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Tickets offered to Jackson fans

Michael Jackson rehearsing on 23rd June
Pictures of Michael Jackson in rehearsal two days before his death have been released

Michael Jackson fans who paid in advance for the singer's UK concerts have been offered their money back or a souvenir ticket as an alternative.

Promoter AEG Live said the tickets feature graphics "inspired and designed" by the music legend, who died at the age of 50 on Thursday.

An estimated 800,000 people paid £50-£75 to watch the star perform 50 concerts at London's 02 arena.

The company will not be printing any further tickets as collectables.

'Magical Jackson'

It adds that the originals will become collectors' items, and feature special images which give them a 3D moving effect.

Fans have until 14 Aug to take up the offer of receiving the original tickets for the This Is It dates.

Michael Jackson rehearsing on 23rd June
Jackson sparkled in rehearsals, said photographer Kevin Mazur

AEG also released pictures of Jackson rehearsing in Los Angeles for the concerts just days before he died.

Photographer Kevin Mazur, who captured his image several times in the 1980s, told the BBC: "He was happy, he was energetic, he was full of life.

"I had such an adrenaline rush, it was like the first time I photographed him, when he moonwalked."

AEG president Randy Phillips said of Jackson: "The world lost a kind soul who just happened to be the greatest entertainer the world has ever known.

"Since he loved his fans in life, it is incumbent upon us to treat them with the same reverence and respect after his death."

Ticket holders can get information about refunds or keeping the tickets at from Wednesday.

We asked you for your comments on this story. Please find a selection below.

I'm going to keep my souvenir ticket, it may be the most expensive ticket for nothing I have ever brought but I will feel I still have a part of the night to myself. RIP Michael!
Richard Baker, Southampton

Pay £75 for a souvenir ticket? They must think we're complete mugs! I had ordered 4 tickets, costing £300 PLUS an outrageous £30 for booking fees PLUS another £8 for secure postage. I think I'll have all my money back!
Simon in Leigh, Leigh on Sea, Essex, England

We purchased tickets for the first and last nights of the tour. We parted with our money in exchange for 4 tickets and 2 Michael Jackson performances. What makes the promoter think I might now want to pay the same amount for just the tickets? I They would have made more money by offering all customers the chance for us to buy the tickets alone for £10 each.
Sarah, Milton Keynes

What a con! £75 for a worthless piece of paper! Sounds like the promoters are desperately trying to keep some of the money they've made. Hope that this doesn't mean that they're going to struggle to pay back ticket holders...
Gemma, London

I had paid £1,000 for two front row tickets..I've got an option of a refund and think I might take it as £1,000 is alot
William Nunes Dos Santos, London

I bought a few tickets, I wonder if you can get a refund on some and take the ticket for one? If not then Ill be taking the refund as I paid to see the man not just for the glory of making a few quid.
Karen Lucas-Barrett, Camberley, UK

I had tickets to the opening night, and I think it's awful that AEG are exploiting the fans by making them pay full concert price for the souvenir tickets. If they really wanted to treat us with 'reverence and respect' then they would offer the refund AND the tickets, and not make this blatant attempt to cover their financial losses.
Yva, Aberdeenshire, UK

I have 4 tickets so I may ask for two refunds and 2 souvenir tickets. When Michael died I was not concerned about the money I'd paid for tickets I was just so sad. I even considered donating the money to his children or towards the funeral. But a souvenir ticket would be great.
Lisa Shone, London UK

As much as I would love to keep the ticket £72 is a little to much to pay considering 800,000 people may get the tickets.
Ash, Chalfont St Peter

Not sure if this a way AEG to recoup some of the money that they will lose. I will get my refund. I wanted to see Michael not hold on to a piece of paper. RIP MJ X
Doreen, Swindon, England

Cheap trick by AEG to make money back that they have lost and probably are not insured to reimburse all 1 million ticket holders. What would have happened if they had sent out the tickets last week before MJ passed away? AEG are taking advantage of MJ fans who are some of the most loyal music fans and they know will take up the offer instead of a refund. Refund is our right and should be honoured, if AEG really care about the fans, why not give the tickets complimentary, or for any fan taking up AEG on their offer, why can't the money be donated to charity? Corporate Greed is being show in full motion. I for one will be applying for a refund.
Tan Araf, Stourbridge , UK

I bought tickets to see Michael Jackson, but unfortunately cannot anymore. I think it is a great idea that souvenir tickets are available and shall definitely buy one. I am a great fan of his and have been extremely upset and I would love to see a tribute concert/gig by his sisters and brothers from Jackson 5 and family in the near future. R.I.P. Michael Jackson - King Of Pop.
Lorna, Swansea, South Wales

While it would be nice to have a memento of the concert that could have been, it's just not worth to me the £150 I paid for two tickets. Sure they might go up in value over time, but with 800,000 tickets sold, they're very unlikely to become rare collectables. I'll go for the refund, ta.
David Tomlinson, Birmingham, UK

I will be opting for a souvenir ticket...worth more in years to come!!!
Sameera, London

