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Russell Brand speaks to his fans

Russell Brand

Comedian Russell Brand met 500 of his fans at an event in London to promote his latest DVD, Scandalous.

The star took to the stage to answer their questions on everything from his hair and Johnny Depp, to advice for budding comedians and rumours about him moving to America.

If you had free reign of opportunity, who would you like to have had on your radio show?

It would've been nice if Andrew Sachs had answered his phone in retrospect. He would've been a good guest because then maybe the radio show would still be going if he answered his phone.

No one ever mentions that side of things - people are very quick to condemn me, but is it that hard to pick up a phone?

Why are you moving to America?

I'm not moving to America. I sometimes go there because I'm making this film, Arthur, and you have to go to America to make films because in England they do make films, but it's more like a hobby here.

In America, there's some money and stuff like that. I will always live in England.

Why did you cut your hair?

Russell Brand
Russell Brand sporting one of his more bouffant hairstyles

It's still there! Do you mean why have I not got that elaborate cloud upon it? I stopped doing that because you know when you look at photos of yourself when you're younger and think what was I wearing, I look stupid, look at my hair? That happened to me over the course of one evening.

I could do it at any time. If I really concentrated the muscles on my head, it would elevate.

Is it true you're going to be in the next Pirates of the Caribbean film?

It is not true that I will be in the next Pirates of the Caribbean just because I look a bit like a pirate. When they're casting they'd say "hang on, with that guy we don't have to waste money on costumes."

So no, I won't be in that because for one thing it's Disney, so that's a lot of pressure as you can't say anything nuts. Then there's Johnny Depp and he's a massive movie star, so I'd feel insecure.

You'd be good as Johnny Depp's brother…

I'd be good as Johnny Depp's brother? Actually you're beginning to sway me. I'm going to phone Disney - I'll just leave an answer message if they don't pick up…

Are you writing another book?

Yeah, I am - My Booky Wook 2: This Time, It's Personal, out for next Christmas. I'm writing it at the moment, it's hard.

Book writing takes ages. With stand up, you can cut out the boring bits and it's done. A book is ages sitting there typing.

When is your next film Get Him to the Greek coming out?

Russell Brand
Brand has hosted MTV's Video Music Awards for two years running

It will be out on 11 June next year, slap bang in the middle of the World Cup - I've said it's a stupid idea.

There will be a premiere and I have to go to it as I'm the main character with Jonah Hill and Puff Daddy.

Will there be another series of Ponderland?

I might do - but don't think I will because it's on the telly and it's good to be in films.

Are you going to host the VMAs again?

I might not host the VMAs again because they're a massive pain. There's always pressure and you have to temper it a bit so maybe not.

What advice would give to people who want to do stand-up?

I'll give the same advice Eddie Izzard gave me when I first started: just keep doing it, don't judge yourself until you've done it loads and loads of times and you'll get better at it.

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