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Sarah Palin memoir tops US bestseller chart

Former US vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin
A string of public appearances have helped to boost Palin's book sales

Former US vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin's memoir has topped the US bestseller list in its first week of release, industry figures have shown.

With almost half a million copies sold, Going Rogue: An American Life beat new blockbusters by James Patterson and Stephen King Nielsen BookScan said.

Her sales have topped those of Barack Obama, whose Audacity of Hope sold 67,000 copies in its first week.

Palin ran for vice president last year alongside John McCain.

She has since stepped down from her position as governor of Alaska, but remains extremely popular among many American conservatives.

Book confusion

A string of public appearances have helped to boost both her profile and book sales.

An appearance on the Oprah Winfrey Show, during which Palin said a run for the White House in 2012 was "not on my radar screen right now", boosted the programme's ailing ratings.

However, first week sale statistics show her book has sold less than former president Bill Clinton's 2004 memoir, My Life, at the same period of sales, but is just ahead of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's 2003 Living History.

In October, Palin's book jumped to the top of the bestseller lists on the strength of advance sales only.

The title refers to claims that while on the campaign trail with Mr McCain, Palin pursued her own agenda.

Meanwhile, a book of critical essays about Palin, with a strikingly similar cover to Going Rogue, has been confusing some US media outlets.

Pictures of the book, called Going Rouge, have been used by USA Today and Fox News to illustrate their coverage of the former vice-presidential candidate's memoirs.

And, according to the LA Times, CNN mistakenly reported that White House officials were sharing copies of Going Rouge, when they had actually been reading Palin's book.

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