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Robbie returns at 'turning point'


Watch a clip of the video for Robbie Williams' new single Bodies

Robbie Williams has unveiled his first single since 2007, saying he is at a "turning point" in his career.

Williams said he was "a bit scared" about the release of his new album, which contains the single Bodies.

"What it means to me is that I'm at a turning point in my career," he said. "This next record decides my path.

"There's been a few great songs here and there, along the way, but you just forget. You forget what you've done - it's all in the past."

I'll just hold off a little bit and get my album out and then I'll go and play with my mates
Robbie Williams on rejoining Take That

Williams appeared on the Chris Moyles breakfast show on BBC Radio 1 on Friday to play Bodies, which is released on 11 October.

It will be followed by the album Reality Killed The Video Star, out on 9 November.

That will be his first album since 2006's Rudebox, which received a tepid reception and was his lowest-selling solo album.

He said in a statement that he wanted people to "feel elated" when they heard his new album, which is produced by Trevor Horn.

He added: "I want them to dance, I want them to forget about who they are and where they are for 50 minutes.

Morning Sun
You Know Me
Do You Mind?
Last Days of Disco
Difficult For Weirdos
Won't Do That
Morning Sun (Reprise)

"And, within those 50 minutes of forgetting who they are, I also hope people relate to the songs."

The tracklisting for Reality Killed The Video Star, which will be released on EMI's Virgin record label, was also released on Friday.

Bodies is is described by Virgin as an "apocalyptic conspiracy-laced" song.

Other tracks include opener Morning Sun - "a hymn for one fallen" - and Starstruck, about "today's modern fame epidemic".

Williams describes closing track Won't Do That To You as "my very first love song".

Speaking on the Chris Moyles show, he also revealed that he would like to rejoin his old band Take That at some point.

He did not get on stage with them during their last tour because he was afraid the public may have thought he was doing it to boost his own career after Rudebox.

"I'd actually like to go and do something," he admitted, but said he feared people would think: "Oh look, he's had to get up with these, now Rudebox has failed."

He added: "I thought I'll just hold off a little bit and get my album out and then I'll go and play with my mates.

"We'll see how it works out. I'm excited about it though. I'd like to do it - it would be fun."

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