As a huge Michael Jackson fan I would love to opt for the ticket, but it feels disrespectful to effectively 'buy a limited edition souvenir'. On a principle level it doesn't sit well with me for anyone to profit. I would feel a lot better about the idea if the ticket funds were donated to a charity/trust in Michael Jackson's name.
Tracey Davies, Monmouth, UK

It doesn't seem to mention what happens to the people that bought the VIP thriller packages. I paid £795 each for my tickets including package. Will I get the difference back if I choose the souvenir tickets or will it cost me the full £795!
Tony Chadwick, Blackpool

Why during all this pain do AEG continue to RIP off the fans? The £10.00 booking fee paid in addition to the cost of the ticket should cover the cost of printing the tickets, we should get a full refund on the face value and be given the ticket. Do they not realise that fans need the money back to go help pay for them to get to LA to say good bye to Michael?
Melanie, London

I loved Michael, money has no value in front of him, so I will surely take the souvenir ticket,
Gaurav Agicha, India

I can't justify spending £85 on a souvenir ticket so I will be asking for a refund. Would be nice if the fans could have both their money back and a ticket to remember Michael by.
Heulwen, Caerphilly

Definitely will be asking for a refund. I am not surprised they are offering some kind of 'alternative' to actually having to give you your money back - I just wondered what tacky format it would take! Oh how AEG must have panicked at the thought of having to refund millions of £s to us poor fans!!
Silvercat, Birmingham, UK

I see no value in accepting a souvenir ticket instead of a full refund. I find it quite perverse that the promoters are attempting to make money out of Michael Jackson's death, in effect reducing their exposure to the millions that will have to be paid back to ticket holders. I will certainly be asking for my money back.
Mike B, Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire

I cant believe they are going to try and charge us £75 for a piece of 3d card! I'm sure people would love to have these tickets, I know I would but I can't justify that price. Surely if they just charged us the admin fee this would be enough to cover costs. This is nothing but daylight robbery making money out of a dead man !
Julie Baker, Wimborne

I did pay for my ticket at the O2 arena and I intend to get my money back. I understand that these tickets were supposed to be my ticket on the night. I feel that O2 are just trying to make some money and are using the "souvenir ticket" as an excuse. I am devastated at the news of Michael and I have been a fan all my life, but that does not mean O2 has to treat us as stupid. No holographic picture could ever replace what has been lost. Shame on you!
Kate, Bristol

The money I am not bothered about, I will never get to see him play now, so I would rather have a treasured ticket as a memento of what could have been!
Lee, Alton, UK

I did purchase tickets. I would like a souvenir, however, the cost is a little extensive for a concert that did not take place. Perhaps, a smaller amount would have been better. I have not decided at this time what to do. Its difficult as there must be a warehouse full of This is It concert merchandise which should also be offered perhaps. Or maybe the concerts should have continued in some form. That way we would get our souvenir ticket and a chance to say goodbye maybe! Pictures being released today look amazing. It is a shame especially for those who have not seen MJ live previously. Its not just him its the set and the special effects that make it a great show.
Heidi, Yate, South Glos

Thoroughly disappointed that AEG think that they can keep hold of their money by selling us a ticket, which in essence is worthless, by playing on the emotions of fans. I'd like my money back thank you very much.
Rani, London, UK

The "offer" of a refund or the chance to own a souvenir ticket is flawed and could set an undesirable precedent. The shows have been cancelled due the unavailability of the billed performer. The actual ticket would be only worth the paper it is printed on. The promoters and their appointed ticket agencies will have records of who bought the tickets so they should simply refund all their customers.
Russell O'Brien, Nottingham, UK

Are they kidding? The tickets have no doubt already been printed and would have been sent to us anyway. The fact they are now trying to charge £80 for them in lieu of a refund is disgraceful. They should provide a refund and send the tickets. The booking fee will cover the ticket printing and shipping costs. Shame on AEG!
Darrell, Lytham St Annes, Lancs

I'm going to get the money back and donate it to a charity for children to help heal this world.
Richard Alleyne, Birmingham England

I ordered 4 tickets on Tuesday before he died. I'll keep one ticket but get a refund on the others.
Martyn, Feltham, United Kingdom

I bought 4 tickets and would be more than happy to make a donation to one of MJ's charities to keep the tickets. However I do feel like this is AEG trying to recoup some of the millions it could be liable for. If AEG wants to give this option the money should really go to a well worth cause. Keep the MJ spirit going.
Aitch, Yorkshire

I bought two tickets to the This Is It tour. I might get one refunded and the other I'll get the souvenir. It'll be a nice collectable for the tour that never was. I still have my ticket from his 'Last' tour, HIStory (which was brilliant!), so the two together would be quite nice
Rich, United Kingdom

After numerous attempts, I actually did not manage to get a ticket for the concert. But this is really sick: the idea that fans can keep tickets as a souvenir is just another attempt to make money (one last time) out of MJ's death. Promoters should not be doing this, it is irresponsible, and capitalising on the grief of fans. If I had managed to purchase a ticket, I'd certainly be asking for a refund, not compensating promoters who are ticked off because their money-making plans didn't come into fruition.

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