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Big Brother through the years

By Liam Allen
Entertainment reporter, BBC News

Ahead of the final Big Brother on Channel 4, we look back at highlights from the show's previous 10 series.


Romance: The first ever Big Brother kiss was shared three weeks in by computer saleswoman Mel Hill - who went on to form a close bond with farmer Tom McDermott - and Andy Davidson, who some readers may struggle to remember.

Craig Phillips

Key moments: "Nasty" Nick Bateman created headlines in both broadsheets and tabloids by writing notes with a smuggled-in pencil which he showed to contestants to influence their voting. He also lied to housemates by claiming he had lost a wife in a car crash.

Winner: The success of Liverpudlian builder Craig Phillips, then 28, was largely assured when he took Bateman to task over his manipulative scheming.

Where is he now? Phillips, now 37, has carved out a career as a TV DIY expert on shows including, most recently, ITV1's 60 Minute Makeover.

Key quote - Phillips to Bateman: "I just thought you were genuine. I was misled and you made me look a fool. You're making it hard for me to believe what anyone else has said."


Romance: The big romance of the series was between car designer Paul "in many ways I've lived the life of an international pop star" Clarke and Welsh hairdresser Helen "I like blinking I do" Adams. After the show, the pair moved in together but have since split.

Brian Dowling

Winner: Fun-loving Irish air steward Brian Dowling, then 23 - who beat Adams in a live final - impressed viewers with his caustic witticisms.

Where is he now? Went on to present a number of shows including Saturday morning children's TV show SMTV Live on ITV. Dowling, now 30, was last seen playing Captain Hook in Peter Pan at Dublin's Tivoli Theatre last winter.

Key quote - Dowling to host Davina McCall: "I am Irish, Catholic, gay and I am chuffed that people in Ireland have backed me."


Romance: Dental nurse Jade Goody, then 21, indulged in a brief - but widely reported - liaison with PJ Ellis, who refused to acknowledge her afterwards. Romance blossomed for personal trainer Lee Davey and recruitment worker Sophie Pritchard after they left the house and they subsequently got married.

Host Davina McCall with winner Kate Lawler

Key moments: Male model Alex Sibley hid in a bedroom and mimed to 1975 KC and the Sunshine Band hit That's The Way (I Like It). But it was Goody who attracted most of the headlines thanks to her shaky grasp of general knowledge and verbal gaffes.

Winner: IT worker and self-proclaimed "geezer bird" Kate Lawler, then 22, from Beckenham, south London, became the first woman to win the show.

Where is she now? Lawler, now 29, presented programmes including Channel 4 breakfast show RI:SE and is now working as a presenter on Kerrang! Radio.

Key quotes - Goody: "Where's East Angular though? I thought that was abroad."

"Do they speak Portuganese in Portugal?"

"Have they not got seasides in Birmingham?"


Romance: Scouse marketing co-ordinator Scott Turner and student Nush Nowak, from Malvern, Worcestershire, provided all the will-they-won't-they moments. They shared a kiss but, when Nowak was evicted, she told host McCall he was "brilliant" but did not want a relationship with him.

Cameron Stout with 2003 African winner Cherise Makubale

Key moments: Devout Christian Cameron Stout, 32, from Orkney, was sent to the African Big Brother house for a few days, swapping with Gaetano Kagwa. But it was data strategy manager Jon Tickle - evicted after four weeks before returning for the last two - who provided the laughs with his eccentric ways and wacky inventions.

Winner: Stout beat IT administrator Ray Shah into second place.

Where is he now? Stout, now 38, has done some TV presenting work as well as writing columns for Scottish newspapers including The Sunday Post.

Key quote - Stout on hearing he was going to South Africa: "Woo, Africa. Wowee. That's phenomenal. I can't believe it."


Romance: Insufferably soppy duo Michelle Bass and Stuart Wilson had viewers reaching for the sick bucket, particularly when they were left wondering what the couple were up to when they hid under a table.

Nadia Almada

Key moments: Security guards stormed on to the set to separate student Victor Ebuwa and legal secretary Emma Greenwood after they threatened each other and he poured wine over her. Police were called in after the row which also saw air steward Jason Cowen throwing furniture and hurling abuse.

Winner: Portuguese transsexual Nadia Almada, then 27, went from 50/1 outsider at the start of the show to storm to victory. The bank clerk had not told housemates she used to be a man.

Where is she now? Almada, now 32, has fallen off the showbiz radar after having a number 27 "hit" with A Little Bit of Action in December 2004. She also appeared on reality shows including Five's Trust Me - I'm A Holiday Rep.

Key quote - Almada: "I'm so angry. I'm fuming. I'm fumigating!"


Romance: Maxwell Ward and Saskia Howard-Clarke took on the geezer and "geezer bird" mantle. And dancer Anthony Hutton got amorous with nurse Makosi Musambasi in the hot tub. Which seemed to make hairdresser Craig Coates jealous and possessive of friend Hutton.

