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Big Brother 10: Meet the housemates

The housemates

The 10th series of Channel 4 reality show Big Brother began in June.

Noirin is the latest contestant to be evicted from the house; her ex-boyfriend Isaac Stout - who joined the house this week - also left the house on Friday.

Here is rundown of all of this year's contestants.


Age: 24

Occupation: Recruitment Consultant


Once expelled from an exclusive private school, Bea who is from Bristol, describes herself as bohemian, lazy and scatty.

Her ideal job would be a stylist, sex therapist or a mother.

She is currently in a faithful relationship but is in favour of multiple relationships, as long as each one is strong.


Age: 25

Occupation: Fashion designer


Originally from Pakistan, Hira had an arranged marriage a year ago and now lives in Dublin with her husband.

She claims to be half vegetarian as she eats chicken once or twice a week.

She believes that she is tactful and wise and has the spark to make it in the Big Brother house.


Age: 24

Occupation: Self-employed "international playboy"


Jet-setting playboy Kenneth oozes confidence and loves nothing more than splashing his cash in expensive restaurants and designer shops.

He is currently dating Karly, who has been evicted from the house. He describes their relationship as strong.

His motto in life is "if it doesn't make money then it doesn't make sense".


Age: 28

Occupation: Recycled clothing sorter and eBay retailer


David from Dewsbury says he is unlucky in love and is usually dumped.

He confesses to have only been in love once in his life and vows to fall in love again.

The nicest thing he has ever done is to give his sister a car.


Age: 27

Occupation: Chartered surveyor and yacht importer


The self employed former rugby player from Northampton admits to being a little bit spontaneous, once travelling over 22 hours, from Spain to London, to attend the Big Brother auditions.

He is a self-confessed control freak who deals with anger by exercising or shouting.


Age: 25

Occupation: Retail manager


Straight-talking Dubliner Noirin, a former All Ireland Athletics champion, says she is a "girly girl" who makes women jealous and men fall at her feet.

The practising Catholic says she is likely to insult her fellow housemates because she often speaks without thinking.


Age: 28

Occupation: Study Support Assistant


Beinazir's family were forced to seek asylum in the UK after fleeing Pakistan, where her father was a supporter of former president Benazir Bhutto. This support led to death threats for the family.

The Londoner says she is worried her high energy levels may be too much for housemates.


Age: 20

Occupation: Glamour model


Sophie, from Cheshire, has posed nude for Playboy in the UK, and says her promotional work usually involves standing around at motorbike shows.

She hates being labelled a blonde bimbo but does not claim to be hugely intelligent.


Age: 35

Occupation: Artist and professional boxer


Angel, from south London claims she was a rock star in her native Russia before moving to the UK 12 years ago.

The tee-total non-smoker, who runs a boxing gym, says she goes for clever men and beautiful women.


Age: 41

Occupation: Unemployed


Lisa, who says her "show home" flat is so clean you could eat off the floor, regrets leaving school before taking her exams and has worked in various factories throughout her life.

The vain Brummie says she came out to one of her teachers after being teased about her sexuality.


Age: 26

Occupation: Banking assistant


Sophia, who has Lupus, says living with the immune system disease has given her a positive outlook on life.

The 4ft 11ins Londoner says randomly breaking into song is one of her worst habits.


Age: 21

Occupation: Unemployed


Some-time glamour model Karly, from Fife, says she is a big flirt whose untidiness will make her unpopular with the other contestants.

She has been voted a "high street honey" by readers of FHM magazine.


Age: 27

Occupation: Beauty consultant


Mother-of-two Saffia, from Nottingham, says she got suspended from high school for kissing the DJ at the school disco.

She is highly competitive and is says she is confident she will win every single task.


Age: 23

Occupation: Student


Brazilian Rodrigo, who moved to the UK to study, says British people find him "very strange" because he is so tactile.

He once paid a taxi fare with the shoes from his feet after realising he could not afford it.


Age: 23

Occupation: Entrepreneur


Oxford University graduate Freddie was once a member of the Young Conservatives but says he is an anarchist at heart.

He lives with his parents in a stately home but gets annoyed when people put his achievements down to their wealth.


Age: 22

Occupation: Customer Service Advisor


Geordie Charlie is a former Mr Gay UK contestant who won the Newcastle heat in 2007.

A huge Big Brother fan, Charlie thinks he has a good chance of winning. He says he has no game plan, and just wants to be himself in the house.


Age: 24

Occupation: Visual Merchandiser


Kris from Shrewsbury says he dropped out of University after the girls stopped doing his work for him.

He says he doesn't have a girlfriend because he is waiting for "The One", but does admit to pulling someone every time he goes out.

Random quote: "When the package is this pretty no one cares what is inside".


Age: 23

Occupation: Events organiser


Originally from Iran, Siavash moved to the UK as a child. He dropped out of studying fashion at university because he was surrounded by people without money.

If he could make a law it would be for ugly people not to be allowed to have children.


Age: 25

Occupation: Student Union Elected President


Virgin Sree grew up in India and left the country for the first time when he came to England to study for a Masters in Business.

He says that girls tend to love him as he can flatter anyone.

His main ambition is to be an actor or prime minister but he would also like to be a celebrity so that he can work for charities and raise awareness of disease.


Age: 18

Occupation: Student


Teenager Cairon was born in London but moved to Florida when he was a year old.

Cairon is studying Performing Arts and one day would like to work in the music industry, ideally as a hip hop artist.

He loves drinking, smoking and partying and says he used to be a "player".


Age: 35

Occupation: Window Fitter


Londoner Marcus describes himself as a big kid in a man's body and exaggerates everything to tell a "cool story".

He thinks Big Brother will be "like a mini Butlins and a regression into childhood".

One of the proudest moments in his life was renovating the windows in Windsor Castle.

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