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Fifth place Ewen returns 'a hero'

Jade Ewen arriving at Heathrow airport
Andrew Lloyd Webber thinks Jade is returning to a bright future

The UK's Eurovision Song Contest singer Jade Ewen has returned from Moscow, saying: "It's the best thing that could have happened to me."

Ewen, 21, landed at Heathrow having reversed recent UK failures in the competition by finishing fifth.

The contest was won by Norwegian singer and violinist Alexander Rybak with a record 387 points.

Ewen, whose song was written by Andrew Lloyd Webber, said: "I felt like I couldn't have done any more."

After last year's UK entrant, Andy Abraham, finished joint-bottom, commentators questioned whether there was any point in the country entering the competition amid allegations of political voting.

Ewen said she was "in shock" to receive such high marks.

Jade's going back to the UK a hero
Diane Warren
It's My Time lyricist

She said: "It would have been amazing to win, but the experience was the best thing that could have happened to me."

Speaking about her performance, she said: "It was absolutely amazing - I've never seen an audience like that in my life.

"It has been an amazing platform for me. I have gone from no-one knowing me to this."

She added: "I am going to have a week's break and then I'm going to start work on my album."

Jade Ewen singing during the contest
Ewen received high votes from Greece, Germany, Bulgaria and Serbia

Lord Lloyd Webber discovered Ewen during BBC One's Your Country Needs You competition and accompanied her on the piano during Saturday's performance.

He said: "Jade performed brilliantly as I knew she would. I am delighted with her fifth-place finish.

"After so many years of disappointing results, the UK can finally hold its head up high."

Lord Lloyd Webber added: "I am sure that this will be a springboard for Jade and that she will go on to enjoy great success as an artist."

Diane Warren, who wrote the lyrics to the song, It's My Time, said: "Jade's going back to the UK a hero."

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