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Maggie Jones: Your memories

Maggie Jones

Coronation Street star Maggie Jones, best known for her role in the soap as acid-tongued Blanche Hunt, has died at the age of 75.

The character, known for her cutting comments and frank remarks, has become a firm favourite with dedicated Corrie fans.

Here are some of your favourite Blanche quotes and your memories of Maggie the actress.


I remember all of her fabulous put-downs:

"Good looks are a curse, Deidre. You and Ken should count yourselves lucky."

"Skirt no bigger than a belt, too much eyeliner, and roots as dark as her soul."

"At least Deidre still looks like Deidre, and not Dracula's daughter".

So wish I could have met her. She will be sorely missed.
Tom, Lancaster

Having worked on Coronation Street for ten years (I can remember the screen test Maggie did on her return), I have nothing but fond memories of her. She was a true professional who the crew looked forward to working with, as scenes involving her would always be true Corrie classics - often very funny, sometimes full of pathos, but always memorable (and she always knew her lines!!) Farewell Maggie, it's been a privilege working with you - no doubt you'll be keeping heaven in check from now on!
Mike, Mossley, Lancashire

I am so very sad about this. Maggie was a superb actress. Her portrayal of Blanche was a joy to behold and her comic delivery was simply sublime. Blanche was my favourite character in Coronation Street and I will miss her greatly. RIP Maggie, I send my condolences to her friends and family.
Leigh Whitehead, Birmingham

Blanche was my favourite character in Coronation Street. I loved her dry sense of humour and the fact she was never afraid to say what was on her mind. The recent episode of Coronation Street where Blanche had too much to drink was a classic! She will be missed by many.
Nick, Staffordshire

The scenes taken at an AA meeting with Blanche, Peter, Ken and Deirdre was one of the funniest - a real laugh out loud moment. That is due to the timing, facial expressions and sheer devilment of Blanche. Maggie Jones a real gem and someone who will be sadly missed. God bless.
Doreen, Essex

I am devastated! Corrie won't be the same without Blanche and her killer one liners. Some favourites:

"They say that happiness is a form of mental retardation."

"The Croppers will never get custody; he's a loony and she's a man."

"Face it Ken. You're no Barbra Taylor Bradford."

"Skirt no bigger than a belt, too much eyeliner, and roots as dark as her soul!" (about Liz)

Maggie/Blanche, you will be missed!
Amy Price, London

Now Maggie Jones as Blanche is a woman who oozes talent unlike the new breed of actors who cannot act and are rather wooden by comparison. I will miss not just her hilarious one liners but the manner in which she delivers them, so deadpan, (pardon the pun) that they make you laugh out loud. May she rest in peace and rise again in glory. Amen.
Tony, Birmingham

Maggie Jones - What a tremendously talented and funny actress, we always looked forward to her character, Blanche in Coronation Street, the star of the show, she will be sorely missed
Roy Bold, Knaresborough

Coronation Street won't be the same without her, I loved her to the knuckle cutting remarks that made the Barlows cringe with embarrassment. Superb actress that played this character perfectly, what a great loss to the cast of Coronation Street and the show's writers. Will be sadly missed.
Alan, Wigan

Maggie Jones was my Monday, Wednesday and Friday night, she played the funniest part on Coronation Street and her wit will be sadly missed. Irreplaceable, great comedy put downs, and typical northern sense of humour. Good night, god bless.
Wayne Fitzharris, Accrington

Maggie was a great actress and I was sad to hear the news she had passed away. Her character Blanche was a great character and brought humour to the street. Very sad news
Emma Aaron, Wigan

I met Maggie a couple of times at the hotel she used when filming. She had a routine - she would get a cab from Quay Street to the hotel where she would sit in the lounge with a white wine. She'll be missed by fans of her work.
Gareth, Manchester

I have only started watching Corrie about a year ago and loved the scenes that included Blanche. I was always at the edge of my seat waiting for Blanche to say something witty! She will be missed. I wonder if Blanche's passing going to be written into the show?
Maureen Forster, Castlegar, BC, Canada

Coronation Street just wont be the same with her. Rest in peace Maggie.
Helen, Huddersfield

Maggie Jones characterisation of Blanche was truly memorable, with impeccable timing and caustic wit I am sure she embodied in her observations the thoughts of the armchair women viewers (and a good few men) on the various Corrie Street goings on.
Bill Booker, Cuddington

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