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Gately 'made peace with mother'

Stephen Gately
Stephen Gately also revealed how much he wanted to be a father

Boyzone singer Stephen Gately made peace with his mother after a 10-year rift, he revealed in an interview two weeks before he died.

The 33-year-old told Reveal magazine he had recently flown to Dublin and "told her I was wrong and I should never have let it get that far".

The pair fell out in 1999 over an interview she gave to a tabloid paper on the day he announced he was gay.

Gately was found dead on 10 October at his Majorca holiday home.

Post-mortem tests found he died of natural causes.

Gately said the argument had started over "the silliest thing" and it was his brother who encouraged him to patch things up.

"There were tears and I told her I loved her very much and I'd always be there for her," he said.

The star also spoke about his depression after Boyzone split in 2000, but had opted out of taking anti-depressants because they "turned me into a zombie".

Gately also spoke of his wish to become a father with civil partner Andrew Cowles.

"I'd love to be a dad. Andrew and I are always talking about how lovely it would be.

"I don't think I'd ever feel truly fulfilled in my life if I didn't experience the job of being a father."

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