Anthony Hutton

Key moments: Former beauty queen Orlaith McAllister and radio engineer Eugene Sully - he of the "geeky chic" - joined the house after hiding in the secret garden hidden room, their modesty protected only by mock fig leaf underwear.

Winner: Hutton, 23, from County Durham, was perhaps one of the least memorable of the winners.

Where is he now? Hutton, now 27, released a keep-fit DVD and has also appeared in panto. He is a regular on the celebrity football tournament circuit.

Key quote - Makosi Musambasi on the Beckham baby naming convention: "What am I gonna call this baby? Big Brother Jacuzzi?"


Romance: Musician Pete Bennett, from Brighton, fell for high-maintenance model Nikki Grahame despite her excruciating temper tantrums but they split after the show ended. Mikey Dalton and Grace Adams-Short also paired up and she has told the Plymouth Herald they will marry in the city this summer at a wedding attended by "footballers, models and the lads from Hollyoaks".

Pete Bennett

Key moments:

Producers launched a Willie Wonka-style Golden Ticket competition where viewers who found tickets in chocolate bars went into a draw to become a contestant. The name of Susie Verrico, whose wealthy husband bought her ticket from eBay and who had unsuccessfully auditioned for the show three times, was pulled out.

Winner: Bennett, then 24, who has Tourette's syndrome - which causes him to twitch and swear involuntarily - said on his penultimate day in the house that the experience had "changed my life for the better".

Where is he now? Bennett, now 27, left his band Daddy Fantastic to become a solo singer and has worked with Robbie Williams co-writer Guy Chambers. But his single Cosmonaut, released in January 2008, failed to chart.

Key quote - stroppy Nikki Grahame: "Who invented air con? I'm gonna kill them, I swear. Whoever it was, I hate you, I hate you, I wish you did not invent air con because I hate you for it."


Romance: Former boy band singer Ziggy Lichman and Victoria Beckham wannabe Chanelle Hayes endured a tempestuous relationship that survived, when they left the house, just long enough to secure a few magazine deals. Brian Belo flirted with Amanda Marchant - one half of twin sisters "Samanda" - and got together with her for a few months when the show finished.

Brian Belo

Key moments:

Drama student Emily Parr, from Bristol, was removed from the Big Brother house after a week for using a racially offensive word to former lap dancer Charley Uchea. British actress Thaila Zucchi briefly joined the house as part of a task, posing as Pauline, a contestant from the Australian Big Brother house.

Winner: Brian Belo, from Basildon - then 20 - entertained housemates and the general public with his positive outlook to become UK Big Brother's youngest winner as well as its first black winner.

Where is he now? Aside from releasing the unsuccessful single Essex Boy - featuring the line, "oi yogurt top, stop drinking that alcopop" - Belo, now 21, has made a number of appearances on ITV1 show Harry Hill's TV Burp.

Key quote - Belo: "So Shakespeare directed a play called Romeo and Juliet? Romeo? Isn't he the guy out of So Solid Crew?"


Romance: Pretty boy Dale Howard and young mother Jennifer Clark were the first to become an item before the British public evicted her from the house. That paved the way for the less attractive, but infinitely more charismatic, Luke Marsden and Rebecca Shiner.

Rachel Rice

Key moments:

Dance student Dennis McHugh, from Edinburgh, was thrown out for spitting in the face of toy demonstrator Mohamed "greedy Mo" Mohamed. Mario Marconi briefly returned to the house after his eviction to propose to girlfriend Lisa Appleton. The pair, already a couple, had entered the house together at the start of the show.

Winner: Trainee teacher Rachel Rice, from Torfaen, then 24, won despite being accused by her fellow housemates of sitting on the fence.

Where is she now? Rice, now 25, has been conspicuous by her absence from our TV screens since winning the show but, according to her website, is considering doing "possibly a fitness or health DVD".

Key quotes - Mario Marconi on his perceived fan base: "I know so many people throughout the country and throughout the world. I know a lot of people. I'm talking hundreds, hundreds of thousands - a massive network."


Romance: Within 10 days of being in the house, visual merchandiser Kris Donnelly, from Shrewsbury, appeared to frolic under a duvet with glamour model Sophie Reade, from Cheshire. In interviews following his eviction, Donnelly refused to deny the pair had been intimate.

Sophie Reade

Key moments: Past housemates, including Craig Phillips, Brian Belo and Nikki Grahame, re-entered the house to recreate classic tasks in celebration of the show's 10th series.

Winner: After leaving the Big Brother house, Reade said: "Because I get my boobs out for a living, people think I'm tacky, an airhead and I'll have no personality. I think people can see past that."

Where is she now? Reade, now 21, has done a series of photoshoots with magazines including Nuts and Now. She is also available for personal appearances and recently hosted a bikini party at Niche nightclub in Staines.

Key quote - Marcus Akin: "Cat biscuits? Disgusting? I eat cat biscuits all the time."

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