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The Simpsons' most memorable quotes

The Simpsons


• "To alcohol! The cause of - and solution to - all of life's problems!"

[Reading computer manual] "To start, press any key. Where's the 'Any' key?"

• "Kids, you tried your best and you failed miserably. The lesson is, never try."

Homer Simpson

• "I want to share something with you: The three little sentences that will get you through life. Number 1: Cover for me. Number 2: Oh, good idea, Boss! Number 3: It was like that when I got here."

• "I have feelings too - like 'My stomach hurts' or 'I'm going crazy'

• "Sensitive love letters are my specialty. 'Dear Baby, Welcome to Dumpsville. Population: you.'"

• "Pffft, English. Who needs that? I'm never going to England."

Homer: "Well, he's got all the money in the world, but there's one thing he can't buy."
Marge: "What's that?"
Homer: [thinks] "A dinosaur."

Marge: "Homer, the plant called. They said if you don't show up tomorrow don't bother showing up on Monday."
Homer: "Woo-hoo! Four-day weekend!"

• "D'oh!"


• I will not yell 'She's dead' during roll call.

• I will not surprise the incontinent.

• SpongeBob is not a contraceptive.

• My butt does not deserve a website.

• Fish do not like coffee.

• I will not laminate dog doo.

• Frankincense is not a monster.

• The capital of Montana is not "Hannah".

• Silly string is not a nasal spray.

• Nobody reads these anymore.

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