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Singer Andre keen to 'move on'

Peter Andre

By Fiona Pryor
Entertainment reporter, BBC News

Pop star Peter Andre has said he wants to "move on" from the break up of his marriage to Katie Price, as he finds talking about it "too draining".

The singer, whose single Behind Closed Doors was released this week, said: "I know it sounds strange but I don't want to talk about it anymore."

Singer Peter Andre talks to BBC Breakfast about life and family and how they have inspired his new music

The 36-year-old announced in May that he was leaving Price, 31, after just over three years of marriage.

"Isn't everyone bored of talking about this? I know I am," he said.

For a while after Andre announced he was leaving his wife, he kept a dignified silence, saying he was not going to discuss his marriage.

However, in recent interviews to publicise his pop comeback, Andre has responded to questions about the split.

"You'll notice in a lot of interviews, all that happens is I may just say how I'm feeling now," he said.

"It comes to a point where you just don't want to talk about it anymore.

"The whole thing is just too draining to think about, I just want to move on, talk about music, talk about kids, talk about life."

'Over exposed'

Peter Andre
If I get to the stage where I don't want people coming up to me and asking how I am, then I don't deserve any success
Peter Andre

Ahead of this interview, one of Andre's manager's said he would not answer questions about "her" - meaning Katie Price.

In the last couple of weeks Andre and his wife, who he married in 2005, have dominated newspaper gossip columns.

With a new single out and an album to follow in September, Andre, has had a busy interview schedule.

When asked if he is worried about becoming over-exposed, Andre laughed: "Hopefully people won't get sick of me."

He then neatly moved the conversation onto his dream of touring the country with his new material.

'Loving it'

Katie Price recently questioned whether Andre was using the end of their relationship to help re-launch his music.

Andre said: "This song and the album were written over the past year and a bit, so it was always going to come out. The timing's never perfect.

"It [the single] was put aside for a little bit. We were going to release it in June, it's now August and that's in light of everything that has happened."

He added: "I've said many times that we threw ourselves into this industry, and you can't then expect to turn it on and off whenever you feel like it.

"You take everything that goes with it and you don't complain about it. So that's fine.

"I think there will come a point probably where I'll probably not want to do this sort of thing anymore, but right now I'm loving it.

"If I get to the stage where I don't want people coming up to me and asking how I am, then I don't deserve any success."

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