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Jackson tickets: Your e-mails

Singer Michael Jackson has added more dates to his initial 10-date appearance at the O2 arena in London.

However, some fans have said they have been having problems accessing the website to buy the tickets.

Readers have been contacting the BBC News website to share their experiences. Here is a selection of your emails.

I was up at 0800 (NL time) to buy some tickets and secured two in a great area by 0705 GMT. I've already been offered £400 each! I'm on the site now trying to get more for friends who didn't pre-register. I just hope the big man is up to the task!
Lee O'Donovan, Amsterdam, NL

I had a pre-sales password, logged on at 0700 this morning and by 0723 had a confirmation email confirming I have bought four tickets. No problems at all.
Angela , Hayling Island, Hampshire, UK

I managed to get a ticket this morning at bang on 0700 with no problem what so ever but I think the site crashed shortly afterwards due to the demand. A lot of fans have been left disappointed from not being able to get a ticket but you all really should keep trying, it's worth it in the end even if you get a nose bleed.
Malc Jennings, Chorley, UK

I bought tickets - at 0658! I was also able to get quite far through the ticket process at about 0645 (to choosing which seats to get). This seems wrong considering it was advertised as the pre-sale starting at 0700. Also I could see the extra dates on the Ticketmaster site, before the presale for the original dates started, saying 'tickets not available'. But I'm not complaining - it's the first gig at the O2 that I've actually been able to get tickets for (most of them seem to sell out in a silly amount of time), so at the moment I'm just really looking forward to the concert! :)
Ruth, Hemel Hempstead, UK

Logged on to the website with my pre-sale pin number at 0700, had to wait a ridiculous 15 minutes and then I was through to a webpage allowing me to choose my preferred concert date and where to enter my payment details. By 0720 I had an email confirming back to me my purchase of four tickets for his opening night at the O2. It could not have been simpler and this comes from a person where nothing works out for me as they should!

As I have a clear day ahead of me, I am spending the time wisely, finding out who to complain to about having to wait a whole quarter of an hour to get through on the website to purchase my four tickets for the opening night concert.
Marc, Mill Hill, UK

I had no problems whatsoever - registered by text with AEG last Thursday and went online this morning at 0830 as I was preparing my breakfast and styling my hair. A 15-minute-plus queue but the page refreshed itself and then around 20 minutes later it popped up with available tickets in an excellent section.

I go to many gigs and have to say that, for a gig with such high demand, this has been the smoothest transaction I've undertaken with Ticketmaster yet. It was much more difficult obtaining tickets for Foo Fighters at the 02 in 2007 and AC/DC at the 02 for this coming April.
Colin, Sutton, Surrey, UK

No problem for me. I was ready at 0700 for them to go on sale. My laptop was turned on and had the site open with my reference number and credit card numbers already saved on the computer so I could just cut and paste them in when required. At 0700 on the dot, the site opened and I was in. The wait was about 10 minutes but I managed to get the tickets very hassle-free.
Gavin Dilkes, Leicester, UK

I managed to get a ticket this morning at bang on 0700 with no problem what so ever but I think the site crashed shortly afterwards due to the demand. A lot of fans have been left disappointed from not being able to get a ticket but you all really should keep trying, it's worth it in the end even if you get a nose bleed.
Malc Jennings, Chorley, UK

Very efficient website. I logged onto my account at 0655 and by 0705 I had four tickets near the front. Then later on I bought more tickets when they revealed more dates. Very pleased and can't wait to go now!
Sharky Lopez, London, UK

I was on Ticketmaster at 0700 this morning with my pre-sale code ready. However, after being put into a queue stating I had to wait at least 15 minutes, the web site crashed and I had to start again. This happened at least a dozen times at which point I had to go to work. I've just got home and all the tickets have been sold! This isn't the first time Ticketmaster have been inept in their ticket ordering system as I had trouble gaining access to their web site when trying to order Take That tickets. I'm now left in limbo because their web site cannot cope with demand. Hugely annoyed and disappointed.
Keith Ratcliffe, Leigh, Lancashire, UK

Tried at 0700 but got chucked out of the system, Finally got through several times for new dates, had opportunity to get excellent tickets only for my card to be rejected. I have spoken to several others who have all experienced the same problem using Maestro cards. It is absolutely ridiculous that people have had to turn down tickets because the system wouldn't accept payment.
Frank, London, UK

Despite being at my desk and online all attempts to secure floor and level one seats immediately after each date was active or announced received an immediate " error " or only a crash when one minute was left. Really really obvious that touts have been allowed to infiltrate the ticket supplier to secure premium seats for themselves. Only seats in the gods at £75 a go were offered despite being online all morning for all dates. Even when the tickets went on sale that second all that was offered was poor seats at the top level. Total rip off.
John Towers, Oxford, UK

