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Jade Goody: Your emails

Terminally ill reality TV star Jade Goody has married her fiancé, Jack Tweed.

The couple received a standing ovation after they exchanged vows, at a ceremony in a country house hotel on the border between Essex and Hertfordshire.

The BBC website has received hundreds of emails from well-wishers - here is a selection:

It is wonderful that with everything Jade is going through that she puts her boys first. I wish them both happiness. I also wish that there were such things as miracles and that she would recover to take care of her lovely sons herself. My husband died 10 months ago after a long illness age 44. I have three children and I wish I could have her kind of strength to help me through tough times. Jade I just want to say I think you are amazing.
Debbie Bruce, Epsom 

I think Jade is very brave and a very lovely girl. I wish her all the best with the time she has left.
Jeanette Andrews, Croydon

A tragic fairy tale, a fantastic idea to get married, just wish Jack could be untagged for the short time they have together. Well done and very brave of them for using the money for the boys' future, with love.
Debs, Surrey

I wish Jade and Jack all the happiness in the world, and hope that her sons will remember their mum as a brave, down-to-earth woman. God bless them all.
Pauline Jagger, Chesterfield Derbyshire

I think that Jade is so brave. She is a wonderful mother who is putting the most important little people in her world first. She is in her last days providing for her children and making sure that they will be cared for financially after she is gone. I take my hat off to her. God bless her.
Sarah Sprague, Surrey

She is choosing to spend her final time doing positive happy things rather than hiding away and being depressed. Good luck to her - I hope she had a fantastic wedding day.
Kathryn, Surrey

I hope Jade's remaining time is spent happily with Jack, her gorgeous boys and the people who love her most. Her courage is breathtaking. I really hope she had the day of her dreams today.
Dawn, London

I think it is wonderful that Jade has had a fairytale wedding. Obviously it is not her dream wedding because it would not have been under the current circumstances. I think what she has done is courageous and she has played the media just right so that her boys will have a more secure future. The time she spends with them now will help them understand what happened later, it will not make it any easier, but they will know she loves them and will never be far away.
S Easton, Milton Keynes

I hope after everything the family are going through, that it was the day of the dreams. They deserve it. She is doing the best for her boys - can't blame her for that. She is incredibly brave.
Simon Smith, Sheffield

I hope that Jade had a lovely day. I also hope that she now spends the time she has left with her children and no cameras.
Paula Smith, Brighton

My thoughts are with Jade and her family at this terrible and difficult time and I pray and hope for a miracle to happen. Jade seems like a lovely person and a great mum and as a mum myself it breaks my heart to think what she and her family are going through - so much pain and suffering.
Jillian Marie Birch, Leigh

It was Jade's wish to be married before she died. All women should look up to Jade as it has made a lot of women think and be screened. Also she has never thought of herself - it's her children she wants a future for.
Janet McHugh, Amersham, Bucks

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