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Brittany Murphy: Your comments

Brittany Murphy
Brittany Murphy's family described her death as a "terrible tragedy"

US actress Brittany Murphy has died at age 32 after collapsing at home. She had starred in several Hollywood films including Clueless, Just Married, Eight Mile and Girl, Interrupted.

Her family has described her as a "shining star" and called her death a "terrible tragedy".

BBC News website readers have been sending us their memories of the actress. You can read a selection below.


What I love and will truly miss about actress Brittany Murphy is her comedic role from the movie 'Clueless'. It has made her become one of the best young entertainers that this generation has ever seen. She was absolutely talented and tremendously full of life in her films. My prayers, thoughts and condolences go out to her family, friends and everyone else who is very dear to her. She will be truly missed on and off the screen.
Shemekia Brown, Georgia, United States

Brittany will forever be one of my favourite actresses. I will miss her naughty laugh, her weird wardrobe, her wild antics and crazy ways, but more importantly her warm and caring heart. My deepest sympathies to her mom and the rest of her family. We will all miss her dearly.
Trevor Reines, Cape Town, South Africa

Brittany Murphy was beautiful and my favourite of her roles was in the film "Don't Say a Word" where she plays the psychiatric patient of Michael Douglas and has the combination to saving his daughter trapped in her head. She was stunning and jaw dropping to watch and even just to look at. She was infectious.
Beth Bouskill, Gloucester, UK

She was so sweet, I loved her as a fan. Sad to lose such a shining star. We will never see her great smile again. What a doll, we will all miss her so. 'Just Married' was a great film with a great lesson about love. She brought so much to that role. Too bad she is gone.
Jim, Toronto, Canada

My first memory of her was in 'Sister Sister', singing 'Under the Boardwalk' with Tia, Tamera and Lisa in the car. I will always think of her whenever I hear that song.
Louise Aston, Redditch, UK

I associate Brittany Murphy with happy memories as my daughter grew up. We always agreed that she was a good actress who appeared in some quality 'Teen' films. My whole family is saddened by her premature death.
Ian Taylor, Horley, UK

I am so sorry to hear this terrible news. My deepest sympathies go out to the family and friends of Brittany. May she rest in peace xxx.
Sarah, Oxford, UK

This is really sad. It's such a shame. A star is lost. I really enjoyed her in 'Just Married'. My thoughts go out to her husband and family.
David, Barking, England

Gone too soon... A beautiful talented actress who's life was taken away at the young age of 32. I have watched many movies and enjoyed the warmth, laughter and appreciation portrayed through the screen by Brittany. Your star has not gone or dimmed, it will shine even brighter on the other side.
Candice, Queensland, Australia

This came as a complete shock this morning. So sad. I remember seeing her in 'Eight Mile' and she was excellent. My kids remember her as the voice in 'Happy Feet', and we watched the behind the scenes footage of her singing. She had a great voice. Such a shame that someone with a great future ahead went so quickly. God bless.
Boxy42, France

I remember her especially from Girl Interrupted. Such a great actress full of life. She was exactly the girl from the book, and claimed, in my eyes, every scene she was in. To me Brittany Murphy is one of the best actresses in Hollywood. So sorry for the loss of a bright star and my condolences to her family.
Heidi Lunde, Odense, Denmark

I'm stunned. Her vocal performance as Luanne in King of the Hill was unique and absolutely hilarious. For this alone, she deserves a place in the entertainment hall of fame. What a sad loss.
Chris Fluffy

She was absolutely superb in Sin City and had a promising career ahead of her. It's a sad loss to the film industry.
Phillip McQueen, London, UK

A ray of sunshine is so true! No-one has mentioned a fabulous film she made in 2001 called 'Sidewalks of New York' in which she played an effervescent waitress. The part she played summed her up beautifully. Get a copy and watch it if you can, the film is fun in itself and was highly underrated by the critics. We shall miss you Brittany.
Tony, Richmond, UK

I think we have lost a very great actress who has given me, and I am sure many others, a great deal of entertainment in everything she has been in. It's a very, very sad day - we will miss her. Our hearts go out to her family.
Annie Smith, Crawley, West Sussex

I feel like I have grown up with Brittany Murphy, I remember the first time I watched Clueless, it was in a geography lesson at the end of term as a treat at high school. Me and the rest of the class loved the film! Since then I have watched most of her films like 'Eight Mile', her more famous film, and some of her less famous films like 'Drop Dead Gorgeous' and 'Spun'. I will, like most others miss watching her in new films. May our thoughts be with Brittany's family and loved ones. Rest in peace Brittany, you will be dearly missed!
Christine Weatherburn, Sutton, Surrey, UK

I didn't believe it when I first heard. So tragic that she died so young. I love every film she has been in. She will be greatly missed!
Jacqueline, London, UK

Really shocked to hear of Brittany's death. I loved her as an actress, she was one of my favourite. She was different from the others and that's what I admired about her. She was so pretty also and it's such a shame she has died. My thoughts go out to her family and I hope she rests in peace.
Kira, London, UK

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