and mass appeal he had achieved, this is truly a sad day for British fashion. He was a true trail blazer, and a genuine, unique fashion creator. He leaves a legacy of innovation, shock, outrage, fun, frivolity and above all else, sheer unadulterated style.
Emil McMahon, Edinburgh

Such a sad day for British fashion. McQueen comes from the school of design that was about not only creating pioneering pieces but taking the UK as a fashion force all over the world. He sits with the likes of Westwood as a true great. A great loss to the country.
Harry, London

A great fashion icon who never failed to create surprises in the fashion industry. A trend setter, never a trend follower.
Firdaus, Singapore

His work is such an inspiration and so was he. He had such a future in front of him, it's so sad for it to have ended this soon. He's the reason I chose to study fashion design and I'm sure I'm not alone in that.
Sioban, Bristol

Rest in peace fashionista, the world was brighter thanks to your colour and imagination!
Danny, Manchester

What terrible news that a great man has left us. My mother used to make material for him, she said he was a very kind man.
Elly, London

I'm not a high-fashion follower, I dress from second hand shops and know nothing about brands, designers or couture. But a friend once lent me a corset mock-up (there's probably a technical term) that a mate of hers who had worked for Alexander McQueen had made. I wore it to a fancy dress party as part of a catwoman outfit. I felt fantastic! And I pulled. Thank you for a great night Alexander McQueen.
Bloo, Oxford, UK

It met him once. Used to be his milkman. Great guy. Never left a Christmas tip though.
Brian Barron, Toodles, Middlesex

Alexander McQueen was by far one of Europe's most talented and versatile designers, this is such a sad loss in the fashion world, its indescribable. May he rest in peace, and his fashion legacy live on. "God Save McQueen."
Delma, Houston, TX, USA

An incredible and fearless designer. I found out on Twitter - which goes to show that news travels incredibly fast now. His spring/summer range this year was beautiful. A huge loss to the industry.
FashionLover, London

One of the best designers of our time...had the privilege of attending shows by Mr McQueen and he always pulled out all the stops. He was one for perfection and will be missed.
Dan T, London

I worked with this genius as a model in his graduation show and his first show thereafter autumn/winter, back in 1995. He'll be sorely missed.
Marjan Debevere, London, UK

Met Lee a number of times. Most amazingly generous and loving man. He has inspired millions and will be greatly missed by everyone who loves fashion. What an inspiration.
Lauren , London

Shocking news - what a tragedy to the fashion world. I went to his first show in London with my mum and we were utterly spellbound by his fantastic creations - it was like nothing we'd ever seen before. Such sad news.
Hannah, London

I never met him but he was a fashion genius. The Einstein to the British fashion scene.
Hannah Tinker, Brighouse

So devastated! What a superb talent! Hard to come to terms with this news. So Young! With so much left to give! A real designer who knew how to cut his own patterns! Now who have we left? He was up there with YSL, Cardin, and Dior! So sad!
William Lowe, Liverpool

Just as the fashion world lost a major talent with Yves Saint Laurent, the fashion world has lost another huge talent that hadn't had a chance to grow and shine. A great loss to this art.
Griffo, Barcelona, Spain

Such sad news, I had the great privilege of having a fitting with him many years ago as an anniversary present from my late partner and he was such a lovely man, and my dress was amazing. I still have it and will treasure it always. Condolences to his family, friends and staff, he will be greatly missed.
R, Bucks

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