We tried on the 02 priority website from 0630 and for hours it wouldn't even let us on the page saying technical problems... and when I did manage to get on and put in my code it said technical problems again. I'm very disappointed as I spent hours trying to get the tickets and I haven't a hope now to get tickets.
Charlotte Baker, Kingsbury, London, UK

After getting up extra early and sitting at my computer bang on 0700, I then wasted 4.5 hours watching the system reject my pass code every few minutes. At first I thought it was just due to heavy traffic and persevered buoyed by the Michael Jackson tunes running through my head and the memory of the previous concerts I had attended. However by 1130 with no more tickets available, I had to conclude that O2 had screwed up somehow... What a waste of my time and energy!
Reb-ell, London, UK

I have been on the phone for four hours and it keeps disconnecting after a period of time. I really want to see Michael in what might be his last tour EVER!
Matt Harris, Newbury, UK

I have been trying to purchase tickets for the Michael Jackson concert and I am finding it very difficult. I think it's disgusting that there's a "presale" as I think all of MJ's fans should be given a fair and equal opportunity and chance to purchase tickets to see him!
Craig, Manchester, UK

I have been trying to buy pre-sale tickets with a code for 10 hours and have not been able to generate tickets for any date even when searching for newly-released dates as they come online. I feel cheated.
Simon Mitchell, Manchester, UK

I am an O2 customer and had a pre-sale password but could not even log into the site to buy tickets even though I was sat at my PC at 0655 ready to go this morning (11 March). To find out some three hours later after continually trying to log on that my password had expired and I could no longer get tickets was pretty frustrating to say the least!

I found out that only 8,000 tickets were sent for pre-sale - that is not even half the capacity of the O2 Arena and this morning 10 dates we know of - that's 200,000 tickets potentially! Where do the rest go - onto eBay and Viagogo etc - it's a total shame! Also, comments from Ticketmaster that they had a technical problem doesn't wash any more - of course there was going to be an "unprecedented response" - what did they expect?!!
Paul Bradford, High Wycombe, Bucks, UK

I had both an AEG code and an O2 code. The O2 website crashed seconds past 0700 and the ticket phone line for O2 customers was constantly engaged. Eventually the website went back online and you were able to get through on the phone only to be told to send a text saying 'tickets' to an O2 number. I received an automated reply seconds later stating 'Sorry but there are no priority tickets for the O2 with that keyword' which was annoying considering I was simply following instructions! O2's handling was awful; if you only had an O2 code you were doomed from the start. Ticketmaster was also inevitably busy and a lot of error messages came up but after five straight hours of trying I gave up! I have since managed to get hold of tickets, but thought the O2 website especially was a let down.
Hannah McLaverty-Williamson, Portsmouth, UK

Logged on at 0700 and it took 28 minutes to be offered tickets, clicked on accept and it logged me out saying that it may not have been processed. Damn right it hadn't been processed. Unfortunately tried again and couldn't wait until it offered tickets as had to go to work. Tried constantly from 0815 to 1330 having to change dates after my first, second and third choice dates were sold out, each time it was erroring out before offering tickets. Finally got tickets for one of the other dates, but certainly will not be using Ticketmaster out of choice again. Very stressful and very annoying.
MJW, Bristol, UK

I tried to purchase tickets, but the first three times, the website errored out. That's 45 minutes wasted. But I have no complaints as on the fourth time of trying I got tickets.
Derek Ali, Exeter, UK

I got my pre-code to buy tickets at 1100m today. Finally managed to purchase two tickets at 1330.
Imran Iqbal, London, UK

Trying to get tickets was a nightmare. I logged on at 0700 with my pre-sale code and it took around four hours before I was able to purchase three tickets - and not good seats at that. Several times I was waiting in a queue for "15" minutes, which turned out to be almost an hour, only for an error message to appear. It was very frustrating and I was not impressed. Surely Ticketmaster should have know that there would such a rush to purchase tickets.
Chris Kafetzis, London, UK

I got the pre-sale code at 1100, I got my tickets after nearly two hours of waiting on the Ticketmaster site, after it kept crashing. Surely they should upgrade their servers or something, so that they can cope with demand for big artists. I finally got my four tickets though, and can't wait to see him!
Jo, Maidenhead, Berkshire, UK

I was on the website from 0700 and only just managed to get tickets by 1030. I had real problems with Ticketmaster, payment process failed and the website would time out after waiting 15 minutes waiting in a queue. I wanted four tickets but system kept failing, eventually I got two. Nightmare.
James, Newcastle, UK

My experience was really disappointing. Logged on with the relevant code bang on 0700 for tickets on 18 July. After about 20 minutes I was kicked out, tried again same thing happened. My wife tried twice while I was at work and it still didn't work. I've now got two tickets after half a day of trying on a day when we don't particularly want to go. I would rather change them for one of the new dates but can't see anywhere on the website where it will let you.
Peter Flynn, Surbiton, UK

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